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Things got really bad in my life when I reported Tommy Tucker to the DEA.He operated a meth house next door.When it effected my daughter,We packed up,moved,and I called drug enforcement.The next night while out driving my trucks mirror was hit with a baseball bat.A peice of it loged in my neck,I bled alot,but no real damage.Other than my daughter being terrified. Tommy's not a perp. I'm just bringing attention to how things are done. Gary Kennedy on the other hand is a "perp".I questioned him one day why he was wearing another officers uniform.His reply was "A special project at the police department." I dont know if his wife Evelyn knows that he's a pedophile.,but he did really watched those kids at Joe T Robinson Jr High well.Especially that one who later became a cheerleader.(Not mentioning name to protect innocent) Speaking of the police,they dont get paid enough for what they do.Kenneth Wright(another perp) a guard at Tucker Max in Pine Bluff,AR is having to sell drugs to inmates to make ends meet.I think he should give some money to his sister Nicole Michelle Wright,so she dos'nt have to do those "special projects" for the police department.It's not worth her risking her life. As far as Nicoles car getting keyed.In the words of my attackers "You caint proove anything!!" Everyone start recording to get evidence,As Soon As Possible.They dont slip often,it can take a long time to get good stuff.You have no idea what you can record,if you spend enough time doing it.Eventhough they use a computer program on us,dont beleive that their not real people in charge of your torture.They have names,lives,and familys. But when they see what your doing with People they remove their names.Cant get anything past Public Intelligence. Oh my,What are we gonna do?(lol) Speaking of Public Intell, They've told me I should become a Private Investigator....Maybe? What do you guys think. Go from TI to PI ? -(TI)Don

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Comment by egyptarian on September 2, 2012 at 6:16am

Hi Don, I think that would be a great idea :)  Why not? You are already conducting your own investigation for nothing, why not investigate and make money too?  Makes sense to me.  How is the video coming along? Let me know...chow egy :)

Comment by Don Hill on September 3, 2012 at 3:17am

I was really hoping to see the video here today.It will be on my facebook page and here on peacepink.It's already on my You Tube site. As far as the video,remember I will be summoning the surveillance videos that time/date match with recorder.The CD was produced in a sound studio,it's court worthy.The video produced has its ups and downs.The part I really want to show other TIs is on the 2nd tract.I'm working at my part time job redoing flooring at a gym. While i'm talking I begin to feel extremely dizzy and stammer through my words.During this time listen for a hollowed voice saying "Son of a bitch,your gonna get your ass beat!" This is an example of direct energy. I did'nt hear it while it was happening,because it is on a higher frequency. The subliminal mind hears messages on this frequency,so does the recorder.The intention of this video is so other TIs can prove what is happening.I must add your wasting your time if your not on surveillance video.Their are pictures of the microchipping kit on the net,if you google Electronic Harassment,look directly under wikipedia,go to 2nd link down.It's on the 2nd page.Giving people a visual of the technology being used really helps.BTW it was produced by NASA,and is manufactured by Boeing. Wish you all good luck. Remember smile often and be as happy as you can.-(TI)Don

Comment by Don Hill on September 4, 2012 at 4:11am

The video (so far) is just audio of the attacks while out in public.(Under surveillance cameras) The devices you will need is a Sony Microrecorder, Use a "Listen Up" Sound Amplifier as a microphone,and a standard 3.5 double connecting cord. The recorder and cord is @ Wal-Mart.The Amplifier "Listen Up" (as seen on TV) is available on the internet. The total cost is about $85.00 (including Batteries) It can be used by people being gangstalked to record breakins.(recorder w/o amplifier)Though I reccomend a DVR Surveillance for that and a game camera hidden in a birdhouse facing your home.The Microrecorder is best used as a tool for  TIs to record V2K "microchipping" transmissions or Direct Energy accoustic attacks. The video will be on peacepink very soon. You may think you'll look foolish out in public holding an amplifier to your ear,but people only think your on the phone. -(TI)Don

Comment by Annie on September 4, 2012 at 5:14am

Don Hill said:

"The Microrecorder is best used as a tool for  TIs to record V2K "microchipping" transmissions or Direct Energy accoustic attacks. The video will be on peacepink very soon."


