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Read this before you blame your perps for your computer troubles.

Again, I mentioned this in the main chat room and I thought it would be useful for TI to recognise many common computer troubles everyone faces.

1) Peacepink chat room message not sent/day.  

I have had serious problems using Internet Explorer 9 with peachpink chat room, I had the similar problem of message not posted or serious delay in main room up date.

The solution is to use firefox or google chrome.

2) Mouse pointer moving on its own or responses wildly.  Some low quality optical mouse has serious problems on certain surfaces. often you will find that using a mouse mat will help. 

Old fashion ball mouse uses optical sensors to pick up the movement. It works fine until the sunlight shine through the case and makes the optical sensor malfuction.

3) Most USB hubs are rubbish.  If your keyboard and mouse is connected to a USB hub you may experience random keys repeating, random mouse movement jumping etc.  

Solution would be to plug the mouse and keyboard directly to the computer.

4) Computer suddenly running slow.  It could be your virus scanner started scheduled computer scan. By default most  virus scanner is set to scan your computer weekly. If you have not got a virus protection program then you are a fool, not the computer.

Another reason the computer suddenly run slow may be due to lacking of RAM and/or too many programs running at the same time.

5) You should always have WPA/WPA2 security on. The older WEP is very easy to crack. If you have your home wifi network unprotected then you are a fool.

Also WiFi signal drops dramatically over distance and obstacles. Even when it shows it is connected the data rate could be so slow it becomes unusable.

6) Computer making strange clicking noise inside.  If you are using a mechanical hard drive (99% of people) the clicking noise is normal. It is the read/write head moving very fast inside the hard drive. SSD drives don't have mechanical part so they don't make clicking noise.

7) Heat and dusts.  The main processor and your graphic processor generate a lot of heat in most systems.  Fans inside computer pass air through the heat sinks to cool it down.  Over time dusts will started to block air vents, fan blades and heat sink.  If you are living in a warm country the heat will cause many problems to your PC, like random shut downs, processing power drops etc.

If you know some PC hardware, you can try open up the computer and use a pastry bush to clean some fans, heatsink. Try not to use plastic pastry brush because it may introduce static electricity and fry some components. If not you can make sure the fan grill and other air vents are clear of dusts. In either case, make sure you grounded yourself first and not wearing material that is known to cause static discharge.

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