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"Tactics for Thinking" by Robert J. Marzano - NSA Mind Control Thought Framework

"Tactics for Thinking" by Robert J. Marzano - NSA Mind Control Thought Framework

The framework for mind control thinking comes from this research done in Alexandria,Va. in the early 80's. The new world order and the new age movement sent this guy out to public schools with this training program.

Look Familiar !

1) Attention Control Process - Energy Control , Bracketing , ...  

2) Deep Processing - Mental Pictures , Physical Sensations, Emotions, Thought voice...

3) Memory Framework .... see file .  (perp nsa satanists may have blocked file)

This information which was to help children but is now the torture framework used on us all. This just shows the satanic evil of the nwo. The backlash was immediate when this program hit the schools in 1987 and finally required an article written by Marzano in Dec.93'

When Two Worldveiws Collide 

The failure to find any footage of this video tape seminar on the internet and now blocking the eric file is a sign that this is the artificial cognitive model being programmed into these supercomputers. The American delusion and the whole "Matrix" is based on this programming. I have a copy of this VHS seminar and found several interesting quotes from Mr. Marzano. One quote came during the Evaluation of Evidence Process discussion on accepting new information and unusual claims,

"For example, their minister or religious leader is a person from whom they expect to hear new information and unusual claims. From that person then the individual would accept new information and accept unusual claims even if it jumped out at him or her. So what I would like you to do is something we suggest you do with students and that is before just jumping into this. Present the process to students...".

This confirms what I already knew and that is they have mind controlled most of our ministers and religious leaders. Have you ever wondered why they never call the U.S. the "new Rome" or "Babylon"? Or why we have so many megachurches to control just one speaker. The rupert murdock owned Zondervan books and Rockefeller tampering has planted a real new age deception within our churches. When you add the NSA mind controlling of the saints, preachers and prophets then you have the Final Judgment. This is the biggest reason for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ, that the very elect won't be deceived.

Two very important books to read are Educational Psychology by Cronbach and Language Arts Behavioral Objectives by Flannigan, Shanner and Mager. These books are older but are the basis of their thinking. The study of this information will help you understand their tactics and how to build your own countermeasures. The Christians back in the 80's knew and warned of the danger of this new age evil and no one listened. Salem Gilban's book Satan's Mark Exposed told of the supercomputer takeover in the late seventies but no one expected to have lasers stuck directly in their brains. He did mention a interesting fact that if we are all hooked to these supercomputers and lasers or radio waves, then the end is near. All I can quote is "their sins have stacked to Heaven" and "Babylon the great is fallen".

"...The Lord is coming soon. Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need,always asking Him with a thankful heart." Phil. 4:5-6 (TEV)


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Comment by Big Orange on July 13, 2012 at 8:33pm

The imposed apostasy of religious leaders is shameful. This video is an example of world ending mind control  .  Poor Mr. Roberson has no idea what they are doing to him and the new agers are going to pay soon. This deception will end.

Comment by Sally on November 27, 2013 at 7:38pm

Yes satanists blocked file, must be a good one.

Quote ..."How to tell when a satanist is lying?.....When they are speaking"


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