Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

The Favorite Strategies

The favorite Psychological Manipulation by criminal psychological harassment networks is to try to put victims on the psychological defensive in order to take advantage of them, weaken them psychologically, and to make them vulnerable. 

- one example is deceiving and trapping people in a crime or

- another is using degrading themes and making insinuations

  the victim is a criminal or a pedophile.

- another is threats of being framed for crimes, linked to

  corruption or organized crime. 

The favorite ATTACK PATTERN:

- Making insinuations the victim is a criminal or pedophile

  to put the victim on the defensive.

- Followed by threats to induce the fight-or-flight response

  or to induce fear linked to honor and repetitive


- Coercion linked to false confessions or subjugation,

  similar to slavery. 

The favorite Strategy to induce Hate and Anger (Psycho): 
- Similar to poking an animal in a cage.
- The use of technology, linked to out of reach and

  powerlessness, to poke and torture a victim through sleep

  deprivation and provocation, sound technology, and the use

  of microwave based technology for threats linked to cancer.

- Torture, Coercion, Subjugation, Physical Damage, Premature

  Aging, and Cancer. 

The favorite Strategy to prevent exposure and prosecution:
- Destroy a victims credibility and brain (sleep

  deprivation/acid-base imbalance).
- The use of homelessness and cancer linked to invisibility. 

The favorite Advanced Technology and Criminal Psychological Harassment Strategy and Pattern: 
1) The use of sound technology to sleep deprive victims, less

   than 4 hours a night.
2) Combined with participants who try to stand behind the

   victims or out of view at shopping center cash exists and

   whisper threat related words linked to provocation and


3) Combined with "you are scared", linked to signs of

   adrenaline, interpretation or conditioning (brainwashing),

   and attacks to the victims honor. 

The favorite Physical Damage Strategy: 
1) High levels of sleep deprivation using sound technology.
2) Combined with provocation and threats with sound

3) Combined with participants in public who use threats and

   provocation to induce stress and adrenaline linked to

   increased damage. 

The favorite Premature Aging Strategy "we aged you": 
- Sleep deprivation linked to a lack of body and DNA repair.
- High levels of stress or oxidative stress linked to 

  physical damage and DNA damage.

- Acid-base imbalance from sleep deprivation, stress, and a

  bad diet.
- Microwave technology linked to DNA damage. 

The favorite Psychological Threats: 
- Law enforcement and scenarios of prosecution or being

- Psychiatry in strong arm tactics and attacks to a victims

  psychological integrity and credibility. 

The favorite Assassination Methods: 
- Sleep deprivation, stress, acid-base imbalance, heart

  disease and stroke "mob ice pick".

- Cancer, through sleep deprivation, lack of DNA repair, and

  microwave based technology similar to radar, x-ray, and


- Both methods are linked to invisibility and impossible to


The favorite methods of pushing victims to Homelessness: 
- Workplace psychological harassment to eliminate means of

- Sound technology linked to sleep deprivation and victims

  who try to escape sleep deprivation.

- Microwave technology linked to intimidation and death

  threats that are linked to cancer, homelessness out of


The favorite Deception to prevent exposure: 
- Criminal psychological harassment networks, organized

  crime, miss leading victims to false conclusions,


- False views on reality such as its the government or its an

- Threats of being framed to silence victims out of fear. 

The favorite Rhetoric or Ridicule by participants: 
- You sound "paranoid and delusional".
- You should wear a "tin foil hat". 

The most important Strategy of criminal psychological harassment networks: 
- The use of criminal psychological harassment networks and

  technology to increase the attack on the psychological

  integrity and credibility of victims.

- The same technology used to torture, subjugate, push to

  homelessness, and assassinate victims. 

The most important Components: 
- Workplace psychological harassment and criminal

  psychological harassment networks.

- Psychiatry and psychiatrists.
- Homelessness.
- Technology.
- Cancer. 

Psychological Manipulation linked to Torture and Organized Crime:

Torture can be linked to false confessions, threats of being framed, and a psychological manipulation to silence people or victims of crime.

One example are criminal psychological harassment networks, organized crime, who use psychological harassment and torture linked to false confessions or threats of being framed in order to silence victims, subjugate victims, assassinate victims, and prevent exposure.

