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Yesterday I tried to find out what kind of Media my stalker used to make fun of me.

My stalker uses my voice on Social Media and turned it in to a story where he dumps me and then after a while wants a relationship with me again. He makes fun of me. He doesn't want me to be happy and have a normal life.

He als said a few time you have no one, and he's a happy about that.

His girl friend has tortured me also, she made me sick in the head. He likes burning under my feet, hurting my fingers and hand, likes to make me snees. Since I have an allergie it's easy.

He insults my body, and make sure that my body gets swolen.  He says you are going to get fat.

He burned me in the face.

He says he doesn't want be to beautiful or else he'll get sorry he left me.

He doesn't want anything to go right in my life. He says he's the one who has be happy and have a good life

I don't deservive anything good according to him. He and his girl friend said they are surprise that I still go out,

they want to isolate me. Almere is their play ground. When I play music to cheer myself up he attacks my stereo, he also attacks my tv. He uses my fridge to communicate.

The people on Social Media love this, because to them it's  another soap story. One they don't want to miss. He tortures me in my head, he raped me yesterday. I screamed leave me alone. It was painful.

When he torures me in my head I start to swear and use abusive language. My thoughts aabout the people around me get negative. Then he's happy and uses that against me to let people know what I think and say about them. These people get angry, and start to talk about the things they know about. The mock me. He uses the same tactic as his brother did. They make up a lie and tell every one on social Media. They twist things around. If I say I like somebody or their hair, he says it's not true. 24 -7 he's on my case. making sure people talk about me. He doesn't sleep think,or maybe his girl friend helps him. He has often said I am good at this. He's actually proud of him self. Evey time he hits a new low. He's a Narcist. How will someone like him ever change, will Jehovah, God ever forgive him for his evil ways?????

The lie his brother used was that I hated Moslim people, a lie of course.

I send Whats App to my cousins, they said they didn't know anything about it. I don't believe on of them.

Do you know why because he sang my life to me. He said I know everything about you it's like I read about you. He kept on saying things to me which made me suspect him of knowing what's been going on. I haven't had contact with him for years and still he uses the same words as me. Surinam people don't use these words, their Dutch is different, it's the old style of Dutch. You see I don't have a lot of blood relative left they some of them left me and others I am not aloud to speak to anymore. Most of the time I am alone.

So if anyone heard about me on Social Media please help me.

Or if you know a way how I can find out how he does it please help. It will be the first step in making sure he's caught.

Speak out members in The Netherlands if you know something.

member from abroad you also help me of course.

I need to address him about it.


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Comment by Sandy Lomax on March 21, 2016 at 4:44am

Hi Angeline, welcome to Peacepink.

Sorry to hear all this.

There are 2 different issues that you have described, although they are of course related. One is the stalking and abuse on social media, the other is the technology harassment and torture.

Regarding social media, do you have any anti-stalking laws or anti-harassment laws in the Netherlands? If so, do they cover online abuse? - because they should. You can find out from your police whether the law covers the online abuse you are suffering. In some countries the police will find out the IP address of the abuser`s computer and they can arrest the person. So check your laws. Print out the stuff he has written and show it to the police.

If you speak to the police or any authorities, it will be no use talking about the torture tech. They will simply make out you are "deluded" or "mentally ill" and refer you to the mental health services - that is what happens to a lot of Targeted Individuals. Worst case scenario, a psychiatrist forcibly puts them in a psychiatric ward and detains them there. So please be very careful what you say.

You said you "need to address him about it" - I do not think that will help, and it could make things worse.

If you are serious about having this man "caught" as you say, the police will ask you if you are in touch with him. If you are still speaking or writing to him, they may not take you seriously, Worse still, he could tell the police you still see him and like him and it was all a joke. So, be careful!

Take care.

Comment by Stefano on March 21, 2016 at 5:38am

Angeline hello, me too many things happen that you have listed.
They attack my television, my pc, I also recorded the sound entries in the apartment and also V2S 24/7 all this as a year and thanks to sites like this you feel less alone ..
As they have already advised you not turn to the police to denounce the torture because technological 'or do not know or pretend not to know, and you would find in even more major problems.
Unfortunately, 'so, I try to conbattere distracting with fishing, hiking, try to stay in the midst of people of whom you trust them do not want this, in short, any way not to think of them all right, I also took a dog to the kennel for this and they also attack her ....
I hope for better days for you, you are not alone ....

Comment by brian bovo on September 14, 2016 at 11:11pm

the voices you hear are chat-bots sent through vocalizers and filters.  the characters are neural feedback routed and reply based on external and internal readings.  The humans or aliens using this technology may or may not be influencing beyond preventing it from malfunctioning.  its better the more you know and understand that gangstalking is just surface dust of this whole program.  its a distraction to keep you isolated and in fear of it.  but once you figure out how to beat the audio (sound) components the whole thing goes into a up and down frenzy randomly losing connections, then coming back for a bit.  since they route connections into your eyes/imagination, you can hijack their controls and turn the audio left or right or turn in down.  Its dangerous though because i cant say how many different pressures and pains ive felt as well as strange energy waves through my body.  just dont take the characters seriously, yes they can get information from others and twist it or tell the truth depending on how they know its going to make you feel.  your dealing with an information AI bot that knows how to make you feel bad.


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