Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Do you get alot of personal harassment from the perps, do they oppose all your opinions, ideas, thoughts and put you down constantly? I dont have the cleanest past. Ive been a substance abuser for many years (in hindsight i think they had alot to do with giving me addiction problems) Apart from that I was in a relationship and cheated on the person and wasnt the best girlfriend i guess. They say my sins are worse than a child-abuser???? What the???

They say im a cheating, lying slut etc etc, paint me to be one of the WORST people on the face of the earth. Im like surely im not that bad am i? I know its all crap i should ignore but when its fed to you daily you start to believe their lies. They have a really low opinion of me and constantly tell me so......etc etc etc......tune out, tune out, tune out

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Comment by David ofTomorrow on April 18, 2012 at 5:28am

Keep ignoring the voices if you can! Faith in God can help you to have a better view of yourself. Even if that faith is very small you can use it to fight the perps. There's a scripture that says even if our sins are as red as scarlet, God will make them as white as snow.

One thing I hold up to the perps when they try to tear me down is the fact that they cannot argue that what they are doing is rape and torture. They are what they do. Doing substances or cheating on your boyfriend isn't even close to what they are. Most people would feel that what they do is such a significant crime that it is worse than child abuse or murder. They say I'm being punished for my sins. I hold up their own standard to them. If I am being punished for being less than perfect, how much more deserving are they for what they do? In time they will be seen for what they are, and then they will pay the price.

Comment by Annie on April 18, 2012 at 6:19am

Sam said:

"this is neural linguistic programming by a relentless computer program which has no feelings, and want's to kill, it feed's off guilt & then turns that guilt to attempt to reprogram you into looking at your life history in a negative light. if the perps used the program on them self's they have so much subconscious guilt that they would prob commit suicide within a month.

if you have lasted longer than a month or so your guilt, weather conscious or subconscious cannot be that bad just the fact that your still here states that you have judged yourself and have decided that you are not a bad person or d not deserve any punishment for your thought crime."


Annie said:

These are all very wise and true words. I also believe its a programme runned un us without any feelings or regrets. No one, whatever monster they have in their "army", could ever live with themselves knowing what they are guilty of. But, initially someone or some people did select us to be a part of this horror. Or it could be a random register that picks suitable people. I think a lot of us have things in common in our pasts or just common similarities, and that something fits for this programme. It could be of use doing another survey maybe, to figure some of that out, but there seem to be a problem with having victims to fill it out for some reason. Maybe lack of energy.


I will take Sam´s word with me, the fact we are still around is because we know in our hearts that we (no one) deserves this, no matter what. And the breaking down, brainwashing the victim and make it feel gulity is just part of the psycological aspect, they need to have reactions, otherwise their data collection will be useless.Take care all of you/Annie



Comment by suzy on April 18, 2012 at 1:52pm

Thanks guys,

Paul they say the same thing to me "Im being punished for my sins" thankyou for showing me im not alone.

And true I dont feel as guilty as they should feel for all their crimes but i do wish i had a perfect past so they have no ammunition on me!!

Comment by suzy on April 18, 2012 at 3:45pm the way i have some good qualities too! ;)

something ive wondered about. I grew up with a very low self esteem, I always loved people but felt myself as lesser than evryone. I never understood why, there was no clear reason to feel that way. Then after going back events from my childhood came back to suggest they've been watching me forever and i wonder how much input they had to my self esteem, my entire being with their subliminal control manipulations. The in 2005 they drew my attention to them.I wonder how many are watched for a long time before it is made known to you and how much input they have into the mind previously.


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Don't be afraid of anything. Please request UN, International Human Rights Community, and International Criminal Court and their home pages

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