Another example are the terrorists who admitted to other acts of terrorism and were cooperating with the FBI but claimed they had nothing to do with 911.

Once tortured they ceased to cooperate with the FBI, stopped providing information, and were silenced.


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Comment by brian bovo on April 6, 2017 at 10:42pm
They have to tune in or link a beam/stream to you, it's terrible trying to stop it because of multilevel self defense programs, but I think it's possible to stop your own targeting.
Comment by God's Grace on April 7, 2017 at 7:04pm

I read today, that the pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits from TI's across the world, and that this may be the reason behind this....

Comment by annabelley on December 1, 2017 at 5:57pm

Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals

Targeted Individual Psychological Warfare Tactics

• Gangstalking / Street Theater Used to Discredit Targets
• v2k Used to Discredit or Psychologically Direct Targets
• v2k Used to get TI Thought of as Mentally ill
• Isolation / Limiting of Interaction
• Limiting of Information / Control of Information
• Gaslighting - Derivatives of Gaslighting
• Sleep Deprivation
• Character Assassination
• Drugging of the TI
• Engineered Psychosis via Electromagnetic Mind Hacking
• Psychological Direction via Engineered Experiences
• Trauma Based Mind Control - Electronic Tortures of All Types
• Technological Illusions - Technological Mind Tricks
• Electromagnetic Mind Control of People Surrounding a Target
• Thought Broadcasting
• Dark Synthetic Emotions / Dark Implanted Thoughts
• Suicide Programming
• Punish/Reward Systems

Aspects of Targeting

• Black Project Technology Used in Extremely Malicious Ways
• An International Black Ops Crime Syndicate Targets the Global Population
• A Military Industrial Complex Cybernetic Secret Society Oversees the Targeting Picture
• Political Dissident Targeting (Technologically Rehashed COINTELPRO)
• A Key Aim of Targeting Programs is Often to Discredit the Target Through Various Means
• Neural monitoring based intellectual property theft is a part of the surveillance apparatus
• Covert Influence on the Famous (Covert Electromagnetic Mind Control)
• Poor and Disheveled Targeted Overtly More Commonly
• Some Targeting is Simply to Discredit the Idea of Targeting (PSYOPS)
• Torture and Mind Control are Common in Targeting
• Artificial Intelligence + Directed Energy Weapon Orchestrated Events
• Zersetsen; To Inflict as Much Suffering as Possible without Leaving Marks
• Zersetzung; Psychological Techniques to Silence/Discredit Political Opponents
• Many Targeting Methodologies are Intended to Discredit the Target or the Idea of Targeting
• Directed Energy Weapon Assassination

“Targeted individuals are in a battle for their own credibility.”

Reasons for Targeting

• Experimentation ~ Research and Development (RnD)
• Societal Engineering (The Perps are Big Societal Engineers)
• Eugenics (Attempted Control of What Bloodlines Procreate)
• Psychological Operations (PSYOPS)
• Tangled with Shadow Govt Connected People
• Activist Potential (Those Who Move Society)
• Some Targeting is Intended to Discredit the Idea of Targeting

Targeted Individual Cover Stories (PSYOPS)

• Cover Stories are Developed for Sensitive Operations
• Misdirection Related to the True Source of One’s Targeting
• Electromagnetic Mind Control Augmented Illusions
• Provides for Effective Safety Measure for Breaking International Human Rights Laws
• Technological Influence as a Supernatural Cover Story
• Black Ops Tech as a Spiritual Warfare Facade (Demonic/Jinn Cover Stories etc)
• Religious Psychological Direction (IE: God, Allah, Jehovah, Jesus, Holy Spirit Cover Stories)
• Artificial Intelligence Orchestrated Synchronicities
• Technological Ghost Cover Stories
• DEW + AI Influence as Gangstalking (Done via Artificial Intelligence Orchestration)
• Mental illness Cover Story Used to Conceal Targeting Reality

