Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Dear Mr. President:

In last night’s State of The Union address, you said that too many of our citizens have lost faith in our biggest institutions, one of them being the government. You also said that we (meaning the United States) do not torture. This is the very reason why many of us have no faith in government, because it doesn’t tell the whole truth. If you want people to believe you, they better not find out about me. About me? You are not addressing someone like me, because I am not a citizen.

A citizen of the United States of America doesn’t have her life on display for the media, the radio stations, magazines, Hollywood, other institutions that tap into and watch her life unfolding, possibly the thoughts in her head, the overnight dreams in her head. No, a citizen doesn’t have this satellite surveillance over her phone line, her computer, tracing and tracking everything she does and everywhere she goes.

A citizen of the United States of America doesn’t experience deep sensations of direct energy to the head that smells like a type of gas, a type of chemical accompanied by crippling and deadly electronic pain that grinds down the center nervous system, the suffering of going through this nearly daily for over 6 years, a constant bombardment of weapons that no one around can feel, just center to the head of a target.

A citizen doesn’t get turned away by every government official when trying to get help, the police, the district attorney, the governor, the senators, the representatives, countless other agencies and offices that turn a deaf ear, a blind eye, as if they are the disabled ones, as if they can not do a thing, as if I should somehow find a way to free myself.

And finally, a citizen doesn’t never know the truth about her life is being used and abused, living on speculation and wonder, living on dropped clues, and thankfully, the internet articles that explain what is being done to the human beings across this world. There is an automatic right to know what is happening to her, a right that gives ownership to her own life, and that has been denied for 16 years.

Yes, I watched The State of Union address last night, but you weren’t speaking to me because I’ve never been treated as a citizen, so I don’t know what its like. When you are ready to define what it means to be a citizen, then maybe I’ll start taking your words to heart. When you are ready to start an investigation into the crimes against humanity that plague this world over targeting and torture, then maybe I’ll be one that can either agree or disagree with you.

Sheri M Grutz

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Comment by SheriGrutz on January 29, 2010 at 4:48am
Thanks, its a borrowed notion from the great Virginia Woolf who wrote the book Three Guineas as a response to the question that men asked her, How can we prevent war? Her response was, I'm not given any rights and equality with men who wage these wars and fight them, so I am outside of the circle of things and cannot answer your question. The critics of the book said it was written by an odd mind. She probably took offense to this as do other teachers of her life and works, however, I would have thought it a compliment to be added to such mad geniuses that wrote epic works.


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Sue replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Yes Ramiz they do tear you down all the time. They cant stand us being happy. When l find something that makes me happy they find a way to ruin it. They hate us operating at high frequency. They feed off our negative energy. VM gave you great advice…"
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"VM... Thank you very much for for that... That was really good..I appreciate you and the whole TI community I love you guys... I remembered not to long I was going through hell and SUE really helped me a loot and I never forget that I said…"
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London Wednesday Rally at Parliament House

May 24, 2019 at 3pm to December 31, 2019 at 7pm
Mr. Paolo Fiora and some others organize a regular Wednesday Rally in London near Parliament House.One of it will be on Wednesday June 5th.Raise awareness of the situation of secret mind control abuse and torture.More details see Mr. Paolo Fiora:07709926942 paolo_bf@hotmail.comSee More
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"You are so right VM...They are the one who can send different feelings every moment of the day....I was always positive high energy  High Frequency, and never swear for 40 years ....The more I try to raise my frequency the more these…"
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