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Science article describes remote manipulation of arms and hands via another person`s EEG

This article in New Scientist describes an experiment in causing empathy. Four people wired to an EEG recorder watched films which provoked amusement, anger, or sadness. Their EEG responses were connected to 4 other people who received the EEG responses via electrodes in armbands, and showed the corresponding emotions by hand or arm movements or signs.

The experimenter is thinking of linking this type of thing to people`s social media profile, so friends could experience the same emotions at the same time.

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Comment by Sandy Lomax on March 3, 2017 at 3:58am

I get my hands moved a lot recently, for example if I try to pick up a glass of water, my hand goes forward and knocks it over. Or if I pick up a tissue, my forefinger and thumb move apart and I drop it.

Comment by Kelly Wallace on March 7, 2017 at 4:29am
My hands are being remotely operated extreme.They use my hands antique I rich something.They feel thru my hands which is torture physically mentally for me. 5 years they use my hands to abuse my own body! They want it to look like I'm self afflicting when I'm not!!! Cia has a program called self affliction, self mutilation. I'm nut sure if they entered me into this program, in addition to the cop government military program that is using me for torture not research. My hands are being used to pick up objects without me thinking and I have to put back down.They use my eyes lie a camera lens and do mind control hypnotic states trying to manipulate and force me to do what they want with me thru using my eyes brain and hands.They make my hands move very fast unnaturally, mechanical artificial intelligence is being used. They use my eyes with speed that is not martial to my own body and it is painful and harmful . They take my hands and crack the knuckles make crack snap sounds out of bones wrists arms feet knees shoulders legs back neck skull. They operate my hands ripping picking digging scratching into my skin, the sores they make daily by the weapons used, and they pull off scabs to make holes draw blood smear blood get blood on clothes being towels and they do tis for their entertainment, daily over 5 yrs .I'm trying to fight this daily. They control hands in shower trying to wash me dry me put clothes on in ways I don't, and they most me in shower they crack bones out loud which I read is microwave signals attacking my body. They use acoustics in my apt and at hotels. They use speaker they induce sounds and use computers, iPhones, notebook,etc. They electrocute my hands head eyes they see thru the eyes 24/7 they do Forced speech. Controlled dreams many crimes against me, boosting my body, raping molesting me daily they lock up my bones in and hands to try to stop me from writing.It's not arthritis or fibromyalgia or lyme. They have changed my hands. They used hand to pick fingernail under fingernails which I don't do, they control my tongue jaw teeth mouth they move tongue outside of mouth they bite down on tongue and make to yeh bite down on chin, and do this as sick holding torture stress positions.they've tried to suffocate me many times, they have burned me, they have poked me with a needle, this is called "neurological manipulation" what they are doing to us.The left and right hand are controlled and located, from the top of the if they aim the signals at top of head, it might be one way they are controlling my hands and other victims. I tried 3xs using shielding on head and it didn't work. They take over my hands of i do anything with them.It's traumatizing, they control hands on toilet when urinating bowel movement etc. They feel thru my hands. They do v2k saying horrifying things sexual and I'm trying to go to bathroom. It makes you feel not human going to bathroom. There is no peace or good sleep natural sleep or rem sleep or relaxation or privacy because they asssult all day and night. They try to control my day n night. They involve interfere cause pain torture injury no privacy isolate me and family members, using us as test subjects not for research.This feels more like depopulation.
Comment by Kelly Wallace on March 7, 2017 at 4:29am
Everyone I use my hands
Comment by Kelly Wallace on March 7, 2017 at 4:31am
They they keep messing up my keyboard use on phone making me make word spellling errors because of swype keyboard. Hands are in pain to use so I use Swype to help.
Comment by Sandy Lomax on March 7, 2017 at 7:02pm

Hi, theyseethru, sorry to hear your story. Yes they try to use my fingernails to scratch me as well. I try to keep my hands away from my face, because they push my fingers up my nose to scratch inside my nostrils and it hurts. They make my nose stream and when I wipe it with a tissue they smear it on my face. So now I keep my fingernails cut very short to stop the scratching.

They make me bite my tongue sometimes, usually when I eat in a cafe. They make saliva pour out of my mouth just when I am about to go to sleep - so I always put a tissue on my pillow every night. 

They can see through our eyes, and I believe they can zoom in on what we are doing and on parts of our bodies and face.

I agree with cat cat, it`s not depopulation of TIs. Many of us have been victims for over a decade, some for several decades. It`s an experiment which may well end in a few years, let`s hope so.


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