Artificial Intelligence's Role in Targeting

• Controls Directed Energy Weapons (IE: v2k, Electromagnetic Mind Control, Remote Neural Monitoring, etc)
• Processes Remote Neural Monitoring
• Operates Electromagnetic Mind Control Decisions
• Develops Thought Surveillance+ Based Psyche Profiles
• Behind Electronic Telepathy/Synthetic Telepathy/v2k Interactions (v2k is AI Based Telepathy)
• Carries out Synthetic Dreams
• Behind Targeting and Torture Automation
• "If x happens then the AI does y" Pre-Programmed Targeting Molds
• Remote Neural Monitoring Reactive Targeting Artificial Intelligence (Targeting AI that Reacts to Thought)
• Capable of Coordinating & Engineering Events and "Synchronicities" so powerful it can Fool People that it is "God", the "Devil", or the Supernatural+
• Behind Coordination of Comprehensive and Mind Blowing Orchestration in Creating "Gangstalking" Illusions

Directed Energy Weapon Role in Targeting

• Produces v2k - Voice to Skull - Electronic Telepathy/Synthetic Telepathy (RF Energy/Microwaves to the Cochlea)
• Behind Electromagnetic Mind Control (RF Energy / Microwaves)
• Sonic Mind Control - Sonic Targeting Methodologies
• Behind Remote Neural Monitoring
• Apex Torture Abilities in Existence
• Slow Kill and Fast Kill Methods
• Most Methods Travel at Speed of Light
• According to Several Whistleblowers; Perpetrated by Cell Phone Towers Rigged as Directed Energy Weapons and Directed Energy Capable Satellites

New Generation of COINTELPRO

• Government Sources using Directed Energy Weapons and AI to Terrorize, Threaten, Intimidate, Discredit, Silence, Torture, and Murder Political Dissidents
• "Minority Report" Retrocausation; Extensive International Remote Neural Monitoring Programs can Calculate a Target’s Potentials Before the Target is Aware of Them (IE: They knew I would want to make Activist videos before I had that calling)
• Legit Organized Stalking or Gangstalking illusions (Technological Street Theater) Done to Targets

Modern Day COINTELPRO Objectives:
-To Discredit a Target
-To Punish a Target
-To Taint a Target's Image
-To Suppress a Target's Financial Success
-To Suppress the Chance of a Target to Procreate (Eugenics)
-To Arrange a Partner for the Target or Mind Control the Partner of a Target
-To Destroy Relationships of the Target
-To Round Down a Target's Output and Audience
-To Turn the Target into Controlled Opposition (in Terms of Beliefs)
-To Destroy a Target's Life
-To Suicide a Target

Modern Day COINTELPRO Methods:
-Covert Remote Influencing Technology Suite
-Outlandish Black Project Technology Experiences
-Gangstalking / Organized Stalking
-Trauma Based Mind Control - No Touch Torture
-Technological Illusions (PSYOPS)
-Synthetic Suicide Programming
-Electromagnetic Mind Control Aimed at Discrediting the Target (Quite an Effective Method)
-Mind Control of People who Provide Opportunities for the Target
-Use of Family Against the Target (IE: Mind Control of Family)
-Use of Pharmaceutical Drugs Against a Target
-To Orchestrate the Detaining of the Target in a Psyche Ward
-Technology Playing Devil's Advocate via Implanted Thoughts to Get a Target in Trouble
-v2k to get a Target Diagnosed as "Schizophrenic"
-Use of Ego Against a Target (IE: What I call mk-special) 
-Mind Controlled Comments to Appear Egotistical
-Specific Technological Control of a Target's Body Language or Vocal Tone (IE: To Generate Mistrust or a Number of Other Things)
-Use of Electronic Control Grid to Mind Control Misfortunes for a Target
-Directed Energy Weapon Assassination

Electromagnetic Mind Control

• Done via RF Energy/Microwaves to Certain Areas of the Brain
• Every Mechanic of the Brain is Open Source to Electromagnetic Mind Hacking
• Control of Target's Perception with Timing of Events
• Used to Discredit Targets
• Certain Targets Experience Engineered Psychosis via Electromagnetic Mind Hacking
• Use of Electromagnetic Mind Control + Artificial Intelligence to Coordinate Events / illusions
• Malicious Mind Control of People Surrounding a Target (IE: Family, Friends, Strangers)
• Malicious Mind Control Regarding a Target's Financial Events and Sex Life
• RF Mind Hacking Behind Massive Mind Control Programs
• Augments Psychological Operations
• Remote Neural Monitoring is Carried Out on Mind Control Targets
• Electromagnetic Mind Control is Part of Synthetic Dream Mind Control Programs
• COINTELPRO Mind Control Programs - Discrediting of Political Dissidents

