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Microwave hearing which is also known as hearing technologically induced voices inside our heads can only be induced by the aid of microwave transmitters in our environment. However, if we have nano particulates inside our brains which we have inhaled and ingested, combined with a microchip implant, criminals from all over the world can force their voices inside our heads any time they wish. When 5G millimeter wave transmitters are installed in our environment, if we dont o...bey these unknown wirelessly enabled voices we may then receive pain signals.
The technologically enabled voices I constantly hear coming from inside my head come from overseas, in the sense that the majority of them have American accents and use american terminology. I have never been to the United States. I have lived all of my life in the republic of Ireland. American accents and American terminology is completely different to the West of Ireland way of speaking.
The American military could be slowly taking over our country with the aid of advanced military technology. We can not inform the police or psychiatry any longer because they fast track us into a mental hospital and we are totally sane. We have been illegally implanted with microchips and bio-medical sensors in combination with having inhaled and ingested nano technology.
This wireless tethering of human beings from microchip implants to a network of computers is meant for everyone other than the would-be slave masters who are largely dark luciferians, satanists, and zionists.
Luckily, there is an easy solution. Disable all microwave transmitters and millimeter wave transmitters combined with related paraphernalia. All of the inslavement infrastructure is ground based. The existence of satellites is strongly believed to be one of their many hoaxes.

The nano technology combined with the bio-sensors which have been illegally implanted inside our bodies and brains allows for a large amount of electrical activity data to sent from neurons in the brain and body to computers for analysis. Super computers then analyse that data and translate it into what the non-consensual microchip implanted subject is seeing and hearing. In that way the non-consensual microchip implanted subject can be turned into an unwilling spy. Non-consensual implanted human beings are now widespread throughout Ireland and the wider world.

Signal processing software technology allows for recorded data to be transmitted from your skin surface to the computers of the neuro staff for translation into the exact shape of your body. Therefore unknown criminal would-be enslavers can clearly see the outline of our bodies whenever they wish.

We must act urgently to disable all microwave transmitters.  We must act urgently to disable all microwave transmitters. We must urgently have the use of smart engineered technology banned from our environments. It is being used to entrain the brains of the users into a false state of happy apathy and inertia.

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