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Patrick Leahy, Democratic Senator From Vermont

My letters to Senator Leahy's office have never been acknowledged.

September 14, 2009

U. S. Senator, Patrick Leahy
199 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05401

Re: Organized Group Stalking in Burlington, Vermont

Dear Senator Leahy:

We have a VERY BIG PROBLEM here in Burlington, Vermont. Something must be done about Organized Stalking. I‘m not the only victim in town – but I am one of the few who will speak out about it. The crime is referred to as Group Stalking and Electronic Harassment.

I am writing to you because there is nowhere to turn for help. The Burlington Police Department is seemingly complicit in the criminal activity, and on January 12, 2009, the FBI told me to go away and not come back when I showed up in the lobby of the Federal Building after being struck down during the night by a high-frequency directed energy weapons assault that left me nearly blinded, with projectile vomiting and the inability to stay on my feet.

The Burlington Police Department documented a falsified police report supporting a criminal who accused me of stalking him when, in fact, this unsavory character has been stalking me for over a year. He shows up in places I frequent as well as showing up in places he shouldn’t be and has been seen walking past where I live. He knows my name; and stalks me on foot. After what seemed like an unusually cozy encounter with the stalker, one of the two officer's who filed the false report was observed shortly after the incident on July 7, 2009 walking over to an obvious police informant sitting in a seat in the middle of the Church Street walkway where he 'hangs out' and telling him to “ what she does with her camera and see who she’s taking pictures of.” He, too, is now hot on my trail.

Police officers are apparently now getting away with labeling American citizens “mentally ill” based on next to nothing. This is something the United States Government has been getting away with since the Cold War for purposes of discrediting victims of Unwitting Human Subject Research. There is now greater military involvement in law enforcement agencies, and Police Departments seem to have undergone a major shift with dramatic change having taken place when it comes to the protection of innocent American citizens guilty of no crime whatsoever and being terrorized. The question I guess really is whether the police are possibly protecting one of their own who is stalking me?

Police officers are permitted only to investigate charges where a single stalker is involved. When multiple stalkers are reported, orders coming from someone HIGHER UP with no name given, forbids an investigation.

The BPD has refused to attach an addendum to the police report or to answer my written questions. I, therefore, intend to file a civil lawsuit for damages based on defamation of character – possible entrapment – police misconduct and violations of the law, including the gross violation of the State of Vermont's Stalking Law as well as newly enacted Federal Stalking Laws and Violence Against Women which is designed for my protection.

My name also appears as Plaintiff in a Class Action Lawsuit soon to be filed against the U. S. Government and its criminal agents and organizations, et al. Also, as plaintiff in a 2nd class action lawsuit solely against the U. S. Department of Justice and Federal Bureau's of Investigation for everything under the sun when it comes to allowing physical brute force, sexual assault and terrorism from so-called 'Non-Lethal' PsychotronicWeapons assaults to violate and rape my body and mind as well as condone community-based organized group stalking perpetrated against me.

My family has been in Vermont going on four generations and are pillars of this community.

There is plenty of evil all around us, but we supposedly have a legal system that is designed to handle criminal problems. There is no room for criminal community-based WATCH groups that stalk innocent American civilians in an extra-legal, extra-judicial system of justice that is out of control. It goes against our Constitution.

Can you please do something to expose what is inconsistent with the America that most of us love? These criminal practices cannot be allowed to continue and grow. If you can advise me with regard to the direction I’m headed re: legal action against the Burlington Police Department, I would also greatly appreciate your imput.

Very truly yours,

Lynn C. Bahrenburg
Burlington, VT 05401

Enclosed: Please find all documentation regarding the above-described illegal criminal activity in addition to correspondence to Janice Schakowsky, Chairwoman of the House Intelligence Subcommittee On Oversight and Investigations and other officials asking for help.

cc: Representative Peter Welsh; Senator Bernie Sanders; Mayor Bob Kiss

Ltr hand delivered for 2nd time to the above on November 2, 2009 – This letter has not been acknowledged.

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