Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I´m SILVIA MIRAS SANCHEZ of BARCELONA. Individual targeted, i don´t speak English,sorry.In Europe we will suffer another middle age.harassment groups are subsidized by communism.In this film we talk about the murderer of Troski.Ramon Mercader was a clear victim of brainwashing and mental programming.It was catalan and that messes my country, Catalonia.
STALIN party killed the Russian Revolution.the dictatorship of the proletariat benefit the bourgeoisie as in any other country .
Troski denounced the corruption of the new libertarian system.Catalonia is infected with this ideal of obedience to party.
Franco and the Catholic Church reduced to an infected Spain communism of Stalin.Communist mentality is very inhuman.not think, think the party.
Catalonia is full of men and women who are getting into the head to the same young revolutionary ideas of Stalin ..Spanish blindly obey their heads up feeling HEROES OF ANARCHY, inside a cabin fever.
The woman is a savage monster that works against femininity as hostile acts against sexual..Y man masculinity as sexual enemy ... ... This is his heroic anarchy.
Used equipment "TELEMETRIA PSYCHIC" which conveys sound to the brain and RADIONIC.
Biorresonancia quantized programs. Are invisible fists against organic tissues to make them sick.
They are benefiting to banking and the stock market.
"diseased with its technology" psychiatrically grandparents .......and forced to get into nursing homes...sell the apartment and the bank recovers investment..
Separate marriages and couples....and the bank gets the property.
blind, deaf and dumb Spaniards working for abroad and need to destroy an economy benefiting a country.

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