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I discovered something when I went out jogging.

All the problems I have with my neighbours is because I don't want to greet them.

I don't want the neigbours to walk in and out my house. I talk to some of my neighbours.

I need things to stay this way.

People talk too much. I don't want people to know my business.

The Perps told them I don't like them that made it even worse.

So when  a certain neighbour started to make his dog bark all the gossip perps say about me, people ignored it. Because they don't like me any way.  Dogs and cars harras me.

Many people, victems of Gangstalking have made films on YouTube to prove they are being harass like me. This is not new.

It's not Voice to Skull. This is not suppose to be a Voice to Skull Site. Exterial noise is detectable.

Not everything is voice to Skull. We don't know everything the Gangstalkers do to TI's. If someone hates you they will do anything.

Gangstalking is not a nice game. You're the toy, you're it. Stop stop open your minds there are other people out there suffering in a different way. 

By the way CLS I read your website.

The Perps talk bad about Ti's They laugh at us on Social Media.

The Perp tries to talk in a sexy voice to seduce me. It's laughable. He is harassing my date now.

The Perps want to scare him off. The voice they use change. They try to fool me to do whatever they want.

The voices are strange, they are professional liers I've got to give them that. That's the only professional thing about them. The Perps put me on Social Media the recording is bad if I had to listen to that every day I would say, you suck! They give it to people to listen to all day long to slaunder me. All my alter thoughts are on it. He makes me sneeze in public to show his listeners it's me standing in the bus or at work it's her she wearing green or yellow it's her in your line in the shop.

The woman  in the supermarket showed me how much she hated me. She called all the names of the people I knew and saw on the television the day before. That's how I knew she was talking about me. I need Olivia's help she said (the cashier), Ali can you Help me she shouted, Jeroen I don't need your help anymore because Ali is helping me she shouted. Just a second I need cookies she told a customers and left her register to get them. The cashiers all had cookies on their register to hand out for free. She didn't had any so she dashed off to get some. It was all a big scene to show me she heard of me and she hated me. The perp told me that I wasn't aloud to buy cookies. She didn't give me any cookies. I didn't want cookies anyway. My private conversation is in that woman's home. Think people think. Such a nasty ugly woman. He wants the public to know that it's me talking "trash" about them. They use voice cloning.

I don't talk trash about people on Social Media. I don't have a talk show. All I do is talk about Gangstalking. We suffer because of these people, I vent.

The people get angry and want to take revenge on me. That's what I have to deal with people. That's what the public does to me. The Names hurt them. I don't know what the PERPS TELL THEM about the names. Crazy people on the street I am telling you.

They literay run out of their houses to hurt me. Cowardly people. Listening to bad recording and then wanting to hurt me. My word.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

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