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"I was blown away by a study by the Californian neurologist, Professor Dale Bredersen. He took ten patinets with Alzheimers disease and cured nine out of ten of them with a Paleo Ketogenic diet plus other simple nutritional interventions. (The one failure was a lady who could not stick to the diet.) A feature of his regieme was that the daily ration of food had to be eaten within a ten hour window of time - that is fourteen hours of the day had to be fasting."
Quote from the PK COOKBOOK by Dr Sarah Myhill and Craig Robinson.
Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP, author of a book called "The Alzheimers Antidote" has written in her book that Alzheimers Disease is largely a problem of brain fuel metabolish. She further wrote that the brain is an energy-hungary organ and that anything that interferes with fuel delivery or processing in the brain will have dramatic effects on memory, emotions, behaviour and cognition. The human brain becomes unable to metabolize glucose efficiently . At its core, Alzheimers disease is the deterioration and death of brain cells via starvation.
Dr Amy Berger went on to say that glucose uptake and utilization are impaired in the Alzheimer's brain and she further said that a Canadia Research Team led by Stephen Cunnane, PhD, has proven that brain ketone uptake and metabolism are not impaired in Alzheimers Disease. Results show that ketones are actually the preferred energy substrate for the brain because they enter the brain in proportion to their plasma concentration irrespective of glucose availability: if the energy needed by the brain are being met by ketones, glucose uptake decreases accordingly.
Ketones are produced as a by-product of the breakdown of fats.
When you go on a low-carbohydrate diet for a prolonged period your body eventually uses up all of its glucose and glycogen stores. Once you run out of glucose, your body starts to look for an alternative source of fuel. In the case of the low carbohydrate ketogenic diet ⁠— it’s mostly fat.
People following a ketogenic diet specifically reduce their carbohydrate intake for this reason: to create ketones for energy. The human brain, even an aged Alzheimers ravaged brain can fuel itself with ketones efficiently, leading to a full recovery from Alzheimers in nearly all cases.
Both a ketogenic diet and a carnivore diet will cure Alzheimers. I myself have been following a carnivore diet for a number of months for the purposes of curing irritable bowel syndrome which I have successfully done because of this diet. I herebelow outline the diet I am following in order to make it easier for others to begin to use this diet.
Breakfast - Six eggs beaten with a whisk plus sea salt and fried in butter.
Lunch - One or two tins of sardines, or else tins of tuna or mackerel,
Dinner - Either minced lamb, minced beef, fresh fish, bacon or brisket,
Snacks - Large punnet of natural yoghurt.
Due to following the above carnivore diet my grocery shopping bill increased from approximately fifty Euros per week to approximately seventy five Euros per week. You must expect this increase when switching away from eating any and all plants to eating animal products only

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