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   After being a TI for what seems like an eternity, I've arrived at the conclusion that for the short term, GS is something I must accept in my life, and learn to live with.  All emotional responses to GS are detrimental to me.  They distract my attention from salvaging what "life" and "living" I am able to eke out.  Making the decision to not let my tormentors win means I DO NOT participate or interact or react, no matter what they do.  They will suck me dry if I let them, so I won't give them anything to feed on - no attention, no responses.

   In the final assessment, who has won and who has lost?

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Comment by Bill Perry on June 1, 2014 at 11:01am

   More thoughts....

   It is rational thinking in an irrational situation which will help keep you afloat.  

   Were you to lose a leg/arm/eye, you would learn to accept it because you can't go back, and it is a done deal.  There certainly would be pain, disfigurement and discomfort, perhaps for the remainder of your life.  But, if you came to accept the loss/handicap, you could get on with your life and flourish in spite of your loss and discomfort.

   If I can find the inner strength to rise above the hatred directed at me each and every day by GS'ers, then for as long as I am breathing, I can survive this temporary period of my life and still find joy.  I will not come to hate - I will leave that negative emotion for GS'ers.  Is this task any more difficult than dealing with the physical loss of a limb or one of my senses?


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