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The last 2 months has killed me. Im in pieces. Depression is chronic. I cant cope, crying non stop. Ive picked up an alcohol addiction to medicate the pain. I hate alcoholism but lm not coping with the mental emotional pain. Im thinking suicidal thoughts planning to jump. I cant find a way out of this state they have me in. I lost god months ago...prayer is so weak.

The mental part they are playing is prtending to care...."we care and we want to help you but we just cant". Its a cruel sick joke and the ppl around here....they enjoy watching this pain. I cant find a peaceful place in my mind or anywhere to go as my mum is big perp...they torture me if l leave here.

They have completely twisted me over 2 months....l dont know whether to get wasted every day or jump off a cliff. I dont understand any of this cruelty. 

Thanks needed to vent.

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Comment by CLS on July 18, 2017 at 9:46am
Hello Sue, dont do anything bad. Eat a lot of veggies, go to the country side to get away from radio frequencies. Go for walks. This torture program is created to depress you and drive you down.
Comment by Sue on July 18, 2017 at 3:40pm

Thanks CLS. Theyre ability to control my mood is astounding...its severe depression/despair that makes me feel theres no way out then they wld say yeh you should die and l wld almost listen to them. I feel like a robot. I saw this thing about how they mind controlled ppl to walk forward to be decapitated voluntarily. If this mc is so powerful no wonder there are killings and terrorism....its so easily programmed.

Comment by hassanmcv on July 18, 2017 at 11:47pm

So sorry to hear that, Susie.

« I ‘m in pieces » 
I don’t know what to say, you know already enough about this neurocybermc programs…You know that s the purpose of this trauma-based at distance mc program.

« I lost God months ago »
You lost God months ago but you know you can get back to Him at anytime and that you ll always found The Ever-Returning. No you didn’t lost God as you mention Him in this post. Jus get rid of the alcoholism thing should help to get this return easier and faster.

« prayer is so weak »
It ‘s not the prayer which is weak, it s the man or woman in general and in particular men and women like us, TIs guinea pigs.

« we care and we want to help but we just can’t … and the ppl around here…they enjoy watching the pain. I can’t find a peaceful place in my mind ».
There is a place in your mind, Susie, you know it well and it s your faith in God but you have to fight for it.
« Have the people supposed that they will be left alone to say, “We believe,” without being put to the test? » (« The Spider » Chapter 29 of the Qoran verse 2).

« or anywhere to go as my mum is big perp…they torture me if I leave here. » 
They will torture whatever you do, leave or stay, Susie. I hope you have some income for a cheap rent.

« Jump off a cliff » make you loose the Hereafter, fight for your faith and His Paradise. Your perps will get Hell for Eternity, always keep that in mind. This life is short, too short. Don’t give your perps this victory on your soul, making you talk to your death and put an end to this horrendous life as a TI guinea pig. That s the ultimate part of this neuro-technologies manchurian candidate mornarch type and trauma-based mind control program.

I will finish with the « we care and we want to help but we just can’t » 
There are many interpretations to this trigger-word (coz I guess it s an expression that they repeat to you sometimes) and I won’t go into all the significances of it. I would just finish to say they are sort of trapped in this program but differently than weare, their victims. And that for some of them,  even if they would love to get back to real goodness and ultimately get back to God to gain their Hereafter, they will not be abble to do so except for the very very rare of them but get assassinated for blowing the whistle but in fact they made of them martyrs and may God accept them as martyrs. So yes in some sort, they just can’t do good and more but you, Susie, as a victim you can.

God bless you and the TIs around the world, the genuine ones.

Comment by Sue on July 19, 2017 at 5:08am

Thanks Hassan and cat cat. Youre both right. God is our only defence. This plot is wide and l have a feeling what yr saying is right cat. There are only very few humans left. The entire world has been genetic engineered, hybrided etc. They dont have much choice in what they do for the mc they are under. A christian recently told me that when God saved was the same. The world was tech advanced and doing the evil thats done now, cloning, genetic engineering etc. They take the beautiful human race and destroy it with evil. Thats why God destroyed them all. Its scarey times.

Comment by Sue on July 23, 2017 at 6:59am

Shoot! Have you ever heard this one before? They are forcing me to "not live". They want me to sit still all day. If l even try to do housework theyre angry. No music, no tv, no walking, no talking. Live spelt backwards is evil. They say its for my good but when l lay down they put me to sleep and give me hell nightmares. Even no praying or reading bible. I have to comply or they are threatening making me quadraplegic. The thing is its so depressing lm smoking and drinking. They are fine with that but if l wash a cloth they get angry. This is disgusting. Im so depressed lifes not worth living. I have to throw away food coz they say its dirty. Ive dropped so much weight l look anorexic. Im so depressed lm 42 and forcefully bedridden. The only reason lm doing it is that they will immobilize me if l dont. Theyve taken it all....l dont know whats wrong with these ppl.

