Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I am shiju, from India and Iam a victim of high-tech illegal electromagnetic assault. Also known as RNM [Remote Mind Reading] satellite surveillance and so on.

MY brainwaves are continuously detected monitored and transmitted to our people.Trandmission may the entire area where I am working or staying or may entire India. Three states I traveled through. They have my thought online while Iam traveling also. Our people tried to believe me that transmission is through entire world, so no need to escape from here, I am just saying about what they are aiming. If you can time to visit the pages about these projects you can understand that this project can communicate with entire communication Medias including TV, Radio, And Mobile phones.
And the hard thing is we have a very hard to have justice against like this remote operations. And I am not believe our judiciary or force is sufficient to judge or investigate such like this remote assualts.But I must have to stop the local transmission, or to stop the people from using, if a chance to reside in foreign states. I think there is no use terminate the transmission when I am continuing in India and may be it might be my life worser than worse.
May death is a blessing sometimes. But never bless me. But every moment it’s with me.

I think the hardest survival in my case is against our peoples and their attitudes. I hate my natives and hate to live here in India.
I don’t want to spoil my life here. But they are daring to say we want to block you here. Its better to live in prison in the middle of them. I am victim of this technology since 1994 Nov. this last five years I am trying to break the human barrier the build around me.
Profession is a one of the hard challenge.35 more jobs I tried10 more different titles, and three states I traveled through, I couldn’t complete a 2months continuously in any of these jobs or ever found a positive reaction from our people, really incredible India. My hopes is one I can use the chances of online jobs, very easy target but really hard for me.
No friends no relative, it’s really a different experience. Even I am faced labor torturing; I couldn’t do nothing against that. No evidence no ground support its very hard call attention from our legislature against denial of fundamental rights or against labor torturing. and bad working conditions is also an issue, no labor organizations for labors, or no fixed working time or wages they can can claim with. One another reason is individually our GOVT,Police force, and most of our citizens are the listeners of this technology, and I don’t think they may help me.
The technology got a very intelligent tracking and monitoring techniques. It can track1000 of us simultaneously.
Our people got signals online in every moments while I am sleeping working walking talking and traveling .so sleeping is an another hard challenge for me, to sleep in the middle of nuisance of our people who listen me, and their hobby is to wake me from sleeping.
I have just too little knowledge about what’s really happened here or the reason of tracked by them. A rumor here is its world record that changed my destiny and life .Whatever it is I don’t wanna know more about that. But I am sure they are misusing this news and doubting helplessness or ignorance may a reason to lead a big country in a miserable way or in evil doings.
There are thousands of victims like me and any one of us hasn’t justice yet. They are just toying us and I believe we don’t have justice by our self .The incredible tracking facility can track 1000’S of us in same time, so may be you are the next. I am hoping you can do something against them, and only you can.
Check out the meaning yourselves
Sovereign democratic secular republic.
Or what for sovereignty and democracy stand for
A friend of you
Hoping your friendship

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"Kaliforniassa on jo muutaman vuoden ajan laadittu lakia, joka kriminalisoi gang stalkingin ja elektronisen häirinnän. Olisiko HAARP voinut olla viime kesän hirmuhelteiden takana. Metsäpalot nyt on helppo järjestää."
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Im a former NYPD/School Saftey Agent1998 - 2005After resigning in 2005...2007 perpetrators began attacking with energy weapons they murder my grandmother and scamed my father who won NY lottery 2002 millions of dollars in stock market scam.
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"All that's going on in the world is UN AGENDA 21, which is also known as, AGENDA £30, which is the same thing.  when you hear a politician talking about, 'sustainable' development, productivity, energy, agriculture,…"
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