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These perps yesterday while driving blocked my vision and blinded me for almost half an hour and later resumed the vision, the same thing was done to me today morning for about 15 minutes and later g…

These perps yesterday while driving blocked my vision and blinded me for almost half an hour and later resumed the vision, the same thing was done to me today morning for about 15 minutes and later gained my vision  after which they started giving me severe headache and eyepain  while in the office. these perps find all possible ways to torture me to force me to become a slave to them and heed to all their evil orders. they also deprive me of my sleep or give me over sleep. and they are taking  full control of my body parts, they have already hurt my ear and almost  making me deaf and some liquid start oozing  out of my ear, they block my ear so that i dont listen to outside noice and speak to me in a low frequency so that they can take total control of my mind, they also threaten me that they will not let me eat, by giving burning  sensation in my chest and stomach something like acidity and not let me eat. They also give me pain in my teeth, jaws and in my ear so that i will be able to chew the food. They also control my excretion by giving me severe constipation or continous loose stool, even while during the office hours and also create gastric during my work time in order to create nuisance.

They are trying out all possible tricks in order to completely surrennder to them, even while praying they try these tricks and induce evil thoughts and vision.  These evil torture made me still more stubborn toward these evil guys.

what may come and happen I will surrender only to jesus christ and only to the almighty god so that he will take care of me even during my worst conditions.  These perps also threaten me that shortly they will make me completely blind and kidnap me and carry out their evil actions on me and others, for which i really dont care. I am sure this is all the sign of antichrist.

Dear all I always pray for all of the guys who are undergoing this sort of torture, i humbly request you also pray for me and I am sure these evil perps will have a very hard time in the near future. and god will definitely punish them and surely destroy them,.


Thanks and Regards


Vincent George


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Comment by Dmitry on February 22, 2011 at 12:32am

May God protect you George! I suffered insomnia as well and i know what is it. And it is more terrible

when you wonna sleep, your eyes closing, but you cant shut off, just nodding, being in some half-sleep

condition.  I'd recomend you not to take sleeping pills, they cant save the day. you'd better to endure

this state. Remember, perps influence upon your brain, disbalancing exciting/braking activity. Аnd drugs

may be helping temporally, but you'll be dependent on them lately. I'll mention you in my prayers, wish

you be strong and hopefull!


Comment by Annie on February 22, 2011 at 1:40am
Dear Vincent George, They are the devil. When turning you into blindness, did you seek medical attention? I know its the perps work, but maybe if going to the hospital, it might frighten them off, or the doctors could maybe see whats been done to you. You will be in my thoughts, stay strong, the evil torturers will suffer eventually.//Annie


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"ALL, I was torturied/abused by Mind Control Technologies since 2009 employed Fluor CORP in Canada Vancouver on physicals/ mentals Suffers"
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"Hi,ALL, I was torturied and abused by Mind Control Technologies since 2009 employed Fluor Corp in Canada Vancouver with strong brain pain."
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Here is my question for all of them. Please forward it. Thanks.

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