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Sexuality is our source of life, the human soul.

science sexuality robs us of the soul with the quantum bioresonance. Artists as expressed over time. The Lorenz fractal butterfly is called mental psyche. No more ignorance, here you can understand todo.El knowledge of the truth save us


miércoles, 2 de enero de 2013

Sexuality is our source of life, the human soul.

Sexuality is our source of life, the human soul.

"The psyche, the Greek ψυχή, psyche," soul ", is a concept from the worldview of ancient Greece, which designated the life force of an individual, his body bound in life and detached from it after his death. '
Cupido y psique

In spiritual or religious schools, or relating to psychology sexual drive is the human soul.
Sexuality is our source of life.
A teacher well versed in philosophy and general history, told me yesterday while having something that the old schools and esoteric teachings "special" took care to make their mark in time with art, so taught their students. And had teachers like Da Vinci, who understood the human soul, and knew transmit knowledge through His art. For any initiated what would capture and learn from it.
Teaches classical philosophy, and has been so smart, that transmitted the knowledge of the soul to join the art.

Society teaches us that sexuality is the relationship between the vagina and the penis, the church has mortified with the guilt of having pleasure with vagina and penis. Thus sexuality is demonized.
By establishing the power of the Catholic church and company, and destroy the community that worshiped nature and had as God to the earth and the fruits that she will otorgaba.Surgio Satanism, totally against castrating doctrine, not only

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Scottish Police Double Down on Hate Crimes

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"Got the spectum analyser I'll show you the signals soon that will shut you up about stupid implants.."
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"Hello, TIs!!!. please read this. This is how they caused Myron Mays and for example Rohinie to assault people. They are good at this and they use it to destroy TIs and drive them to suicide with their thoughts played back from a computer. To make…"
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"To EEG Clone and to EEG Hetrodyne to you, they need to implant you. But yes a satellite could possibly send frequencies to a broad region and alter the moods of a large group of people"
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Initially, when a targeted individual first begins to be brain mapped, they can not be seen inside their own homes by the neuro weapons operatives who are doing the brain mapping. The targeted individual can only be heard by these neuro weapons operatives. However, when the targeted individual is partially brain mapped they can then finally be seen by the neuro weapons operatives. Their clothing can not be seen. The targeted individual can only be seen in a totally nake...d state. The outside…See More
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