Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

One thing that is omnipresent in our lives are perps, that's a given.
     They occupy all our time bcz of some tactic they are presently engaged in to torment/torture us.  BUT, some of that time MUST be forceably reclaimed for ourselves.  We must always remember that WE are at the center of their attention, and but for us and our responses, they have nothing.  WE are sometimes part of our own problem by our giving them what they require - our attention and time.  This is why the sensitizing tactic works so well - we take the bait and see perps all around us all the time - we give them omnipresent power over us.
     As of late, I have decided to sell my home and move.  However, I have noticed (the reason why I'm sitting here typing) that I am delaying getting things ready so I can list with a realtor (painting, repairing, staging, etc) and am instead involved in that old game of "catching them" projects instead.  How easily we can be sucked in to their game, EVEN IN DEFERENCE TO OUR OWN FORWARD MOVEMENT!
     It takes an effort and great determination to aim our attention toward reclaiming our lives and living free.  I urge every TI to set aside an hour each and EVERY day when you force out thoughts and actions concerning your present condition, and begin to think and make plans for a future where you are free.  We are caught in a period of time where this covert crime exists, it will NOT exist forever.  Even Nazi Germany's atrocities eventually came to an end. 
     This post is not aimed at putting an end to this crime, it is aimed at each and every TI's mental health.  Will you be around as a survivor when this is over?  Will you choose to fight to maintain your sanity and hope?

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Comment by Bill Perry on November 24, 2015 at 5:03am

If we do not make an effort to maintain our mental health, we can not survive this atrocity. 
     There are ways to successfully escape, perhaps not for all of us, esp those who can not find a way to remove their tracking devices.  For those TIs, I suggest you put all your focus and effort into determining a way to destroy the tracking devices. 
     Recently, I went on a surprise trip.  I said NOTHING to anyone.  I spent 2 whole glorious weeks 1000 miles away, free of all perps.  It gave me a shot in the arm of hope.  I CAN escap - so can you!
     A key to "jumping" from your present life to a free life (for those who feel able) would be to get LIGHT, sell everything, close all ties to established commercial affiliations (banks, credit cards, rent, conventional jobs, vehicles, etc), and develop a willingness to live day to day.  There are multiple ways to have an "address" and NOT have it recorded so it can be searched on Google.  It takes some thought, some experimenting, lots of planning, research, and the desire to do whatever it takes to be free again.  If your computer is not safe (and it's most likely NOT), go to the library and get online (NOT WIFI) and learn what you need to know to put an escape plan in effect.
     Start now!  With that 1 hour a day that you set aside to think of yourself and your future, think of how you can support yourself "off the grid".  Be proactive and willing to try new unconventional ways to make a living and exist.  Change your perception of what it will take to fulfill your personal needs.  For example, find a partner (DO NOT ====>""""E-V-E-R""""<==== TELL THEM YOU ARE A TI) and live behind their identity - LIE and tell them you are a domestic violence victim and need to maintain a low profile.  When you make that jump, YOU MUST make the commitment to yourself to always ACT "NORMAL"!  I can't stress this enough =====> ALWAYS ACT NORMAL - which means not identifying yourself to anyone as a TI!
     I guess it all boils down to whether you want to openly fight your imprisonment and through perp set-up always appear as a nut job with all avenues of help blocked, or suck it in, adapt, and move on with your life in any way you can.
     STOP giving all your time and effort to trying to prove to "civilians" that you are a TI!  Eventually your life will become so compromised and full of emotional and physical pain that there will be no real hope left.  Recognize that you are outgunned as well as outnumbered and you will NEVER convince anyone it's THEM, and NOT YOU.  Change to battle field!  First, put your efforts and thoughts on getting safe, then bring out the guns and destroy this covert crime.  As TI's we are in too weak a position to be effective.  SO, STOP being a TI!
     Do the unexpected w/o advertising to your perps what's on your mind.  Make plans and say NOTHING to ANYONE!  While you are a TI, never trust anyone.
     We must get past the idea that we can magically go back to our lives the way they were before being targetted.  We can not go back, only forward.  Surviving means a willingness to adapt and change.

Comment by Bill Perry on November 24, 2015 at 6:15am

Well, if they did, they didn't let me know about it.  I would think that since perps are egocentric power driven, and get off on appearing omnipresent and all-knowing, that they wouldn't have been able to resist indicating in some way that I'd been "tagged".  At no time over the 2 week period did I feel targeted.  Like all TI's, my antennae are fully over developed, and there simply was nothing being transmitted - I was A-L-O-N-E and free for the first time in 10 years! 

      Be careful not to limit your hopes and dreams by buying into the illusion that perps are omnipresent - you really can outsmart them through careful planning and acting unexpectedly.

