Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Religion comes first in public school in california

I never known that when it comes to religion the public school becomes a sex slave owner for children.. They abuse my child and rape us. They brainwashed and taught terriostism methods not by force with there parents gaslight,bully my child and sexual assult her.I try Itry to get help i even ask former family for help they just wanted to humantraffick us for money.Her grandma dont even know.If i didnt seek help how was it going to end .I have to continue.why rape and monitor and torture I have burnt feet as my ancestors died my mom hearing,there breathing problems .I pray they dont die .....Justice with happen for my family incliding my auntie they been experimenting on. >They cant accept the truth they all suffer from pesonaklity disorder 2

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