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Rent Your Dream Car for Business and Leisure from Shift Car Rental Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city, vivacious and mesmerizing in its own ways making it one of the top most visited cities in the world. With a multitude of places to go to and enviably fun-filled activities to engage in, the city is a hub for all things nice and rich. Every time you visit Dubai there is one thing that takes our breath away, it is the fleet of cars that can be seen on the road. From pizza deliveries to the city police, every individual seems to be holding the steering of a high-end car. The streets and roads of Dubai is filled with cars of every kind, both menial and luxurious.

Now, if you were to be visiting the enigmatic city, you would rather sit behind the wheel than sitting on the passenger seats. Fortunately, enough, there are a number of legible car rental services where people can go and get their desired wheels. Shift Car Rental Dubai is the place that will make your dreams come true.

Nowadays, car rentals have become the most desired options when travelling to foreign cities. With Dubai being so gorgeous, it is the best option to rent a car than travel by other means. This way you can go around without worrying about time, money and fewer options. With Shift rent a car Dubai there is much more to the eye. For, you will enjoy maximised benefits and have a great time. Hence, let us dig a little deep and explore the world of rentals with Shift Car Rental Dubai.

Types of services:

We all have the basic idea of renting an amenity, however, with car rentals, there is needed a certain amount of legal documentation in order to access the vehicle. In Shift Car Rental Dubai, they provide two types of services. One is of car rental and the other is for leasing a car. Hence, if you know the duration of your stay ad the purpose behind it, you shall easily be able to figure out if you should rent a car or lease it.

The difference between renting a car and leasing a car from Shift Car Rental Dubai:

  1. If you lease a car, then you agree to all the legal requirements and lease or use the vehicle for a fixed period of time and make prior payment as per the said agreement. Once the lease period is over, you will have to return the vehicle. Hence, if the duration of your stay is lengthy, it would be beneficial to lease a car.
  2. Now, if you choose Shift rent a car Dubai services, then the legal requirements are less, for you can directly rent a car for a week or so (short duration) and make the payment as per the agreement. The car should be returned as per the stipulated time. Shift Car Rental Dubai offers daily, weekly and monthly rental services.

Types of cars or motor vehicle:

Shift Car Rental is known to be amongst the best rental services in Dubai for its core values that they practice and believe in. Their services are known to add value to a customer’s experience as they commit to them and respect the relationship with their customers. With a fleet of the most amazing cars, they sure are ahead of all and know how to satisfy every type of consumers. The cars available in Shift Car RentalDubai is sectioned as Small Car, Medium Car, Large Car, Luxury Car, SUV Small, SUV Large, Commercial Vehicles and Electric Cars.

  1. Small Cars- You can avail the Nissan MICRA 1.5L and the Nissan SUNNY 1.5L, both of which are 5 seaters.
  2. Medium Cars- You can avail the Nissan SENTRA 1.6L, which is a 5-seater.
  3. Large Cars- You can choose from Nissan ALTIMA Basic (With Cruise Control) 2.5 L, Nissan ALTIMA (With Rear Camera& Parking Sensor) 2.5L and Nissan MAXIMA 3.5 L, all of which are 5 seaters.
  4. Luxury Cars- For a luxurious experience, you can avail the INFINITI Q70 3.7 L, which is a 5-seater.
  5. SUV Small- The SUV collection of Shift Car Rental is fantastic. You can avail the Renault CAPTUR, the Renault DUSTER 2.0 L, the Nissan JUKE 1.6L, the Nissan Kicks and the Nissan X-Trail SUV 2.5L. all of these are 5-seater cars.
  6. SUV Large- If you like a car with a bigger room, then you can avail the Nissan X-TERRA SUV 4.0L which is beautiful and seats 5.
  7. Commercial Motor Vehicles- For commercial use, you can rent the Nissan PICKUP (JN) D/C DX, which has child lock and 3 rear bench seats.
  8. Electric Cars- If you prefer electric cars over oil driven, then avail the RENAULT ZOE ELECTRIC CAR for the best experience.

Well, the list contains all the motor vehicles that Shift rent a car Dubai has to offer. You can choose your pick from their wide range of motor vehicles. However, you still must be wondering, is there any benefit to renting a car? Well, there is, and we shall tell you why and how Shift Car Rentals should be your best pick for the rental services.

Know the advantage you have over renting a car than depending on public transport:

  1. Move Freely- Well, of course, if you rent a car then you needn’t worry about cab prices or schedules for you can move with the rented vehicle at your own wish.
  2. Affordable- There are many uncertainties, with Shift Car Rental you can save money with great deals and also choose your destination instead of others.
  3. Quality- The quality of service you will enjoy with Shift Rent a Car Dubai is remarkable. With the choice of your car, you can increase the quality of your travel.
  4. Comfort- The joy of driving around the beautiful city of Dubai will be heightened if you moved at your own pace and own space.

Well, the advantages of choosing to rent a car from Shift Car Rental is evident. Choose the best and experience exciting offers, deals, and a blissful stay when in Dubai. Make your travel affordable, quality-driven and better with the best services.

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