Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Psychiatrist WARNS - Hazards of Bio-electromagnetic Weapons/technologies...

Psychiatrist Amin Muhammad Gadit 

Is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Medicine. October 2009, he writes a paper with the title...


Terrorism and Mental Health: The issue of Psychological Fragility


Published in Journal of Pakistan Medical Association. In the paper he talks about psychological long term effects that result from terrorist activities on civilians, including behavioural problems and post-traumatic stress.

He also notes that with the introduction of remote influencing technology, and the new weapon systems.


He also mentions...

"It might be challenging for a psychiatrist to tell the difference between real mental & physical problems and induced ones.


He asks one crucial question:

Are we prepared for this challenge?



 Technologies such as Bio-electromagnetic Weapons (Remote influencing technologies) lead to devastating

Misdiagnosis of a mental health disorders


Many more serious health issues.

Doctor Barry Tower has also confirmed this


The fact these technologies are used on many unsuspecting citizens

(often for experimental, medical, weaponry reasons etc) 

Confirmation by Dr Barry Trower

These crimes are committed by those we are taught to trust.

The time to speak up is now -

To help stop this atrocity...

Spreading into future generations

A true story - Based on what these victims experience

(Includes credible data to back the victims up)

This is a global problem that can happen to anyone!


For more information go to:

Organised Crime of Covert Electronic Assault - NZ

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