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Sexuality is our source of life, the human soul.

science sexuality robs us of the soul with the quantum bioresonance. Artists as expressed over time. The Lorenz fractal butterfly is called mental psyche. No more ignorance, here you can understand todo.El knowledge of the truth save us


miércoles, 2 de enero de 2013

Sexuality is our source of life, the human soul.

Sexuality is our source of life, the human soul.

"The psyche, the Greek ψυχή, psyche," soul ", is a concept from the worldview of ancient Greece, which designated the life force of an individual, his body bound in life and detached from it after his death. '
Cupido y psique

In spiritual or religious schools, or relating to psychology sexual drive is the human soul.
Sexuality is our source of life.
A teacher well versed in philosophy and general history, told me yesterday while having something that the old schools and esoteric teachings "special" took care to make their mark in time with art, so taught their students. And had teachers like Da Vinci, who understood the human soul, and knew transmit knowledge through His art. For any initiated what would capture and learn from it.
Teaches classical philosophy, and has been so smart, that transmitted the knowledge of the soul to join the art.

Society teaches us that sexuality is the relationship between the vagina and the penis, the church has mortified with the guilt of having pleasure with vagina and penis. Thus sexuality is demonized.
By establishing the power of the Catholic church and company, and destroy the community that worshiped nature and had as God to the earth and the fruits that she will otorgaba.Surgio Satanism, totally against castrating doctrine, not only sexually, but spiritually he was creating the Catholic Church and company.
Satanism was another center of power, the end. Not touch it because I'm not interested.

The fact is that people with spiritual knowledge, think groups goddess worship, the tierrra. He loved nature, and the human community. It was against this progress destroying human beings and their environment. destroyed the spirit of brotherly love.
Destroyed it because I think guilt and fear of nature, only to manipulate the critical mass, it was the people.

The truth mobimiento to survive education think different foci.
But man and his greed, his haughtiness and malice for all seasons prevented the truth alive, and out of public knowledge. They had to hide, but left their mark behind them.

Arte.musica works, paintings, literature, theater etc .... Great speakers for knowledge and liberate our land. The man and his greed always found neuter form of freedom and immersed in ignorance of the human:
Wars, plagues, genocide, oppression of the church etc ...

The truth coming out of the well
It has a mirror so that it crosses as Alicia, and immerse yourself in the time to acquire no knowledge of who you are.

Today, in our perfect world of the 21st century, human beings are pressing when the truth emerges and otherwise, as a witch who leaves the underworld to indicate hatred and ill people.


The truth coming out of the well, Léon Gérôme. 1896
Two types of sexualities, two types of soul leaving the other side of the mirror. The human soul has always been guided by the gods, by bioresonance psychotronic and quantified.
Today, we have taken individually targeted our truth ..... Who came out of the pit your love or your witch?

I decided at the time to become a witch, my frog Gustavo became vampire. This is not to say that I just started going from mirror to mirror as certain personalities who work for this purpose.

It means that I am a real victim, and I started to understand what is happening in the world.
From my place, that of victim. And telling the truth is ugly, but the truth is that we are too many people who know that Psychiatry, quantum physics and medicine is stealing our sexuality, our soul. Cuantificadamente teleportandola steals computer programs, created the basis of quantum mechanics.
And it is perfectly legal to investigate these people without knowing.
Whether we realize everyone and everything, and see if the consequences have been grave psychiatric and our friends and family we like

Sexuality is the fragrance of our consciousness, science transformed the consciousness mind control sexual psyche. Raping and technology humana.Y acrecentandola with cupid, Mr control professional mind, with his bow and arrow, the target became.
The picture shows a young winged consciousness, kidnapped with her ​​lover secerto eroticism. Infatuation of consciousness allows the mind controller, becoming the heavenly father of consciousness and fly with: the flight of the witch. Knowledge.

This can be very innocent, and used to stimulate creativity and WELL. Or be used to create evil and ODIO.Depende seed that is planted in virgin consciousness.
Ethologists know very well that should be the first to be "seen" by the human conscience, and they imitate and follow as patitos.El human soul or sexuality, or sexual drive will become life instinct if LOVE , which inculcates the heavenly father that the girl is in love. O heavenly mother of the child is in love and follows her like a duckling who wants to be trained by its creator.
The mythology of the god Pan stole second attentions of the sleepers, so could be programmed to citizenship ...
And it was the Spanish Bartolo flute, that of a single

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