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The absolutely Fantastic and Strange but true identity of the perps for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see

I totally agree with Sue's blog post titled "how i believe gangstalking is carried out" its about what  the stalking as well as the possibility that the perps are not any known human government or organizations.'  What I am about to tell you now is a culmination of almost 25 years of research. I believe that anybody with a reasonable amount of intelligence will come to the same conclusion if they examine all the things and consider all the information I have. I can't possibly present all the materials I examined for the past 25 years here but I will share some of the conclusions I have come to. I also like to let you know that this is just the tip of the ice burg and it is even more fantastic and crazy. If you have a critical mind you will see the possibility. Please conduct some research before tossing this info aside. If you do, you will truly find your calling. ....When I first became targeted; for a long time I really thought there were hired stalkers stalking me. But I finally figured out that like Sue said; the perps are using other unaware people to say certain things (they are given their own feasible reasons in thought form) and/or look towards you the same time it inputs a very strong feeling and thought into the Targeted person to make them believe that those people are stalking them. It is a very strong delusion inputted by a mind control machine that could be thousands of years more advanced than anything our own governments currently possess. Google James Tilly Matthews. He is the first person to have been documented as claiming to be the target of some kind of an electronic machine. He made such a claim more than 200 years ago! He is the reason why the current field of psychology came to regard people who claim to be victims of mind control machines as lunatics. Besides, claiming to be a victim of the mind control machine; it is recorded that he was very sane in all other aspects of life.....was he crazy or was he sane? I believe that he will one day be vindicated and be celebrated as the father of truth. Perhaps we will even get to raise a statue in his honor when all of the TIs of the world become vindicated and the world finds out that we are actually pioneers who discovered a very ancient and horrible crime against humanity. Like Sue said; all humanity are victims of mind control. It’s just that the level of influence is different. Why are we so much more severely harassed? Because like Sue said; they want us to blame our own governments, neighbors and each other to divide us to create conflict among us. We are meant to become an anti government and anti social group of people. They want us to be at the forefront of destabilizing our governments and eventually the whole human society. The perps have been around for thousands of years....I don't think they are aliens though. According to my many years of research; they are part of humanity that has gone into hiding in the crevices of the earth, under the sea, and around other planets of the solar system. You see, humanity has reached high tech many times over. But eventually through natural disasters or man caused nuclear holocausts we revert back to the dark ages and outlaw technology and label it black magic because we destroyed ourselves with technology. The perps are the ones who escaped the destruction by literally going underground. That is where all the UFOs are coming from ...just look at the overwhelming amount of ufo sightings...if they are really extraterrestrial aliens; would there be so many sightings? Does what I say sounds too fantastic to be true? Just remember that our claims are not being believed for the same reason by the world. We should not make the same mistake; just because something doesn’t sound like what everyone else is aware of; it does not necessarily mean that it is not worth paying attention to. The truth is stranger than fiction. Just look at our ancient customs of amulets, the evil eye, buildings of stupas with eyes all around, totem poles to protect the person and towns from evil spirits. If you think of these customs and traditions as the remnants of trying to block the mind control waves witch through passage of time the effectiveness was lost and only the acting out remains. Just look at the custom of covering the heads. For instance, look at the Jewish skull cap. Does it have any practical function? Does it protect the wearer from the burning sun? Or does it protect the wearer from the environments....maybe it really was a functioning aluminum tin foil hat type of thing. Why would the ancient Greeks and Romans wear such a cumbersome helmets that have long bristles (did you know that wire bristles are used to scramble radar signals) to a life or death battle if it at one time did not have a practical function? look at the kings crowns. especially the old Silla dynasty Korean crowns from over a thousand years had a inner hat that was made of gold weaved into something that closely resembles microwave oven mesh......why is the devil and demons that is supposedly deep underground in hell represented in ancient paintings as having wings and fly through the air? Isn’t that a perfect way to describe a evil thought machines messages being broadcast through the air? Why was burning incense an abomination to god? Incense is a stick that is lit and the smoke rises to the air....maybe it is a way of describing that you should not transmit something through an antennae.....The bible also talks about evil doers who are hiding in the crevices of the earth doing evil in secrecy. Also, in the bible when it address the people it says many times; for those who have ears to hear on the earth, under the earth, in the sea hear me...etc to me this is because there are other human civilizations under the ground and the sea(sea could me two things. The big sea is the space) all of the ancient customs and legends, even the customs starts to make a whole lot more sense when you put the electronic mind control machine into the picture....just look at Jehowa it talked from a burning bush that does not consume the bush....the big bright search light could look like a burning bush....the glowing element in the middle that produces the light....some high tech asshole hidden civilization has been playing with humanity of the surface for thousands of years....They followed Jehowa and look where it got them? Thousands of years of persecution an they still did not get to the land of flowing honey or whatever….Did you know that another name for the V2K is known as voice of god technology? when if all the ancient people and even some people to this day is actually fooled by a high tech yielding hidden civilization? read about how the Mormon church sounds like someone was using a projector to replay the same image and also play the same recording over and over again (for three nights the vision and the voice was seen; there was not even a slightest deviation from previous visions etc.....Their goal is to infiltrate religions, ideologies, nationalism into the world to make us destroy ourselves through wars etc....I suspect that they even remotely used their high tech to modify our gnome to create physical difference of races to use it to cause conflicts. All disease in the world are also infiltrated by these assholes...Read About the black just before the disease broke out some figures were seen spraying some type of gass or mists in the grain fields near the towns. This is where we got the image of the death with the sickle.....The forbidden fruit that the bible talks about is the electroninc mind control can do anything but do not eat the tree of knowledge. you see the technology is symbolically a fruit of knowledge......Only God supposed to naturally inhabit our minds but mankind developed something that can challenge god. Hence “it will open your eyes and make you like god”. Those who are using this tech to mess with humanity are religiously the devil....remember tower of babel? when mankind became united and attained technology to build the tower to reach the heavens (symbolic way of saying that mankind was starting to explore space) something called the lord (every time something bad happens notice that it’s referred to as lord and not god it is referred to as God for the most part only in genesis. So when you read the bible; there is a reason why there is God, and Lord, etc…they are not the same entity as taught by the so-called religious scholar) the Babel story basically says "hey if we leave them alone there is nothing they will not be able to do (in mankind view this is a good thing). let us go down and f them up(confuse them and disperse them: cause division).this is no God....its the assholes who think they own everything that’s why they are referred as “lord” which basically means one who is more powerful that lords over others. The only reason they don't want to invade us and take over our surface land is because as far as they are concerned; the surface world where we live is a radioactive wasteland where peoples hair starts to fall out very early and people barely live to be 75. Their natural life span is just like what it was for the patriarch in the bible. Close to a thousand years. Because of remnants of ancient nuclear wars, there is still radiation on the surface. What our scientist consider a natural amount of radiation is actually not natural. they think it is natural because when they finally researched (notice the word re (to do again) search; because everything was already found in the past) and developed geiger counters to measure radiation; they found a certain amount of radiation everywhere and because they do not know nor believe there were ancient nuclear wars, thought it was some research you will know that everything I say is very feasible.....Don't fall for the tricks of the perps and don't dance to its tune...don't blame our governments, don’t suspect your neighbors. That’s what you want to do. Don’t be their puppet...I am pretty sure at the deepest and highest level of our government even above the president; they know this. That is why they insist that ufos are not real. We have to understand and allow our government to for the time being withhold the truth.  They have to because they know that they can't provide protection to its citizens. If all the people finds out that there are malevolent civilizations that can destroy us at anytime and our governments just do not possess the capability to defend them, their will really be a chaotic situation. I am pretty sure that at least the US knows that it is the hidden civilization that is infiltrating the minds of people through religion, nationalism, racism etc to cause conflicts in the world. All the people in the world who are currently fighting for their delusional causes are actually not dying in vain. No matter which side they are fighting for; they really are helping humanity to earn time to prepare itself against the hidden evil civilization. Because the conflicts are making the evil civilization that their scheme is effective. Guess what? If all the conflicts stop in the world and we achieve world peace; it is written in many prophecies of the world to include the bible that when the world thinks peace has finally come; there will be fire from the sky. 