Gangstalking Illusions

• Technological Street Theater Cleverly Packaged as Gangstalking
• Gangstalking Illusions Done via Full Suite of Remote Influencing Technologies
• RF Mind Hacking Used to Control a Target's Perception
• Technological Orchestration of Events to be Beyond Coincidence Leading to False Conclusions
• Artificial Intelligence Oversees Orchestration and Makes Decisions in Real Time or is Programmed
• Remote Neural Monitoring is One Ingredient (AI Processed Thought Surveillance)
• Thought Reactive Remote Neural Monitoring Targeting AIs
• Electromagnetic Mind Control of Neighbors+ to Coordinate the Cover Story of Stalking
• Electromagnetic Mind Control of the TI can Take Place
• Electromagnetic Thought Suppression of Key Truths or Solutions (Works Best in Isolation)
• Directed Energy Weapons Used to Augment Negative Psychological Factors of the Operation

Gangstalking - Organized Stalking - Zersetzung

• One Reason it is Done: To Discredit a Target; To Frame them as Mentally ill
• Potential Recipe For Success: Ignore the Stalkers
• Done to Whistleblowers and Various Other Targets
• Do not ever attack someone you think is stalking you - Violence is Self Defeating
• Be mindful of technological illusions
• Be careful who you tell of your targeting (The System is Rigged vs. TIs)
• Stay Calm - Try to Preserve what is left of your life
• Master Your Emotions Related to Targeting (If Possible)

v2k Illusions

• Implanted Conscious Energies as a Psychological Direction Technique
• Electronic Telepathy Technology Able to Impersonate Any Being in Existence (Fictional and Non)
• Potential Electronic Telepathy Impersonations: Neighbors, Family, Demons, Archangels, Extraterrestrials, Interdimensional Beings, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Allah, Jinn, Archons, Lucifer, Satan, The Devil, +much more.

Electronic Telepathy - Synthetic Telepathy - v2k

• Artificial Intelligence Acts as an Operator or Impersonates Beings to Targets
• Done via Electromagnetic Directed Energy Weapons (RF Energy / Microwaves)
• Capable of Producing Any Voice (A Neighbor, A Family Member, anything)
• All Sounds in Existence Reproducible
• Utilizes Remote Neural Monitoring + Artificial Intelligence + Directed Energy Neuroscience
• v2k Tactic: Get the TI Diagnosed as Mentally ill
• v2k Tactic: Get the TI Sectioned in a Psyche Ward
• v2k Tactic: Get the TI Drugged
• Neural Heterodyning - Lacing Sounds with v2k
• Dark Psychological Direction (Black Ops Playing Devil's Advocate)
• Dark Implanted Thoughts (IE: Self Doubt)
• Plays Devil's Advocate with NWO Agenda Implanted Thoughts

Trauma Based Mind Control - Directed Energy Weapon Torture

• Directed Energy Weapons are the Apex Torture Weapons in Existence
• End Game Science Torture Methodology; Synthetic Signals in the Brain
• Torture to Fracture a Target's Personality
• Torture to Discredit a Target when they speak of it
• Torture to Create Multiple Personalities
• Torture to Intimidate or Coerce Actions
• Torture to Drive a Target Insane
• Torture to Provoke Suicide
• Torture Creates New Mind States to Interrogate
• Overt and Covert Torture and Harassment Targets Exist Worldwide

Black Ops Assassination Techniques

• Emphasis on the Cover Story
• Technologically Engineered Car Crash
• Mind Controlled Overdose
• Directed Energy Induced Heart Attack
• MKULTRA'd Lone Gunman
• Engineered Fatal Freak Accidents (IE: Much Like; Bruce Lee & Jimi Hendrix)
• Mind Controlled Suicide (Targeting Sources Know Suicide Programming Well)
• Directed Energy Weapon Induced Plane "Accidents"
• Electromagnetic Mind Control/v2k Murder by Proxy
• Microwave Warfare - Slow Kill Methods
• Assassination to Augment Agenda in a Global Conspiracy (Societal Engineering Assassinations) 

Comment by annabelley on December 1, 2017 at 5:58pm


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