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T.I punish for pass behaviour? utter nonsense

I keep reading that T.I are punished for pass or wrong they did years ago? what utter RUBBISH!!  What bad thing can a single person have done t warrant years of abuse?  Murder, rape, peadophilia and so on but the people they pick on are law abiding citizens that do not commit those crimes, hence the reason they hire perps round the clock to try and set them up

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Comment by Indie Target on December 18, 2015 at 6:16am

People who say so are gang stalkers who themselves are the worst criminals on the face of the earth. TI's are scapegoats and gang stalking is a modern day witch hunt.

Comment by God's Grace on December 18, 2015 at 5:18pm

I know I'm a law abiding citizen, so you're right Kimberley, it has nothing to do with what you did in the past.

Thanks Indie Target, very accurate take, and well put, never quite thought of it like that.

Comment by brian baker on December 19, 2015 at 12:43am
It seems to me ordinary citizens is..perps are controlled similarly and told who to mess with.What I gather from all the "talk" is There is one being in charge that is the power, can go into anyone's mind add pain or pleasure,it recruits you by threatening to make you a target or lets you stalk if you agree to go and mind control another.They want us to feel guilty and from what I hear can actually play Your memories to people,strangers and society at large..they give you dreams of young girls , the control your libido to try to get you to look as than they got you.
Than lie to others that your dangerous..
Or god forbid you have any std or disease,they'll make you look dangerous..and the public will be brainwashed by not trusting you..there so paranoid of anything sexual which comes from their own sexual perversions by trying to make you look bad because there miserable or not as good people asTI' jealousy and power and denial and drugs are all part of their motivation.Their not the powers that be nott professional..I believe they use government technology but are not The the technology has a mind of its own literally and was created by the government but does its own thing and also is a human mind but cannot be in life to experience so is set toward being upset its in this state and takes it out on TI's than tries to get you to go along with it by joining the stalker's why its beyond our comprehension as to why it happens..were law doesn't care, it does it to be in control to tell others what to do for fun.literally we get tortured for their fun and the technology mind assures them no mind control as long as they harass others..
Stalkers are constantly making this come true every day and it explains why it doesn't stop and why its all so insane as well stalkers brag in mind and say I just said that to get high..we get pain they get pleasure..
Just my own thoughts on why and how from what I've encountered.
Comment by kimberly Hines on December 25, 2015 at 6:59am

Damn they are really criminal minds at work here.  Why do government chose criminals to work with and not us?  it boggles the mind.  Could it be that the person in charge is also a criminal? 

Something that crosses my own thoughts sometimes:  that they might be using targets as soldiers to get people with criminal intent to show their faces, then they the perps are the ones being watched instead of the targets, but the perps think that the targets are the ones being watched.  Reason being if the government want us so bad why hadn't they knock on our doors put us in handcuff and escort us off to jail, instead it's pure criminals going to the jail house instead.


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