Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I just bought a quewave defender for myself as I am a victim of electronic torture and mind control... they say it will take a couple of weeks for the body to process these waves from the defender to stop electronic harrasment.. my councelor is a stupid skeptick and cannot stand her at all but the courts made me go to drug counciling because iv got "psycosis" bullshit I kbow exactly whats happening to me bloody hell dont tell me im crazy bloody government.. I just dno who is doing this ither the goverbment or organized criminals

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Comment by Carl on May 9, 2016 at 4:07am
Yeah that's a stronger model for indoors. Go for it if u can afford it!. They av 1 now that's in a briefcase but that's so pricey!. Av u got any copper?
Comment by david jurcut on May 9, 2016 at 7:22am
I actually though magnets would do the trick but copper ??? Whst just carry it arounf with you or what
Comment by Carl on May 9, 2016 at 10:07am
Hi. I don't suffer wiv v2k. But im a target individual for 20yrs & ongoing. When perps gave me 'The Wake up call' (1st time they hit me & let me know about it). They hit me all over my body. So I tried blockn their 'DEW' (Directed Energy Weapon) wiv tin foil, gel packs, leather, bits of metal & so on. I messed & played wiv different defences for years but nojoy. So then I started to hear the 'eeeeeeeeee' in my head which is fake tinnitus... So I started to look more into the human body. Bodyfield, energy, static, frequencies, magnets, also the effect that the magnetic field has on us & so on. I also read that a copper band absorbes toxins out the body. So 1 day I jus went out & bought 1. I put it on my left wrist & thought nufn else of it?. It must of been about 3/4 wks later, I must of took it off in a different way 1day wiv my right hand & by mistake brushed my belly button. Immediately the sound I heard in my head changed for a split second. So I moved it back & kept it there & again the sound in my head changed. But cos I kept it there this time?. The sound in my head slowly disappeared & went down to zero!. I moved it away from my belly button & sure enuf the sound came back in an instant!. I knew then that TI's that hear the 'eeeeeeeeee' in their heads. Is the perps hitting the TI's body parts. U can't feel the pain around ya body unless u press gently around ya body until you feel a bruise feeling. When u feel a bruise feeling? Thats wher the perps are hittn your body part. & that's why you only hear the 'eeeeeeeeee'..... Now when u find the bruise feeling? Just place a copper band on the area & because copper is a conductor! It will absorb/block the perps 'DEW' where their hitting you. You'll notice the 'eeeeeeeeee' will change & go down to zero!. Until perps hit you somewhere else? Then u just do the same thing.... Also because you av a bodyfield. You can hold the copper band out in front of you & slowly move it about 2/3inches in slight directions & you can change the frequency. Best putn ear plugs in when u do all of this. You'll be able to judge it better David... Some v2k TI's av used they still hear the 'eeeeeeeeee' but not as much as they 1st did b4 v2k. So I've come to the conclusion that the perps must rely on still hitting the body parts, which in turn creates the 'eeeeeeeeee' which in turn they use this as a receiver & transmitter to transmitt their v2k shire!.. Remember! I'm a target of 20yrs. Wiv no v2k. So I believe wot I am doing wiv the copper band is stopping me getn v2k. I hope this helps m8. Will send u a friend request so u can read my page/blogs etc. Take care ;)
Comment by Carl on May 9, 2016 at 10:22am
Corrected sentence from above mistake! (Some v2k TI's I've talked to. Still hear the 'eeeeeeeeee' but not as much as they 1st did b4 v2k) ;)
Comment by God's Grace on May 9, 2016 at 10:34pm

Well I can only relay my experiences over this weekend : On Friday night I was woken at 1.00am to severe torture, with my perps going on and on and on about the Quwave defender, it continue the entire weekend, that I should buy it, it will make a big difference, and then they started torturing me again at 11.00am this morning, going on obsessively about it again.  This tells me a couple of things:

1.  My perps are all over Peacepink, and are obsessed with the conversations we are having.

2.  If my perps REALLY thought this was a good idea, they wouldn't be putting it so aggressively

3.  My perps have gone to extraordinary lengths of late, to get me to spend money, any money on anything, hoping I will run out of my savings money, as they have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that I earned not a cent in salary so far this year, so why would they want me to spend money on all sorts of things they spoke about this weekend - SO THAT I CAN RUN OUT OF MONEY.

David, please think carefully about where you put your money on this, I do believe that if this defender were that good, we would have heard much more about it by now. It may help, but I don't think it's the ultimate answer.

Comment by Carl on May 10, 2016 at 9:35am
The only people who can say the QuWave works? Is the people who av bought 1. Its working for me. & its working for David. Some people av bought it & sed it does not work for them. Maybe that is down to the individual & wot torture they are going through?. The QuWave is no magic off switch. But it does lesser the effects & softens the harassment we TI's put up wiv on a daily basis. Anyways the QuWave comes wiv a 100% Guarantee money back. If your not happy wiv the product. That sed. Cnt go wrong really? The choice is your's!. ;)
Comment by david jurcut on May 10, 2016 at 10:22am
Thats exactly right but it takes longer than 3 weeks for your body to udjust to the scalar field sheild and emf elf protection so they give you 4 weeks to return it


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