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I am non-consensually wirelessly connected to a network of computers for the purposes of illegal and immoral experimentation on my brain and body which has been ongoing for more than sixteen years. The connection from the network of computers to my brain and body is a two way link which allows these unknown criminal neuro scientists as well as neuro operatives to force me to listen to their voice commands against my will and without my permission. It also allows them to non-consensually move some of the muscles of my body and to externally control my vocal cords and my facial muscles against my will and without my permission. Just now at approximately 19.25 hours on 21st June, 2019 I began to rub the back of my neck and immediately the voice of one of the unknown neuro scientists who experiment on me was heard by me to complain to his colleagues that I had just destroyed about two years of his work. He then asked for legal advice from one of his advisors. His advisor was heard by me to inform him that he was considered a criminal and he had no right to be there.
If you are a targeted individual of non-consensual wirelessly enabled experimentation which has come to be known by those in the know as remote wireless torture, try rubbing the back of your neck often because said back of your neck is a key area that illegal research scientists often focus on during their wirelessly enabled research which is being conducted from a remote location while leaving no visible trace for the police to investigate.

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"Ich habe ebenfalls ein Implantat im Bereich der Linken Schulter an einer Rippe festgemacht mit Kabel direkt in meinen Kopf. Sie können damit jedmögliches Gefühl auslösen jedmögliche Denkweise steuern und beeinflussen und…"
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