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Ei guys!! thanks a lot for soo many comments on my blog!!

I would like to share my recent situation...

As I´m going to school biggest stalking now is street theater... 

Is unbelievable the quantity of stalkers that surrounds me.... But actually I´m starting doubt about... A couple of times I see an object that should be straight was like bended.... ( a brommer and a gear shift) sometimes my eyes hurt really bad.. like if they are uploading the programm on my eyes.... I don´t have a lot of knowlegdement about Matrix ( actually that movie I NEVER UNDERSTAND!! LOL) But do you thing I could see much stalkers than what are on reality?? Is that shit so advanced that I´m seeing everybody doing the same movement ( touching their eyes like saying "we are watching you") I have video... but is a kid doing that going with his mother... A lot of times are just kids... Very sad... 

So.. my question is... really exists Matrix??? can I see things that are not real !???

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Comment by Sandy Lomax on September 22, 2015 at 6:37pm

Hi Susana

I haven`t seen The Matrix, but I also have a lot of attacks to my eyes and I see a lot of things that are fake. But I don`t think those things are unreal or holograms or anything like that - I think the people are being mind controlled to do certain actions.

For example, when I am in a crowd in the city (which is often) I have to see couples kissing. If there are no couples near me, I have to see parents kiss their children, or a child kiss their parent. I used to think my eyes were being directed to see them , but now I just think the people are mind controlled. It looks so fake - one time in a café, a French family were sitting in front of me, their little boy was laughing and chatting with his mother. All of a sudden, there was silence - he got up, walked all the way round the table like a robot, kissed his father (or uncle?), then went and sat on the other man`s (uncle/father) lap - all still in complete silence.

It was absolutely bizarre. And this is just one of dozens of examples, all looking really fake - people just suddenly kiss each other right in front of me.

I also get pain in one eye at times. They attack my left eye all the time, my sight is damaged in that eye.

Both my retinas are damaged, I had my eyes examined by an Opthalmologist. You can do the same, but don`t talk about the street theatre or tech.

In my case, I believe the pain is when they use the magnetic part of the microwave to go inside the eye.

Microwaves are electromagnetic - the electric part can burn the skin, and the magnetic part can go under the skin and harm the internal organs. So if your eyes hurt at times, it could be that. I doubt there is anything being uploaded into your eyes.

Like you, I feel sad that they use children.

All the best to you.

Comment by Susana Loureiro on September 23, 2015 at 1:14am

thanks for both answers.. I  agree with you Sandy... the movement that I sometimes is really UNREAL, but actually all signals that they are doing belongs to the "informant signals" check a look that link  

There is talking about a "conductor" that once I catched him and is my "lovely pig in yellow van picture"

The most common signal that I see most of time is " rubbing the eye" the difference is not for communicate between them they want all the time that I see doing them the signal.. in way of "WE´RE WATCHING YOU", also pulling the ear (means I don´t understand) and tapping the nose (means I understand) Do you have also this kind of theater !????

Comment by deca on September 23, 2015 at 2:07am

again to understand this you need to look at emotional triggers and classical conditioning

unfortunately other TI`s and gangstalking  only websites ..thou at first you may believe they help explain whats going on ....they actually train you to "spot" more and more of this ....they act as reinforcement and enhance the emotional response in the long term which has an increased detrimental effect on the individual

basically whats happening is you are being conditioned to associate ambiguous behaviors with a emotional response so they act like a emotional trigger   ...unfortunately because of whats called "generalizing"


In conditioning, stimulus generalization is the tendency for the conditioned stimulus to evoke similar responses after the response has been conditioned. For example, if a child has been conditioned to fear a stuffed white rabbit, it will exhibit fear of objects similar to the conditioned stimulus such as a white toy rat.

In the classic Little Albert experiment, researchers John B. Watson and Rosalie Rayner conditioned a little boy to fear a white rat.

The researchers observed that the boy experienced stimulus generalization by showing fear in response to similar stimuli including a dog, a rabbit, a fur coat, a white Santa Claus beard and even Watson's own hair.

these triggers expand rapidly and you start to see them everywhere   


Comment by deca on September 23, 2015 at 2:18am

so has your "street theater" actually gone up .....more people involved .....or have YOU be conditioned/trained to spot/associate it more ?

