Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


The Vatican which is also known as the catholic church has the enormous responsibility of maintaining the inculcation levels of up to two billion followers. The Vatican hierarchy are and have always been experts in psychology. They use trauma based mind control to initially inculcate each child into their belief system.
In order to trauma base mind control a child you first need to put the child into a state of extreme fear or extreme shock. Then you give them a message and because they are in a state of fear or shock they will not be able to rationally analyse the content of the message so the message will go straight into their sub conscious minds as if it is true, without any analysis whatsoever.
Young children are informed that they will burn in the fires of hell for all eternity if they fail to be unquestioningly obedient to the teachings of the catholic church. The young children are in such a state of extreme fear and shock because of this message that they unquestioningly believe that message about burning in a fire for all eternity if they fail to obey. That is how the catholic church inculcate their followers. They then use repetition in order to keep them obedient to the end of their days. Repetition is one of the corner stones of mind control.
The catholic church manipulates their followers away from being ever able to think logically or critically. If their followers were able to think logically the catholic church would not have any followers.
For the past few decades the Vatican has found a new way of keeping its followers inculcated. Technology is being employed in order to technologically enhance the thought patterns of the followers of catholicism.
Conductive metal particulates and other nano materials are being sprayed on us from the sky. They permeate the air around us and we also inhale and ingest them. This allows others to transmit and receive signals to and from our brains and bodies. Transcranial analysis is one of the tools being used against us from afar, totally without our consent. Transcranial brain stimulation is being used to technologically enhance thought patterns inside our minds. Unknown others are now stimulating our neural pathways in order to co-ordinate the thinking patterns of whole communities at the same time. They are also using advanced technology to block thought pathways to thoughts which challenges their as yet hidden agenda.
I have noticed that many citizens of the United States are constantly repeating the name 'Jesus Christ' in almost every conversation when they are speaking in online forums. Many of them assure us that they are followers of Jesus Christ in almost every video. They were never fanatical to this degree before in the whole history of the United States. Their minds are being manipulated to an extreme degree. There is no proof that the so called 'Jesus Christ' ever existed. There is no basis in reality for catholicism or for any other organised religion. It is enough that we follow moral law
In order to bring this era of hidden mind and body control to an end we must have all chemtrail spraying of the skies brought to an abrupt end and we must ensure that all of the infrastructure which supports this hidden mind and body control is disassembled now.

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