When we achieve world peace despite the psychotronic influence of the evil ones; The  assholes will know that their scheme is not working and they will personally attack us.......I sure hope that there are governments of the world who are preparing for the final battle. If you are someone who is working to prepare us for the final battle and need a recruit; please take me in. I will let you know all the knowledge I have acquired. I could possibly give you information about ancient sleeping hibernation who could be lying in wait for thousands of years to help us fight these assholes. What I present here is just a tip of the ice burg…I think I have a lot more information to people thank all the sacrifices of our soldiers, the muslim fanatics, N Korean dictator, Iran, Seria, the Arabs and the Israelite conflict etc….those conflicts are keeping us from being run over….If all the TIs of the world believe what I say and don’t dance to their tune of suspecting their own neighbors, governments, and each other. That will be quite dangerous also but I am confident that will not happen because their magic, I mean tech is very strong. Only those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will hear my message. For those of you who can overcome; You will have a new name that no one but you will know. Your name will be truth; freedom fighter; Good! We shall overcome one day. Good speed! 

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Comment by Sally on January 15, 2014 at 3:50am

Hi Michael, I do believe that if there are other entities involved they are doing this in conjunction with our governments. But I do agree that in this is an agenda to divide and conquer the worlds people. And yes i agree people can be mind controlled to say or do anything. We are up against technology that is light years ahead of us true.

Comment by Sally on January 15, 2014 at 4:48am

Oh Michael I read up on James Tilly Matthews, I hadnt heard of him before. That is indeed interesting, I had suspected that they have been using these technologies and strategies on people for longer than we know and I do believe that gangstalkers are more often then not operating under the influence of mind control. We are all influenced by it to different degrees.

Comment by Warren on January 15, 2014 at 7:37pm

Clearly some mental technology abuse will be due to human devices. The patents are real. I think most of the abuse may be due to spiritual/alien technology though.


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