Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I have been a subject of remote neural monitoring for nearly fifteen years.  During all of that time I have been an unwilling subject of technologically induced inner intelligent  human voices.  These technologically induced voices which I hear coming from inside my head are being generated by both the intelligence service and private security agencies which currently operate throughout most of the world completely above all laws. 

If you should become a subject of remote neural monitoring you will never again have any mental privacy whatsoever.  When the intelligence service staff and others speak to me directly inside my head they attempt to micro manage my life.  They have informed me that they plan to limit my food budget, my internet usage, my electricity usage among others.  They would in future be able to  tell how much of all of these I am using based on meter reading which would be enabled by wireless means.  This is known as "the internet of things".  Combined with no mental privacy whatsoever this effectively means that I feel like I am a neuro slave.  In fact the life of a neuro slave is currently being planned for all future generations. 

The profound key to  stopping this encroaching worldwide enslavement in its tracks is by dismantling all telephone towers and related paraphernalia urgently.  Telephone towers are being currently used to heavily mind control the whole population to believe  any and all messages that come from a central location in Western Europe currently known to many as central command.   The whole population are also heavily mind controlled to disbelieve and resist any and all warnings that are coming from all other sources.  If we dismantle said telephone towers we will no longer be subject to remote neural monitoring, mind control, the internet of things or whole body neural enslavement which is now being carried out on a selection of human beings throughout almost every country throughout the world.  Satellites are a well known hoax among thousands of other hoaxes that have been perpetrated on humanity over the past hundreds of years by our would-be enslavers the dark occultists and their agents. 


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