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Have you ever been on facebook and gotten bombarded by hundreds+++ of requests to be "friends"?  My feeling is that quality is more important than quantity.  Some people (TI, perps & civilians) feel that if they can show they have 3000 friends (most of whom they've never had any contact with), they are telling the world that they have value, and must therefore be a good legit person.  I have to ask why anyone would ever want to include a total stranger as a friend, just bcz this total stranger wants it.  Perps, perverts, gvt, etc. like to worm their way into our lives by whatever means possible.  The name of the game is to invade, invade, invade.

In our need to recover from imposed isolation and loss of credibility, TIs often frantically grasp for other TIs for support, especially those where they live.  However, in speaking with other long time TIs, I've discovered that seeking other TIs in ones area will most likely turn up perps or TIs that are NOT on the same track as you (ie want you as a friend so you will go over and kill their perps for them, then promise to throw mama from the train), not other TIs you can trust.  So, proceed very carefully who you choose to befriend, and evaluate the inherent problems in that type of relationship.

On PP, I want to read a lot of posts and comments before befriending a total stranger simply because they are trying to build their numbers and TI credibility.

MISSED YOU Suzie, glad you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Comment by Carl on May 26, 2016 at 8:36am
Very wise word's!. But true word's Bill Perry. Its not about how many friends you av. It comes down to who u get on wiv. And who u think u can trust?!. U can kinda guess who's a perp & who's a T'i jus by how they come across when chatn to them. Perps tend to want to know everything & anything about you 'T'i'. And tend not to go into too much detail wiv their story & life of their own. ;) .
Comment by Bill Perry on May 26, 2016 at 10:05am

The most common perp post goes something like this...

Hi everybody, I'm a targetted individual.  I'm from Somewhereville, USA and looking for other TIs in my area.

Actually, I wasn't immune to this pitch, and years ago got outed by my perps when I naively responded - had to change my ID... but that was long ago on the FCHS forum.  We learn as we go.

I'm here in this forum expressly to offer ideas that work well for me.  There's sometimes no escaping a direct attack, but there are definite ways to deal with them so that you don't end up exacerbate the attack.  I'm way past the pissing and moaning, and usually leave the consoling to other TIs who are good at it. 

I steadfastly REFUSE to respond emotionally.  When you get emotional, it handicaps you and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS makes your situation worse!  Now don't get me wrong, every once in a while I get the "WHY ME" and I get in the shower and cry my eyes out - BUT, I choose to do it in a way where perps are not aware of it.  Since perps are so egotistical and think that everything a TI does is in response to them, I will not appear weak by openly expressing any emotion except laughter.  Laughter usually drives them nuts.


Comment by God's Grace on May 26, 2016 at 5:09pm

Bill, I know you to be a genuine Ti, I have stopped making friends on PP, simply because I can sense a lot of perp behaviour here, I would say there are less TI's than there are perps here at the moment, and the only reason to stay on here, is that the genuine TI's actually add good value to this site, and some really excellent information has come up.  Glad that you are weary, I was asked to befriend someone recently, simply because of my name on PP, but did not accept, and have stated that I will not accept any more friendships, there are a few people here that I will, only because I know for absolute sure they are on the same page as me, and are fighting the same fight. Also linked up with one or two people in my area, and they turned out to be people who wanted me to sort out their problems, but who came up with nothing to do with my targeting, which defeated the entire purpose of getting together, I thought.

Comment by Sue on May 26, 2016 at 7:59pm

Awww thanks Billy! Yes l had to leave fb for that very reason, the "Tls" ld befriended began being rude and hostile towards me and typing my thoughts in messages to other Tls. It wasnt a very nice experience.
A trend on fb for some ppl seems to be they try to compete in popularity and achievements. I looked up some old friends who abandoned me when l first got targeted and they all had like 3000 friends. I can you know that many ppl? On top of this their statuses said things like "happily married" "love to shop at David Jones" (financial bragging)......just things to brag about. I thought you little bitches (excuse me but they really hurt me) havent changed one little bit. Its a competitive society we live in. I dont even like to go to extended family functions etc anymore coz it seems like everyones got something to brag about and l feel inferior.....40yrs old, no job, no partner, no kids, no know what l mean. Its hard because you cant tell ppl why you have turned out to be such an under achiever.

Comment by God's Grace on May 26, 2016 at 11:12pm

Oh my word, I would hate to have that many friends on FB, I already can't cope with all the info I get every day, but most of it is good stuff!! Surely, especially as TI's, we need to be that much more discerning about who we befriend everywhere!!


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