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Adapted from my blog:
MC Victim Profile
I am a chip-implanted mind-control victim(Singapore) who have been constantly harrassed since 2006 after the "accidental death" of my Industrial attachment in a government defence company,DSO National Laboratory,in which i was condemned to take "medicine" for the rest of my life for many kinds of diseases like AIDS,amnesia,schizoprenia,ADHD,PSTD,Pakinsan's disease,reading disability,learning disability,"blindness"(cannot see),whatever types of diseases or illness you can name of,I was being rumoured to have or "diagnosed of"(believe to have illegally forged self report).
Realized that it was actually a conspiracy probably to use me as slaves in the name of religious purposes,charity organisations ,mental health institute,"experiments","personality changes","election","nation building","investigation","nation security","you are a God","common purposes conspiracy","psyops warfare experiments subjects",assasination attempt to cover up crimes and many many others committed by these evil liars/criminals.Only realized that i was chip-implanted and the perpetrators can actually remotely read my mind from a distance just a few months ago, when a perpetrator tries to "threathen me" for their purposes.
They have psychologically abused me not only at home but public places as well.

Public Places
These perpetrators have tried to torture me in many many ways even in public places.Perpetrators are everywhere on the streets,all stationed at almost every streets and corners in my country waiting for me.They would show me some kinds of weird hand signals like numbers 4,6,8,1,2,5,finger pointing up,pointing down.Constant verbal abuses by these perpetrators are very often.They normally come together with hundreds of people,including young children,adults,elderly,students and people from all walks of life and professions.They will take turns to follow me in wherever i go be it,shopping centres, buses or trains.They will come into the train that i board in hundreds.They will send me suicide,sublimal messages whenever they walk past me.I was seemed to be under the "monarch mind-control/MKULTRA project" which i had read somewhere.

Home Abuse
At home,my "robot family members" will also often mumble some weird mouth and hand signals in front of me purposely in sychronization with "TV Talking","neighbours who try to produce loud thug noises directly above my room","deliberate car bangings near my neighbourhood which is full of carpark".Weird telephone rings picked up by my "family members" with common words "embedded in their conversations with the same words as mentioned above" are almost an everyday thing.I have experienced tons and tons of psychological abuse by "my family members" whereby they always give me all sorts of "stupid contradicting advices" which they themselves do not even know,showing "hot" and "cold" emotions in different time intervals.Sometimes they will force me to watch the "tv programs that actually talks to me" and then add in some "fully planned conversations" so as to manipulate me.
Whenever , I try to contact similiar victims in the internet whereby it was secretly monitored by those "invisble perpetrators",the next moment they will call up a group of people including strangers to my house for their "verbal abuse session".
There will be many attempts to force me to go and "pray to the god".
There are also many attempts by my family to tamper with my things while i was asleep or while i was out.Frequent deliberate tampering of my computer and belongings are also not a rare phenonemon.

TV media and newspapers
I realized that the TV is actually "talking to my mind" in 2008 as mentioned earlier on after a death threat from a "staged perpetrator".
The TV can instantly reply me in whatever my mind is thinking.When i try to capture the TV program with my Camcorder,it stops immediately.At that point of time, I can be100% sure that the TV is actually "talking to me".Sometimes the TV show even "tell me what i am wearing" as soon as i reach home.

Deliberate Sirens,banging of car doors and people screaming
Late at night, sometimes there will be people screaming with a very high-pitch sound which seem like a "woman voice" with verbal abuse or insulting message.
In the past, ambulance or police sirens will come following a death threat,abuse that come from nearby passerbys.

Invisible voices out of nowhere
Invisible voices suspected that come from the v2k technology often comes in while i was working on my computer or when i try to sleep at night.They have tried to deprive me of sleeps for countless nights but lately do not know why i was being put into a "curfew of 12pm ligths off policy".
Lately,I can even hear these "invisible voices" at public places and shopping centres.

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Comment by singapore emp victim on November 27, 2015 at 5:33pm

I am a lady Singaporean mind control victim, can I know your email address so we can connect and support one another since we are in the same country?


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