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State of Nevada Declaration of Candidacy Of Eric L Griffin For the Office of

State of Nevada Declaration of Candidacy Of
Eric L Griffin
For the Office of
The U.S.Senate Of Nevada 2016

For the Office of Major Political Party -Partisan Office Secretary of State Ross Miller

For the purpose of having my name placed on the official ballot as a candidate for the U.S.Senate Of Nevada

Party nomination for the office of ("None Party Affiliate" ) , I the undersigned , do swear or affirm under penalty of perjury that I actually, as opposed to constructively, reside at, , in the City or Town of Henderson , County of Clark
, State of Nevada; that my actual, as opposed to constructive,residence in the state, district, county, township, city or other area prescribed by law to which the office pertains began on a date at least 30 days immediately preceding the date of the close of filing of declarations of candidacy for this office, in addition to any other requirements required by law; that my telephone number is 702 505 5525 , and the address at which I receive mail, if different than my residence, is; that I am registered as a member of the Party Democrat ; that I am a qualified elector pursuant to Section 1 of Article 2 of the Constitution of the State of Nevada; that if I have ever been convicted of treason or my civil rights have been restored by a court of competent jurisdiction; that I have not, in violation of the provision of NRS 293.176, changed he designation of my political party or political party affiliation on an official application to register to vote in any state since
December 31st before the closing filing date for this election; that I generally believe in and intend to support the concepts
found in the principles and policies of that political party in the coming election; that if nominated as a candidate of the Non AFFILIATE Party at the ensuing election, I will accept that nomination and not withdraw; that I will not knowingly violate any election law or any law defining and prohibiting corrupt and fraudulent practices in campaigns and elections in this state; that I will qualify for the office if elected thereto, including, but not limited to, complying with any limitation prescribed by the Constitution and laws of this State concerning the number of years or terms for which a person may hold the office; and that I understand my name will appear on all ballots as designated in this declaration.

Signature of candidate for office

Designation of name to appear on ballot
Designation of name to appear on certificate of election
E-mail address (optional)

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Sugey Ortiz-Serrano posted a status
"Controlador mayor enferma a mi mamá, le da dolores y enfermedades, me amenaza con matarla, maneja mis palabras para sacar respuestas"
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Sugey Ortiz-Serrano posted a status
"Controladores están tratando de crear una crisis psicológica, dijeron que jefe quiere sobrepasar antesesores llevándome a la muerte"
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Thank you for your comments.Today was the first day they had the system activated on the grave yard. It's unbelievable. I actually thought, they might have left it in peace. I have visited the grave yard recently almost every day. It's very beautiful at this time of the year in Finland. There's a lot of flowers and it's colorful and green. The summer time is only 3-4 months long, so people bring lots of flowers and make the graves pretty. Today, at the entrance my forehead was tickled, then I…See More
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"TUMMANSININEN UINTIREISSUNI - SIRUILLAKO Kyllä jo kaupungissa päivällä tummansinisiä pilviä taivaalla liikkui ja jyrinötäkin kuului. Kun pääsin uimarannalle, vaikutti, että ukonilma tulee…"
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"Outi: Tuo "linkitetty tietokoneeseen ja muihin ihmisiin" kuvaa kyllä niin hyvin myös mun tilannetta. Olen miettinyt onko linkitettynä oleminen muihin ihmisiin hetkellistä vai pysyvää..ja sitä, että…"
3 hours ago
Ananga Mohan Bera added a discussion to the group Indian victims/supporters of mind control torture

Reason of torture in India and responsible agency

Indian intelligent agency NTRO has started illegal activities across Country.They are trying to control/manipulate human by their Laser Surveillance technique by tracking them by GPS navigation system.NTRO only will have access to these type of resources which are resources of Our Country(developed by ISRO) and which are for good purpose and for National Security. But some NTRO agents have started experimenting on human and harassing them by using Technologies.I am experiencing the harassment…See More
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