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   After being a TI for what seems like an eternity, I've arrived at the conclusion that for the short term, GS is something I must accept in my life, and learn to live with.  All emotional responses to GS are detrimental to me.  They distract my attention from salvaging what "life" and "living" I am able to eke out.  Making the decision to not let my tormentors win means I DO NOT participate or interact or react, no matter what they do.  They will suck me dry if I let them, so I won't give them anything to feed on - no attention, no responses.

   In the final assessment, who has won and who has lost?

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Comment by Bill Perry on June 1, 2014 at 11:01am

   More thoughts....

   It is rational thinking in an irrational situation which will help keep you afloat.  

   Were you to lose a leg/arm/eye, you would learn to accept it because you can't go back, and it is a done deal.  There certainly would be pain, disfigurement and discomfort, perhaps for the remainder of your life.  But, if you came to accept the loss/handicap, you could get on with your life and flourish in spite of your loss and discomfort.

   If I can find the inner strength to rise above the hatred directed at me each and every day by GS'ers, then for as long as I am breathing, I can survive this temporary period of my life and still find joy.  I will not come to hate - I will leave that negative emotion for GS'ers.  Is this task any more difficult than dealing with the physical loss of a limb or one of my senses?


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Alels replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Ramiz, to stick to you in the past, dreams and everywhere, but not in present its one of they method. You should be somewhere else, but not here and now, that's just what they want, because later you crazy, later dangerous and later they will…"
48 minutes ago
ramiz berisha replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"VM... Thank you very much for for that... That was really good..I appreciate you and the whole TI community I love you guys... I remembered not to long I was going through hell and SUE really helped me a loot and I never forget that I said…"
4 hours ago
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London Wednesday Rally at Parliament House

May 24, 2019 at 3pm to December 31, 2019 at 7pm
Mr. Paolo Fiora and some others organize a regular Wednesday Rally in London near Parliament House.One of it will be on Wednesday June 5th.Raise awareness of the situation of secret mind control abuse and torture.More details see Mr. Paolo Fiora:07709926942 paolo_bf@hotmail.comSee More
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VM replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Ramiz, I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. Yes, they seem to want to hold us back in different ways. Does thinking of your past upset you? Another thing they may be trying to do is just mess with your head. Like they may try to make…"
5 hours ago
ramiz berisha replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"You are so right VM...They are the one who can send different feelings every moment of the day....I was always positive high energy  High Frequency, and never swear for 40 years ....The more I try to raise my frequency the more these…"
6 hours ago
VM replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Sue, I'm so sorry. I actually think your depression could be them. I think they might "alter the program" if you try certain things to combat what they give you. Like if they make you sick, and you go to the doctor to get medication,…"
7 hours ago
Sue replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Yeh it is VM esp when they make you suicidal. I have depression a lot and always have. I cant distinguish if thats me or them. Stephen O'Neil is on this site. He has commented in this thread a few times."
7 hours ago
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