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Happy New Year to all TIs!  Let`s hope this year will be much better.

I just want to make some comments about a video, "Shane`s Security Tips"-

The slide bolt shown at 14.28 mins looks like a round cylindrical bolt. This can be rolled over from outside the door using a screwdriver until the catch is open and they will open the door and walk in. I do not know if a flat bolt can be moved from outside, but personally I would not use any bolt to secure a door.

The "pressure pad alarms doorstop" at 11.53 looks to me as if it could be moved sideways from outside the door with a flat tool without setting off the alarm, although I am not certain.

The only way I would secure a bedroom door is by barricading it with furniture, which is what I do, example, an arm chair jammed between the bed and the door, the bed secured on the other side with a heavy box of books.

Stay safe, everyone.

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