Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

If you feel you can overcome any tracking chips, or protect yourself using clothing wired like a faraday cage, this article may be of help.  It is written by a private detective and gives advice to stalked victims on how to avoid being located through a public records search.

I've talked to many TIs who read what other TIs have to say PRIMARILY so they can prepare themselves for tactics they believe are inevitably coming their way at some point in the future.  Let's not forget that these chat rooms are full of perps who love to drive up a TIs blood pressure, and instill them with fear.  I believe many perp tactics are learned by perps right here in forums.  PLEASE don't back yourself into a corner from where there can never be any escape.  Take each day as it comes to you, and learn to survive by rolling with the punches instead of anticipating the next tactic w/anxiety.

Escape, if possible, can not be accomplished merely by packing your bags, giving notice to the landlord, quitting your job, and getting into your car/airplane/train and leaving.  Escape and moving are not the same thing.  Whether your escape will work will never be known unless you try it - even temporarily for a week.  To try it means giving up everything, planning a new life & source of income, and walking away.  To give any form of advanced notice is to invite your perps to enjoy a new facet to their game of cat and mouse.

They will NEVER win because I won't sit still being battered long enough to allow it.  Adapt physically and mentally, and roll with the punches to survive.

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