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System X - A list of Articles On Human Interfacing With Microwaves

The following list of articles summarise what is known of System X.  System X is a generic title for microwave-based interfacing with humans from satellites and is not specific to any one nation.  System X is an interface to the human brain/body and the source of claims behind v2k, RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring), Synethetic telepathy.  Claims of torture, harassment, etc., are from the effects of this system and its efforts to remotely control humans.

These articles cover what is known of US and Russian efforts in this area, however, it is suspected that there may be additional systems in orbit from other nations.

This first article details the attacks on CIA and diplomatic staff in both Cuba and China.  Based on the evidence, it has been identified as System X:

This article is a basic introduction to System X and how I came to investigate it.  It introduces 'We' and 'Nobody', the neural and body interface respectively:

This article explores the evidence of the development of System X within the US and 5-eyes nations.  It also provides a detailed overview of the multi-role function of the transceiver:

This article covers the variations of human drone System X is seeking to develop:

This article covers the capabilities of 'We', the neural interface:

This article explains what a Targeted Individual is, in the context of System X:

This article analyses the ideology behind System X:

This article explores various use cases for the body interface known as 'Nobody':

This article details and explores the claims of sexual assaults in relation to System X:

This article discusses Project Blue Beam and the role System X plays, as well as feasibility:

This article details the role of the British and Irish governments and its presence in the British Isles:

This article discusses the Russian version of System X and the current evidence for it:

This article discusses the transceiver and the technology behind it:

This article begins the investigation into MKUltra and its application to the development of System X:

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