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Shielding Tips from Whistle-blower Robert Duncan Author of "The Matrix Deciphered"

Shielding Tips from Whistle-blower and Former Defense Contractor Robert Duncan

If you are a target, the following guide would likely help you. Rember to try combinations of shielding configurations, and contact other targets in order to find the best shielding configuration.

Shielding Tips From Whistleblower and Former Defense Contractor Robert Duncan

...There are 4 main methods of attack: ESR (electron spin resonance), E/PR (electron spin polarity resonance), MRI (magnetic resonance), and Scalar stealth interferometric high powered scatter radar. Finding different shielding and scrambling methods for all main three will dampen the major effects.

Chemical Defenses:
Valium - Dr. Persinger mentions that benzodiazepines change the brain rhythms. The run away adrenal heart attack/stroke method can be stopped. Psychiatrists won't prescribe it if you tell them the truth. Just talk about panic attacks to get it.

Ambien - Great sleep aid. The electronic caffeine testing will keep you up for days. It can even over power Ambien during the strongest attacks. Less sleep one gets the weaker the mind and will become and the EEG cloners gain more control in this run away process.

Beta-Blockers - Stops the brain from being able to increase the heart rate...Long term arrhythmias and other heart diseases can be induced too, so taking Beta-Blockers with aspirin will increase your survival duration.

Psychological Defenses:
Selective Sharing of the Experiments Being Conducted on You
I am sorry that I must give this advice, but from my hundreds of interviews it appears that not sharing your situation with family and friends is the best approach. Join the many support organizations around the country and world and vent there...An acceptable standard of selfishness has been instilled in Americans. Unless they are experiencing the same pain they will not join the fight...They often will distance themselves from the victim rather than educating themselves on the material and help their countrymen...

[Still,] you have the right to defend yourself. Don't be intimidated by [perpetrators]. They are under a strict protocol only to stalk and intimidate not to kill or attack. Remember that depression, despair, desperation is the psychological state that they are trying to achieve. Stay as positive as you can in this dark, disgraceful age of American history. Do not allow them to commit a lone act of violence using your body with either psychological controls or direct EEG cloning. Neither the uni-bomber nor the Oklahoma bomber got national attention brought to this issue. Perhaps if one thousand people acted together, the cover-up would be far more difficult if they all claimed government torture and mind control. That's a coincidence that even dumbed down American Joe tax battery can't ignore.

Quieting the brain is the goal. Remember all biocommunication
technology relies on the amplification of neuronal paths already present. Less
neural chatter, the less influence the technology has. Using an EEG biofeedback
device to measure activity can help you practice, as well as collect some of the
brain wave signatures the civilian defense scientists are using to reverse
engineer the torture weapon. More samples we can get the sooner we will have a
baseline cognitive model to design neurotransmitter modulation and cognitive
pathway disruptors.

More you understand about the physics, politics, and psychology related to
the large scale psychotronic tortures, the less effective their attempts become
and the worse their data points will be.

Find distractions that engross your mind, like reading, television, or sports. Some find certain music, pulsing or ringing sounds to break the trance. Non regular beats are preferable. Hot or cold pads on your skin will help wake you up from the electronically induced matrix. Some use a vibrating seat cushion.

Physical defenses
Different kinds of charge collecting material helps many people.

Thick leather acts like an outer skin and absorbs much of the radar energy. Velvet, Saran wrap, cotton, and other electrostatic materials seem to help partially disrupt either the electron spin resonance imaging techniques or bioelectric field modulation.

Stay healthy and get plenty of sleep. Many people disconnect from the EEG cloning lock during sleep because of the irregular brain rhythms. Longer the target can stay unlocked, the longer it takes the attacker to acquire a lock. Remember that the shadow government wants the subject to live a short life so that these experiments are more easily covered up and forgotten. They aren't planning to inform the tax paying public about this weapon until the year 2025. By then most of us will have died off...


This is the most unintuitive capability of this weapon. Faraday cages and thick metal chambers do not block the weapon due to there being several signal and surveillance modalities. Shielding that has worked for many targets include:

Mylar blankets-Covering the walls, windows, and ceiling with loosely hanging metalized plastic blankets connected with alligator clips and grounded to the buildings plumbing or third prong in an outlet works for many to reduce the pain signal influence.

Magnetic jewelry or wider area magnetic field disruptors. Spinning neodymium magnets on a slow rotating motor changes the magnetically aligned landscape used as a masking background for Earth gauss MRI type surveillance.

Negative Ionizer dumps - Charging up spots around areas with a hand held ionizer creates lots of local changing pockets of electric fields that the adaptive algorithms have difficulty keeping up with. Research in this area is the most promising and active.

Electric field disruptors - Defeating the ionospheric heaters, as they are mismarketed by the DoD, is difficult. The general concept is that they heat up ions to the same temperature electrostatically. Think of this like a charging field. Oscillating, overheating, or discharging this electrostatic temperature will disable this type of surveillance technique and not allow a biocommunication signal lock on. Using the same mylar blankets and a 10,000v or above from a negative ionizer circuitry, one can create two or more large capacitive panels where a strong electric field that diminishes the treatorous [attacks]. The voltage and capacitance of the large plates will only give you a static shock and presents no danger to life if they are touched. To further improve the shields, constant modulation in a semi-chaotic slow pattern prevents adaptation by [perpetrators]...

Superconductor Shields
Superconductors act as a 100% magnetic mirror. These very expensive shields block traditional Radar imaging and Infrared imaging because they need to be cooled with liquid nitrogen. Several scientists also hypothesize that scalar fields are deflected i.e.(interferometric stealth radar). Work is underway to validate this type of shield. Yttrium, Barium, Copper Oxide (1,2,3) is used for the high temperature ceramic plates being grown.

Static Electric Shields
Theory of operation:

...There are two main components of the [perpetrator's] signal, first an ion heating and electron spin alignment and then a second main signal that actively scans the terrain using a technique like electron spin resonance...The goal [of shielding] is to weaken the signal to noise ratio by misaligning electron spins and overpowering the electric field over a large area so there is little coherence in the signal. Creating a simple powerful static electric field in an area has reduced symptoms enormously for individuals. This is far more effective than negative ion generators or magnetic jewelry for decreasing the discomfort caused from these surveillance systems. If you are affected by this type of imaging, this will improve your sleep and generally make you feel more relaxed and happier. Set up the shields especially where you sleep or work or where ever you spend the most time.

You can increase the effectiveness by adding more Mylar blankets to your setup to completely close the sides and ceiling of a room. Remember to leave some space between the sheets and attach them loosely by the corners so they have room to breath. Staples work best because tape tends to unstuck after a time.

Recommended Setup
Staple at least one of the Mylar sheets to the ceiling and the other two nearby it. Don't let them touch anything grounded or each other. Attach the end of the high voltage supply labeled output to the ceiling panel and the other lead to the side panels using the alligator clips and wire provided. There is no switch so once you plug in the device, it is on. Feel free to touch the plates. You will only get a tiny zap as it charges your body up with static electricity and you may hear the pleasant pulsing sound of the electrical discharges. The decrease of symptoms should be felt immediately with improvement depending on amount of time spent under the shield.

Other Configurations
If you have time, try other configurations. Try reversing the
leads to the panels. Try moving the Mylar panels around to different spots.

Repent, the end is near.

" For the Lord thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God." Deuteronomy 4:24


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Tha ks Big Orange! ! DrDuncan is a True Help to many TIs, and so are You for sharing!!


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