I know what my money on....

Comment by deca on September 23, 2015 at 2:24am

rubbing eye or eyes

eyes disbelief, upset, or tiredness

Rubbing eyes or one eye can indicate disbelief, as if checking the vision, or upset, in which the action relates to crying, or tiredness, which can be due boredom, not necessarily a need for sleep. If the signal is accompanied by a long pronounced blink, this tends to support the tiredness interpretation.

Comment by deca on September 23, 2015 at 2:31am

again why they want TI`s   interpret social cues/body language wrong/subverted

Schizophrenic people find it hard to pick up on social cues.[52] More specifically, people with schizophrenia are found to have deficits in emotional facial recognition, social knowledge, empathy, and non verbal cues, and emotional processing. Most of these aspects are part of a category called social cognition. However, most tasks that are related to social cognition involve emotional processing, empathy, and social norms knowledge. When dealing with facial expression recognition, recent research has found that people with this disorder are unable to recognize facial expressions that exhibit negative emotions, including fear, sadness, anger, and disgust. As a result, Schizophrenic people have trouble comprehending situations that involve different types of empathy, especially situations that require empathy for pain.[53]

In addition, research has found that those with schizophrenia are more likely to make additional false positives when aspects of the task are more abstract. A false positive is when a participant mistakenly believes that they observed a specific social cue in the vignette shown to them. Therefore, the social cue that they believe they saw happening in the video was nonexistent. In order to see whether someone is able to correctly identify both types of cues, researchers use the Social Cue Recognition Test, also known as SCRT. When the task is defined as being too abstract, this means that it contains abstract cues, which are cues that can be inferred from a social setting. This would consist of actions and situations that contain; affect, goals, and rules. Thus, people with Schizophrenia have trouble making inferences about social situations and settings that deal with abstract aspects. On the other hand, schizophrenic people are better at identifying features that use concrete cues, which are cues that can be observed directly. The reason for this is because concrete clues are more apparent while abstract cues are more ambiguous.[54]

Comment by deca on September 23, 2015 at 2:43am

again "I´m going to school biggest stalking now is street theater... "

 is that like early in the morning ....of cause on your travel you will see people rub they eyes as they are bored or tired you not really notice this before ....but as you are TI`s and go to gangstalking websites are focusing on what others around you do the idiots that make these sites will convince you that rubbing eyes has some secret "meaning" now .....some secrete code ....

Comment by Susana Loureiro on September 23, 2015 at 2:44am

deca :

Comment by Susana Loureiro on September 23, 2015 at 2:52am

yes yes... we are a reflect of our parents, and also child traumas follow you the rest of your life... BUT we are human beings... animals capable to change the behavior depending on the external stimulation.... You don´t go with the same clothes if the winter time is in sweeden..... or in Spain.... 

Since I know that I´m a "victim" I consider myself more like a figther my conduct is much more calm... I don´t have up and downs.... I read on military psychology that we are living a WAR OF NERVES

( as you like to post .. I post too)

So I´m learning more and more to not to play their game... and I´m learning to play more MY GAME

Motivation speeches helps a lot :))))

Comment by deca on September 23, 2015 at 2:53am

look the guy that created "gangstalking" is an idiot and created many other websites like gangstalking world .....again its hes own beliefs ...were is the objective evidence for any of it ?

A lot of this was picked up as I was being tortured in my home. I would go out and watch them

look the guy being tortured ....but some how beliefs when he leaves his house it has no effect on him psychological or would effect his ability to correctly interpret the world around him

simple thing like sleep deprivation is going to impact on you ....



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"Tap skull and listen. Different areas make different sounds. Implanted areas make unique sound. Record. Analyze!!"
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"Tap skull and listen. Different areas make different sounds. Implanted areas make unique sound. Record. Analyze!!"
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"Tap skull and listen. Different areas make different sounds. Implanted areas make unique sound. Record. Analyze!!"
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