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I have a fellow TI with whom I communicate once every week by phone for mutual support. We know that every word is listened to but we cannot allow that to take away the mutual psychological benefit that we derive from sharing our pain, commiserating, sharing ideas on shielding and offering each other research material in the form of books, professional journals etc.

They torture me immensely after each communication, but we have vowed never to stop supporting each other. He told me once that each time we are about to talk, he suddenly develops an inexplicable need NOT TO TALK to me, after looking forward to the conversations all week, and yet once he does talk to me, disregarding the discouraging thought, he feels much better. I told him to INSIST on talking to me, as I INSIST on talking to him. That not yielding to "planted" ideas is critical to fighting this. By not yielding to the "planted idea" that tries to discourage communication, he defeats it.

He told me yesterday that this website " " is good as a secure search engine. There are others of course, like "" but this latter is under US regulation. The former is not.

I am not a criminal. I am not a terrorist. Therefore, I INSIST on my human rights and the right to privacy without apology. I started using the search engine today. Best to you all...

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Comment by Cedric on December 29, 2013 at 4:09am

Hi Pat B and thank you for sharing. One thing i "love" about this website is reading comments like yours i can totally relate to, you make me feel sane. They did the same thing to me and another peacepink user, Chanath, who has mysteriously disappeared from this site 3 weeks ago. She is a 60 years old French lady and i have no way to find out what happened to her and of course, the perps try putting stories about her in my head that i choose not to listen to, yet, the question about where she is and if she is still alive remain unanswered.

She is one of the closest Peacepink member and TI friend i met here due to our French origins (makes it easier to chat) and we also experienced the very same phenomenon you described, being horribly tortured after chatting or while chatting using tactics as making us feel sick (we know that one too well) or making us fall asleep so that we would stop, we were also attacked via V2K and DEW intensly. We also talked about our experiences and shared a lot of details about it that made our perps angry for multiple reasons the first one being caught since a lot of what is being written here is read by the NSA obviously and believe or not, there aren't (or better, weren't) many NSA workers who were aware about our torture (thanks to compartmentation due to ultra classified black world technology) - they are now; this site has allowed informing many people about it, more than we actually can imagine and of course, it has consequences, i believe that Chanath's disappearance is linked to this as well. Why i know the following would be awfully complicated to explain.

Chanath and I were having a lot of talks before she disappeared and the attacks became more and more hardcore, at the end of it, 3 weeks ago, she was struck by one these phases most of us here have been through, the "hardcore sessions" as i call them, when they torture you up to the point you can't do anything but lie down and wait until it stops helplessly, she went through one of these phases and it lasted 4 days or so.

She sent me a mail to tell me she got better and then nothing at all. I am still hoping to see her popping here or writing back. I only wish i had found a way to get in touch with her other than peacepink.

So yeah, to conclude and stop rambling, reading your story definitely reminded me how important it is not to loose contact with each other and to have some sort of way to get in touch in case of emergency and mostly, to NEVER give up whatever precious friendship we made here simply because we are forced to by monsters claiming to work for our security while they are the biggest, the most vicious and the most powerful terrorists the world has ever seen.

The NSA is a sinister joke to humanity - May 2014 be the year these bastards get crushed.

Comment by Sally on December 29, 2013 at 4:24am

Thats strange Cedric and Annie has also been absent for as long as Channath.

Pat im glad to hear you and your friend are remaining in contact despite the efforts to stop you. The thing is they dont like us to have social support so keep on defying them!

Comment by Cedric on December 29, 2013 at 4:34am

Strange indeed, do you think that it is connected? I mean, did something prior to Annie's disappearance happen too?

I agree with keeping on defying them, it makes you feel alive and free no matter how hard they hit you after.

Comment by Sally on December 29, 2013 at 4:40am

Not to my knowledge Cedric but I know they were close. Maybe theyve taken Christmas holidays....hopefully its just something like that.

Comment by Cedric on December 29, 2013 at 4:48am

Yes they are ( Sorry Sue, i hate using past tense as it makes it sound like they are not alive anymore) and weird no one heard of them both since, i know for Chanath that it isn't like her - I do not know Annie very well so it is hard to say. I hope you are right and that Christmas is to be blamed, that would be the best present ;)

Comment by Pat_B on December 29, 2013 at 9:26am

Thank you Cedric and Sue. I feel sad reading this about Chanath. I cannot say I hope she is okay because with this torture, none of us is okay, but I sincerely hope she is still alive. If you manage to hear from her once more Cedric, please communicate my support to her. All of which brings me to one thing.
We need to devise a way for us to know when something like this happens to one of us. I mean, when someone disappears and never heard from. At FFCHS, several ladies who were brilliant individuals, and who did everything they could to support others, disappeared late last year. Their handles were 'Defiant', 'DeAnna1'. Another, 'Dot' appears infrequently now. Not a day passes without me thinking about what happened to them. I do not know how to reach them. I do not know if they are still alive. I do not know Annie but do not need to know her to wish the best for her as well. We have to have a way to inform one another if the worst happens to us. Best to you all.


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