Comment by Bill Perry on November 27, 2015 at 5:33am

Right off the bat, livingtarget.sa01, perps ARE NOT omnipotent!  They may seem like they are, and would LOVE you to believe they are, but they are not.
     As far as jumping to a new location and leaving your problems permanently behind, others have done it, it IS possible, but you must work at it and change every aspect of your life - from your looks, to the way you support yourself.  If your first attempt at freedom does not work, learn from your mistakes, and try again.
     If you have an RFID chip, you have to find a way to neutralize/remove that chip, or you WILL be tracked wherever you go.  However, it logically follows that if you physically have NOTHING implanted to facilitate being tracked, then with a little imagination and planning, you should you be able to easily outsmart your perps and disappear.  Perps become complacent and sloppy when they are lulled into believing you are under their total control.  Perhaps you have convinced yourself that you CAN't escape - that does not mean you can't, it just means you believe you can't.
     There is no one on peacepink that is more stalked than I am.  However, I refuse to be accept the victim's state of mind, and give my life and future over to a'holes just because I am outnumbered and they have more electronic toys.  If TIs can learn to survive and adapt to the daily stalking torment and torture, it should be a piece of cake making whatever changes are necessary to acquire AND KEEP your freedom.

Comment by Bill Perry on November 27, 2015 at 10:46am

     Well funded system or not, I'm not totally convinced it is hopeless, and we should just give up and endlessly suffer, or off ourselves for their convenience.  I have read accounts of people who have managed to escape.  At the extreme, you may have to be willing to move to a country like Costa Rica and live on the beach, or find an expat to work for, but it is doable.

     IF you expect that escaping to freedom means you can pack up your household in a U-Haul, get in your car, move across the country, and get a job similar to the one you hold now using your legal name, you ARE playing with yourself.  You don't need to have an RFID chip to be tracked bcz you are leaving a breadcrumb trail to be followed. 

     My contention is based upon a total change of everything.  There are many people on the FBI's most wanted list that get so lost in this country that they can't be found - and I have to believe the government is looking more actively for them, then they would be for any one of us.  I don't think for a second that the government will put my picture up on the post office wall as a wanted person, or even spend much effort searching once we go off the radar.  SO, HOW do criminals do it?  They begin by changing everything about themselves and become unrecognizable.

     I have been "surviving" this since 2004, and am unwilling to accept that "THERE IS NO SOLUTION".  My biggest struggle is to stay focused on a positive goal, and stopped getting sucked back into their game.

Comment by God's Grace on November 27, 2015 at 5:15pm

Bill, you have the right attitude, there are ways to get out of this, it's just finding the right way/s. I believe someone got out of this program but having a strong contact in government, I think we must realize that these programs are being run by people, sure there is funding, there are also laws they cannot bypass, I wouldn't take too seriously, people who say there is no way out, that is playing right into the hands of the perps, that is what they want you to believe.  Bill, I like your fighting spirit, keep it up, and if you do believe in God, pray for your release, pray for your freedom, this will not last forever, even the high and mighty Hitler eventually had his day!!  God Bless you Bill, we need people like you that encourage us not to give up!!  

Comment by God's Grace on November 27, 2015 at 5:51pm

Bill Perry, keep up the fighting spirit, that is what it takes to win!!  There are ways to get out of this program, and there are people who have done so.  These are people, sure they are funded, but nevertheless they are cowards who sit behind technology all day long, deciding on how to harm you further, however they are people, they are not GOD.  If you believe at all, then pray, to start off with, the entire idea is to keep you feeling hopeless, it's part of the program, but remember that they brought down the high and mighty Hitler, so that didn't last forever, neither will this!!  There are too many victims, and too many atrocities to account for, if they'd been clever, they would have done this to far less people, but remember the 100th monkey theory.....!!   

Comment by Bill Perry on November 27, 2015 at 8:43pm

     It usually takes a while before you are willing to admit there is no hope in either seeking help from civilians or authorities.  This is the "make or break you" point of being a TI. 
     Once your choices come down to:  1. endless suffering,  2. committing suicide, or  3. leaving, most TIs who still have some working grey matter will choose the obvious - LEAVE. 
     Since most TIs eventually end up on a site like this, they know that trying to return to life as it was before by simply moving someplace else, does not work.  It not only takes more effort to escape the stalking, it take the desire to do anything, be anything, say anything, and live anywhere.  For you to say it can not be done means that for YOU, it can't be, and you will never be free from the stalking!
     In truth, I do not come to peacepink to either blog or read posts about the savagery being committed against the innocent.  Although I feel sympathy for the TIs who are without hope, I look for posts from TIs with focus and a desire and the strength to leave their abusive situation.  It is like the adage re crabs in a bucket.  I want to look forward and put my efforts and energy into getting out of the bucket.
     Yes, I may fail the first time, second time, third time...  BUT, there WILL be a fourth time, fifth time, and so forth until I do succeed in being free.  I am not a masochist and to accept that I must continue to live like this is intolerable.
     There is too much mistrust among TIs as being perps to ever expect a unity of purpose movement to succeed.  In order to help others be free, you yourself must be free.  We must help ourselves, because no one else will help us.
     As I said in the original blog post... I urge every TI to set aside an hour each and EVERY day when you force out thoughts and actions concerning your present condition, and begin to think and make plans for a future where you are free.


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