Comment by hassanmcv on July 23, 2017 at 5:29pm

It is what it is, the life of a TI is a non-life to me and during my first years of targeting, I used to call it « la non-vie », the non-life, in french.

Susie, you know that trauma based mind control has its roots back to the 40’s from MK-Ultra experiments and that the goal was to find out (and it still is until now), how one could make an individual do things, he would never do by his free will so to create a perfectly obedient slave, that s what they do to you, Susie.

They did that to me too, forced me to sleep all day sending to my mind controlled dreams. We often talk about sleep deprivation but forced sleep with controlled dreams and EDOM (electronic dissolution of memory) is an important part of the program for some victims too.

And you know that the goal of putting you into sleep and giving you hell nightmares (controlled dreams) is to sort of reprogram you like Ewen Cameron did around the 40’s to his unwitting patients.

« Step 1: To prepare them for the de-patterning treatment, patients would be put into a state of prolonged sleep for about ten days using various drugs, after which they experienced an invasive electroshock therapy that lasted for about 15 days. But patients were not always prepared for re-patterning and sometimes Cameron used extreme forms of sensory deprivation as well. 

 Cameron described the experience: “there is not only a loss of the space-time image but a loss of all feeling that should be present…in more advanced forms [the patient] may be unable to walk without support, to feed himself, and he may show double incontinence. 

Step 2: Following the preparation period and the de-patterning came the process of “psychic driving” or re-patterning, in which Cameron would play messages on tape recorders to his patients. He alternated negative messages about the patients’ lives and personalities with positive ones; these messages could be repeated up to half a million times. »

The difference between the mind control experiments of the 40’s and now is that the handlers dont need drugs anymore to put us into sleep. As well handlers of today mind control don’t need anymore tape recorders, they have the neurosciences and cybernetics (devices and various brain machine interfaces and more) to send us controlled dreams and re-patterning us.

Susie, what I can tell is that I understand that you have to let this program goes sometimes but don’t let yourself go into total obedience and complete degradation for fearing your handlers making you quadraplegic or whatever. You know that even if you obey on everything they tell you by voice to skull (accompanied with the various electromagnetic tortures and harassment), your handlers will not become nice to you or put an end to this horrendous crime against humanity.

They may give you a short rest sometimes but you knowthey want more. They want you to talk to your death. They want you to put an end yourself to this high-tech mind control program.

Isn’t it what you are doing on this blog you posted «Suicide program », talking to your death, Susie ? 

So please, Susie, fight for your survival in this life in the name of God. Make some efforts to maintain a minimum of health practises and a minimum of things that will help you spiritually to survive like praying, read your Bible and do things you still love to. And you ‘ll see that if you just try a little bit to do this, you will not become paraplegic as they threaten you to.  

And always keep that in mind the goal is to make an individual do things, he/she would never do by his free will so to create a perfectly obedient slave and ultimately a sort of manchuriate candidate who will talk to his/her death and eventually put an end to the torment to this non-life.

Don’t let the fools fool you.

God bless you and all the genuine TIs.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on July 23, 2017 at 7:05pm

Sue, I am so sorry that they are being so awful to you. 

You say "no praying or reading bible". But they let you go online - so you can receive email? Have you signed up for any daily Bible messages? Sometimes it`s easier to get a Bible verse and some encouraging words, than reading the Bible by yourself.

Here is a message from the website of Pastor Joseph Prince, maybe you would enjoy his website:

I pray every day for an end to this targeting and for God to restore our lives to normal.

Praying that these people will take their hands off you. Blessings.

Comment by Sue on July 26, 2017 at 4:26am

Hassan that all makes so much sense. Its awful what ppl have been put thru by these experiements. Its so utterly cruel. In saying that cruel experiemnts are conducted on animals every day. Im trying to cut out everything that is animal product or experiemented on animals but finding it do hard to stop smoking. 

Thanks sandy....yeh they dont like me touching electronics at all. I get on and off really quickly....cant use it for more than that. 

Comment by hassanmcv on July 26, 2017 at 6:26am

I hope you got some rest lately or at least a diminution of the intensity of the remote electromagetic tortures and harassment from your  perps, Sue.


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