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Policeman confirm: "Chips are implanted, permits are given from the highest authorities and we cannot do anything to stop this"

Translation of the article under the video on STOPZET site:
Policeman confirm: "Chips are implanted, permits are given from the highest authorities and we cannot do anything to stop this"
"The conversation between Mrs Agata and the police officer on duty shows that such activities are likely to take place with all permits of the highest authorities in the state. Eavesdropping thoughts of unaware citizens, remote tortures and harassment, talking to people in hypnotizing voices, etc...
This is the artificial induction of symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. Worst of all, healthy people undergoing torture 24/7/365 are most often diagnosed and treated psychiatrically, destroying their life, their health, their family. But what is the most upsetting, it 's the position of the Ministry of National Defense. According to the representative of the Ministry of Defense, Minister Macierewicz is not aware about such actions, summing up: « There are hundreds of victims and I assure you that there are no such permits and that we do not need to investigate for this. Such a statement without investigation, without proof, without interviews with the victims, is unbelievable and we hope that our readers will support us in this."
+ Polish Prime Minister, Macierewicz, interview on TV on March 2016.
In March 2016, Poland's Minister of Defense, Antoni Macierewicz, speaking on one of the main Polish TV channels, replied to the question: "Does Poland have astrategy for experimentation Illegal, ie the testing of electromagnetic weapons on Polish citizens? "
The Minister replied: "At the moment we are doing an analysis to identify where the people who complain about such a disease are located. In six months, I think I can tell you more about these issues. But according to the limited information I have, the regions of south-western (Lower Silesia) and north-western Poland are the regions where we have most complaints. "
Commentator of the channel: "The Minister of Defense did not specify which commission will prepare the report on the experimental use of electromagnetic weapons against Polish citizens. "
+ Polish ex-vice Prime Minister, Luwik Dorn, interview on TV on removed by sur Youtube
The former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland had received massive citizen complaints about electromagnetic harassment
In an interview on Polish television, former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, Luwik Dorn, mentioned that people were contacting him en masse, he and his assistant, initially as a member of the Workers' Defense Committee (KOR), a civil society from Poland, and then as Deputy Prime Minister to tell them they were being persecuted and deliberately irradiated. He adds: "This is the case. And the Minister of Defense took it seriously. (He did not wish to comment anymore).

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