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I Kelly Caslar

born L.A. C.A

I have been confronting electronic Stalking / Harassment / illegal Electronic Surveillance Modernization / Solar- System / Stalking / Harassment for about five & half years that I’m aware of, these people that are involved are on both sides of the law enforcement. These stalkers primary goal is to control over the victims life by instilling terror. Advances in technology here made easier for the stalkers to harass their victim’s from a distance, with relative anonymity.

I remember very clearly when my brother Rubin Caslar told me what was going to happen to me in the future that the police and mafia wore going to try to rap and kidnap me but something happens where I end up doing good. My mother over heard him telling me this and a few other things so she took him to the Norwalk mental hospital and he stayed there for a year and he never been the same since then. They to his mind where he couldn’t think the same speak clearly ever again.

When I moved into 1034 Milton Ave #B, Whittier, C.A. After I lived there for 6mo’s in Dec, 2001I started hearing V2k’s and the started using me as human expatriation with their weapons’. They told me that the government, F.B.I.,C.I.A, police/sheriff, mafia, military, many different other cults, shot caller’s, American Liberty bail bonds, and even some homeless. Plus, a guy name Comrade and the people he associates with.

That they wore going to use me up any way the can and after I am dead that they can use my body parts then they even told me what was my blood I ha AB-. I forgot what type I had and asked the doctor and they wore right.

The police told me to move out of Whittier that they didn’t want me there. Plus, the told me “the only way they will help me is to keep me down and they love to kill me,” I never had anyone tell me things that these inhuman people had said to me. So’ they started taking me to mental hospitals’ so no one would believe me nor would lesion to me at all. It’s a same a woman alone can’t even be alone in her very own home anymore. No matter where I go mouton to the sea they still follow and it seems like more and more do the same.

They have a weapon that cane hit you and make you black out violently then when the beam is turned a-way from you go back to normal. You wont remember  striking out at anyone at all because they have done it to me and it made me struck out toward my mother and she said I bit her and pulled her hair but I never would hurt her. But only with my words that come out of my mouth. I do have a very sharp toung and always will. They made me sound/look like this crazy insane person that’s very violent that don’t care about anyone nor anything that yelled and scream a lot for nothing for to not any one help me nor be kind to me or they will and have put him/her in the mental hospital or prison or they just separate you from all your love one’s by making think you someone your not. Ho, Matter in fact, I can draw one of the men’s face or pick a few out in our dear law enforcement but I have a difficult time remembering names and they know it. They wanted to cut off my hand because I can use both of them if I chose to.

After I was forced out of my home in Dec, 2002. I was homeless for the first time in my life. I didn’t know anyone not even in my home town. I do have ADHD/LD one of the reasons they transferred me ever year since I was a little girl. Plus, I ran a-way a lot. So, that’s another reason why I was an easy target. A lot of people don’t like Jewish people too that’s another reason too. Plus, I’m an addict that chooses to be clean and sober also and all a lone they made sure that I stayed that way. The police wore throwing  violent cases on me or other police officers called it putting cases on me and the rail roadbed me through out very own courts like it was nothing. They wanted me to go to prison as a target. Whets so bad about it I don’t even know how to protect myself at all just with my mouth or pin and paper is the only way.

I have been fighting for my life and to keep my own mind and freedom because I’m worth fighting for. I’m a Messianic Jewish woman that’s part Russian / Irish and they even tried to burn my body that God I woke-up on time. I’m also the only Kelly Caslar that’s been born with my name.

 Kelly Caslar
PO Box 1034
Azusa, C.A 91702

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Comment by Jim on April 26, 2012 at 6:46am

Hang in there and keep fighting.


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