Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

For some reason these people keep trying to talk through me and my family they keep telling me i have no choice and that if i don't comply they will have to program me. They claim to be all sorts of people but i have already done all sorts of research and they are useing people's cell phone numbers their g mails and all sorts of other app back doors and even possible mirroring useing roots and also they could be backdooring plug-ins . they also post things for you or use your service providers radio information to tap your phone along with the ip addresses to cover their hacks. While useing electronic equipment that is electromagnetic. That can be used by simple low and high radio frequencies that can and do cause radio communications in your mind through electronic devices and any electronic equipment including household wireing its something that was proven by tesla for wireless lighting and electrical impulses that effect gamma waves that are the frequencies that can connect to the human mind along with other am radio frequencies. They also have the ability to use the radiation from your cell phone to alter the frontal cortex along with othe nurons and electrons in the human mind that alters moods and even depression. Everything is linked to my google count and multiple ip addresses that are tied to my multiple cellphones which give the dep address that leaves the footnotes that can trace all activities on the internet along with all of the interaction from your cell service providers. All the nsa has to do is trace the footnotes that will be linked to all backdoors which could take time but they can locate the ones who hacked your phone by useing your cell phone providers e911 locator on the cell phone you use plus the one that the perp is useing to hack your phone to be able to activate the radiation margin to make alterations in your body. But they have to pick your frequencies in person first or catch you in the hospital. Sounds crazy but look on the internet and google can electromagnetics alter the mind. And you will see multiple videos to watch

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"Well I am white 100%, Irish living in Ireland and I am being targeted , stalked ,controlled  and attacked with directed energy weapons. I have no idea what this TI program is about but it has nothing to do with race."
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"Officials should be extremely careful on white people deaths. To evil doers not all white people are white. Example Jews, Romani, etc"
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"Covid is a biological weapon. Most people dying are minorities. Extreme far right backed by Russia and some of America are to blame."
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"Are they using hearing jammers to interfere with  and to damage my  hearing when I  am home and in my work place ? Please see these 2 links below : Jammer Google Canada"
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