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Psychiatry is fraudulent.
A diseased brain has never generated intelligent voices in the whole history of the human race and no psychiatrist has ever cured an internal voice hearer in all of their careers.
Even since false psychiatry was created voice hearers have all been incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals and have not been allowed out again until such a time as they are willing to admit to their psychiatrist that they no longer hear voices.

All intelligent voices... that individuals hear coming from inside their heads are being induced by advanced technology and they always have been thus. Technology has existed with the capability to transmit voices inside the heads of human beings since at least 1922 as per the following youtube link

Psychiatrists are currently largely unwilling to believe that they do not have the capability to make the internal voices of their patients stop. However, as long as the public at large continue to believe that psychiatrists have the capability to make internal voices stop most psychiatrists will continue to believe their erronious belief. They will continue to unknowingly administer poisonous substances to any member of the human race who admits to being the target of voice to skull electronically induced voices or who admits to being the non-consensual and unwilling target of brain to brain interface.

How long more will this evil situation be allowed to continue?

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"Nazi fascist got some high technology (besides brain control tech) and they totally destroyed all values American was created on."
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"Nazi fascist took over America and killed good elected government officials. For what?"
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"CIA has a serial killer. How can the CIA kill Presidents and Senators? Maybe because JFK wanted some technology to be public knowledge?"
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"John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy both assassinated by the CIA. John F. Kennedy Jr died in a plane crash. Coincidence?"
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"John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy both assassinated by the CIA. John F. Kennedy Jr died in plane crash, was this a coincidence?"
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Robin Yan commented on Robin Yan's event I post it, you forward it. Why? They are hacking  everything I am using. Why?  Not only for myself.
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