Annie said: With alll the respect to people like you, who really are trying hard to find solutions, I strongly doubt that this microrecorder you mentioned being a tool for recording V2S microshipping transmission ? How could this be possible when the transmission is done remotely to our brains by BMI (brain machine interface) and appear only inside our heads and brains, by neuralsynaptics, frequencies, etc and. is only heard inside the victims head and therfore not recordable of  course. If in anyway be able to expose the things that are going on inside our brains, would maybe to do an FMRI or petscan that can see certain flows and in diffferent coulors. However this they do on Psycotic people and when psycotic, the patient has very  specific pattern and flows that revels they are psycotic. Now, since this horrible technology we victim are under in some way mimic the flows and coulors frequencies  etc,that is in a real psycotic persons brain.  We would ppossible also diagnosed as Psycotic OR we have, from what I have learnt from other victims, totally different behavior than a real psycotic patient, for instance, a psycotic person would not be able to act rational searching för facts to expose things, and often the arent able to take care of them self properly and often reacts with violence when the illness breaks out.  One thing could be for us all to do such scans and then compare it with real psycotic or

schizofrenic peoples scans,.. If the pattern is the same on both victims and real mental patients, and we, that arent real  psycotic or have schizofrenia, then our daily behavior  would separate widely from the one with real mental ilnesses, and in a way a sort of prove that we  are labrats and that manipulations has been done to our brains. If the brainpattern turns up different on us victims, compared to  the real mental peoples scans, well then its a prove that we are exposed to manipulations  in our brains and that could be a case, claiming we are a group of people with these exact same ""symptoms", but on our scans theres nothing unnormal showing up-how could that be when psycotic people do have unormal changes on there scans almost always?/Annie  

Comment by SheriGrutz on September 4, 2012 at 6:45am

Annie, every person's brain is different.  There is no schizphrenic brain.  If they had that, it would help psychiatrists immensely, but they still have to rely on verbal record of hallucinations in which to classify people.

Comment by Annie on September 4, 2012 at 7:27am

I do know every persons brain is different and also play with a specific genetic frequency, like thump sample.

However I believe there defenitely is schizofrenic as a desease and has been for houndreds of years. I have spoken to so many victims that have been locked in mental institutions and the schizofrenic medicine doesnt help them at all, they are still attacked. On the contrary I do believe that there are people that have schizofrenia and they as a fact show abnormal petscans.(for instance some fields in brain are deepcoloured and is a sign of abnormal functionality) Victims dont usually (me as an example) Thats what I meant by my post and it proves its artificial manipulations on the ones that are victims (of course the real schizofrenic is also a victim in a way, since its a horrible illness, but those two things are totally separated to me) The ones behind this mimic schizofrenia, but the signs dont usually shows up on a scan, as for what they do when really ill.

Comment by SheriGrutz on September 4, 2012 at 8:21am

For example, the things showing up on a scan could be from drinking alcohol, drugs or taking meds, they having varying degrees of effect of the brain, there is no discernable way to predict such things.  Scott, you are wrong, there is no sign in the pictures that a person is ill, believe me, they would be doing routine scans on everyone if that were the case.  Also Scott, it is my belief that the brain cannot hold, but succumbs to the abuse of radar.

Comment by SheriGrutz on September 4, 2012 at 8:45pm

On the other hand, they are close to thinking you can isolate the gene for schziphrenia, and I was involved in a study on that in which they paid me over 300 dollars, by doing blood draws and intense questioning.  If that could happen, then you could ask to get the blood work done to prove you are not schizophrenic.

Comment by Annie on September 5, 2012 at 6:01am

Scott, according to swedish medical knowledge, when schizofrenic it sometimes could show on an mri, as certain parts of the brain are as said before are affected, its about the signal system and dopamine and when looking for it they can see it in some cases. However we dont know if this technology also affect the signal system atifical in body/brain so it could be false positive on the mri, anyway maybe . thats the most cruel thing about this, and they know it,, theres just no way of prove that its not a mental illness. The ironic thing is also that most mentally ill persons have no insight being ill, and we-all victims, at least me and the victims I know are 100% sure this is artifical and not once have I doubt the fact that I am not mentally ill.... so it all fits there way. But we are making progress, the more they (those behind it) come through with their "fantastic" technologies to the rest of the world, (it can obvioulsy safe peoples lifes and end peoples life, and the world is in desperate need for alternatives curing very costful common deseases in a "cheap and easy way" , they at the same time must reveal how they manage to break through in these areas eventually, the public will now at some time, but it takes work from us, sharing and telling to the rest of the world.Take care/Annie

Comment by Annie on September 5, 2012 at 9:01am

SheriGrutz, I will save/file all yr rude comments to me, but as a moderator I will have to delete them here, as Peacepink is a peaceful and supporting site for victims that suffer.../Annie


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