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Has anyone else experienced this?? I am constantly being watched and harassed via tv/radio. At first I thought it was only "live" television (which made perfect sense) but now Ive realised its happening via what should be pre-recorded television shows, like they are actually acting them out in realtime. I can change channels and it will still be happening on the next channel. This one is completely baffling to me. How do they do this??

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Comment by Aaron Stanley on March 6, 2012 at 8:34am

Hi Suzy, I get this too. I thought I was the only one. I guess I was wrong. I don't know how they do this. But, through the television I can hear them say things about me and to me. They usually mock me. I even get commercials that pertain to me. I hate these people, they are so sick.

Comment by suzy on March 6, 2012 at 2:12pm

Thanks Aaron I thought I was the only one!! First i stopped watching "live" TV then I realised its all live tv when it comes to my harassment. Thankyou Im not just going bonkers!!

Comment by Annie on March 7, 2012 at 9:27am

They do this via projecting  words that are only said in our heads, via V2S.(and those words are most likely created by AI´s (artificial intelligence) responses to our own thoughts. Its the same with meeting people on the street broadcasting your thoughts. In other words, the persons on the streets or at TV, Radio etc, doesnt say those things you are convinced your´re hearing, its them (the ones doing this to us, or the "programme" runned agains our brains, BMI (brain-machine-interface) inducing them, so it is percepted by the victim as to be said by a person on the street or at TV-programmes etc. And since this is artifical intelligence, able to registrate what we think, hear, see etc. They can do these things in real time with perfect timing and make it very authentic. But as Scott mentioned, the lips doesnt sync. Hard for me to explain it in a good way in english, hope you understand what I mean./Annie

Comment by suzy on March 7, 2012 at 12:01pm

Here's my theory - everyone is working at a brain-washed level except mostly us. I have had the tv/radio/gangstalking/media hit at me - all sorts of people from all life targetting me mentally - repeating things i say, feel, think - not audible hallucinations or mind trickery - its real people/reporters saying real things towards the target, trying to twist your mind. They are acting like monsters but I believe they are mind-controlled via technolgy, black magic, all evil, you name it!! The higher source doing this wants to sepaerate and control humanity.

I know for sure that my own family do it to me so its not mind trickery on me but perhaps on them.  This is a case of humans doing the inhumane!! Which person are they for real, the goood or the bad?

Comment by suzy on March 7, 2012 at 2:31pm

....about the tv harassment, its so hi-tech, i was watching a doumentary of a guy hosting a show of different countries. The footage flipped to him in different locations and he was "live " talking to me at the same time broadcasting my thoughts from different clips in different locations. This is paranormal ability

Comment by suzy on March 7, 2012 at 2:34pm

The worst thing they say is "they" ARE God, and there is no higher source, im in this for eternity etc. Sometimes i beleive them coz things are so bad, and they've made me believe Ive lived before and they have the power to do this 4 eva, after a while it gets to you

Comment by Annie on March 8, 2012 at 2:32am

Hi Scott, I am not saying you dont hear people say things that are real at sometimes, it happened to me aswell, and they spoke of thinks that I just thought about etc. As Suzy mentioned, they (the ones behind this, and remember, this is a sort of programme runned agains our brains, and it responds to our own thoughts, kind of like a boomerang..) seem to also be able to manipulate people around us. And since they can do that, one has to think about the possibility this is possible without any devices in body....or, if any, we, the victims that are aware of it, do have some device in body. If you read about Deepthoughts theories here: you can see that there might be technoligies that makes it possible. Personally, I am not sure on either. Also governmentalien...mentioned the TV thing, and he´s right, they dont do this, but its like I said in my first comment about perception and manipulation and deep brain stimulation.  When thinking about it, and what they are capable of doing with our minds, bodies, inducing dreams, voices, pictures etc, this by far wouldnt be the most "unbelieveable" one they would be capable of.Take care/Annie

Comment by Annie on March 8, 2012 at 7:17am

Scott, I am not sure I understand what you mean by" have you ever thought of say a word and have it appear in front of someone (as a cloaked image) as your response to there dumb comment and or have one of the voices respond thats audible?" (cloaked image?) I have had thoughts that have been responded on "audible" almost before I have even been aware of my own thought...(hope you understand how I mean?) They responded almost before I even realized what I just thought...complicated to explain in english for me.. That in a way, clears the possibility that they have acess to our minds totally and it could also tell the thoughts are fabricated by them  (the programme) from the beginning.


I agree,  I also believe its some sort of neuro experiment, plus psycological. and high classified and under a cover named project. I think the scientists works closely with the defence goverment. (and in Sweden for example, the defense goverment doesnt need the same conscent from people when doing research, as when done by medicine researchers. I also have thought of the ethical questions a lot, there are thousands of neurologs and neuro scientists all over the world that arent aware of this and that have dedicated their lifes in finding treatment and cures for people that are ill, (which is good when conscented) and they basically did it for nothing, because the technology already existed and have for quite some time, and is only shared to a few....Also I think about the huge amount of people that are disable etc. and really would have been helped by this technology, and yet, they weren´t offered it, because its secret. This is unethical in every aspect, both for suffering victims, but also for people that possibly could have had a better life with help of this tech.


Since this is so hard and almost impossible for a victim to prove. This unethical side, that they dont offer this to the needing ones, could be one thing that a laywer could have a case on later on. Beacuse the day it will be public, there still would be difficulties in proving for a TI, but the people that didnt get the help, when it was already there,...This could also be, in a  point of view for victims to reach out to the mass, a great way to get peoples awareness and make them involved in exposing it. "There is cure out there-but the government doesnt offer it to you".../Annie

Comment by bernd on March 12, 2012 at 6:58am

I have experienced this alot and this is something that is truley one of the most bizzare illusions that the eh witches do, I have no clue as to how this is done and I find it deeply disturbing and this has followed me everywhere to, if I go to someones place the tv "talks" to me there and makes me feel very uncomfortable I find it best to stay home instead of risking another attack in view of others. I got locked up in prison for six months for drink driving and the prison shrink asked me "does the tv sound like it's talking to you?" and I said yep and they prescribed me schizophrenic medication, I realised that this EH is alot more common then I first thought for them to ask in such a way and I could tell that most of the inmates in there have been subjected to this type of eh in some way or another for some time and for most of them it has stopped for them that was 10 years ago that I was in there and I'm still being EH, very good chance they are quickly turned into perps.

Comment by suzy on March 12, 2012 at 1:07pm

Hi Benrd, I know the protocol of questions they ask a "mental patient" is the same as the experiencs we receive as REAL targets of this - do you feel like the tv is talking to you? Do you feel like you are being followed? Do you feel like you're being punished? I think you're right and MANY mental patients, diagnosed schizophrenics are made to look mental, some poor victims even believe they are sick.

The people on the telly broadcast my thought every time i watch it, i cant explain it either. Last night i was watching an episode of the american batchelor - and it was being done to me, its REAL. Firstly it would have been the middle of the night in the U.S so it couldnt be "live" footage, secondly the scenes they were showing were meant to have happened ages before they were airing it to me yesterday (if that makes sense) Its like they can instantly materialise anywhere, giving you any time, or go back in time, somehow perform television "live" all the time.


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