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People working on surveillance are a potential source of information

It's nothing new that TIs report harassment from security guards (myself included) in different ways, maybe just by being "extremely aware" of the TI presence, to intimidate or participate in more traditional ways of street harassment like saying things or just "being there" when the TI goes around.

This is of course a way to exploit legitimate surveillance to perform harassment, as these persons are guaranteed to stay in the same place at the desired time. In the case that the surveillance person is extremely aware of you, then it can be dismissed as it's "part of the job", so it serves as a tool for the perps.

I think that information can be obtained from these persons as they aren't just involved in a superficial way, for example, who would be supposed to care about neighborhood breakins? or unusual people/cars? what about obvious perps staying around? In case that sub-human perps attempt anything or TIs report odd things, what/who would serve as an apparently legit source of witnesses? surveillance people/companies.

What's the bad part of the deal for these persons? Anything goes wrong and they are the "wrong" (strong for us) witnesses, that can be easily get rid of considering this is a more dangerous than normal job.

So we should be aware of this, as it would be interesting that we research again present-past events, examining polemic events where surveillance was either involved, acted as witnesses or responded in an unusual way.

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