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The first therapist who asked himself "could this be done remotely ?" Recovered memories of satanic abuse , i wrote him a mail ofcourse

He seems not really to trust his logic entirely because nobody else came on this he knows , but he wonders if as sheflin says , it could have been progreammed in childhood as screen memorie for mk ultra .....he is nearly correct , i wrote to him that his logical remark if this could be done remotely , is the correct answer and tried to explain him why. No idea how he will react ....

What the Heck is Satanic Ritual Abuse? [Note:1]
Leonard Holmes, Ph.D. Towson, Maryland: The Sidran Institute, 2000


Dear Leonard G. Holmes,
I would like to tell you i found your article on satanic ritual abuse memories
a surprising good one because you were asking yourself openly precisely the right questions on it, and please apologize my bad English, i am from Belgium and don’t know English so well to write a good letter. You are the first one I hear realizing that something in this story is not coherent in no way it is explained , and this is perfectly correct. You do not have any prejudice and are judging the entire situation very logically, which is a relief aside as you describe it
“In the past therapists tended to divide themselves into camps on this issue. There was a camp of true believers who believed in the literal truth of these memories. There was another camp, represented most strongly by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which believed that all of these memories were false, and that they were probably implanted by therapists.”

Indeed both camps cannot explain the phenomenon entirely, its not implanted by therapist and it is too similar and convincing to be coincidental.
You ask yourself one moment “Was any of this remotely possible?” and I am not sure “precisely” what you mean with this , but indeed , it is correct .
Only not precisely as possibility 3 explains, but nearly correct because indeed “The idea behind this theory is that the ritual abuse memories are so far-fetched that nobody would believe them” , this is true , but Allen Sheflin for some reason believed these memories of mk ultra were or real and made to forget and remembered suddenly in adulthood, or covered up by screen memories of satanic rituals to forget the mind control, but that is not the case .
Its much more easier than that only hard to believe and still…
The memories are indeed artificial , and remotely implanted , but not in the past and that is the key point , but the same moment as they start to emerge in the victims mind.……

Indeed this explains the entire story, from the similarities of the memories over the middle age in which they appear until the pain that goes together with it and the trauma …..isn’t this incredible and horrible if it is true .?

I perfectly would understand if you would wonder how I am so sure, of that and its not only but of course also because of the consistency …
But there is many more reasons and I believe indeed this is very important and i writing to you because of this open minded article were you ask the right questions and realize that something is not explained yet.
I just hope you will understand the connections I make and see that indeed all this is …remote, and ongoing ….now and on large scale

I don’t know if you know Walter Boward who wrote the book on CIA mind control, but he mentioned very correctly the following . Lecture by Authors Walter Bowart, Alan Scheflin, and Randy Noblitt ? Walter Boward “I've seen several patterns emerge, and one of them is the Satanic or cult ritual abuse pattern, and the other one's the alien abduction experience, reports from people that report alien abduction experiences, ritual abuse, and the government mind control side of things. And it's very interesting for the similarity, there are so many similarities it looks like one and the same thing,.

And that is correct, of course you will right away realize that alien abductions sounds as weird or weirder even than satanic rituals.
And again applies here of course : ““The idea behind this theory is that the memories are so far-fetched that nobody would believe them”

I took last year contact with Randy Noblitt on the memory question especially because many targeted individuals now are sending around testimonies for help that they are being remotely attacked with some manipulation technology …Randy did respond as one of few people to tell the group that this is a thing which should be taken seriously and investigated, a very attentive move of course. Knowing he works on satanic Ritual abuse I started a very kind mail exchange with him, and was trying to explain him that his patients were not programmed in the past, but that their memories and experience indeed was very real, but therefore did not happen really and started to ask more on what he thought of that. He wrote me the following answer which of course is a pretty correct neutral attitude towards the people he works with but did not answer my question if he believed the memories were artificially inserted in the present.

2008 Randy Noblitt I try to avoid making judgments about other people's memories and beliefs. I have worked with people who have described what I call ritual abuse. My definition of ritual abuse is similar to what many people also call "trauma based mind control." People who have this problem can often be helped by therapists and my experience has been as a therapist.And he also wrote me something much more interesting on the remote question of the manipulation and that was the following :
R Noblit : “I mostly work with people who say that they were ritually abused and they are also dissociated. Some of them say that they think they are currently harassed by radio or similar technology, but some of them say there programmed to have this belief by their abuser group, whom they say used radio and radio-like devices during their abuse and programming.

In other words , indeed half of the people who came for help and were ritual abuse survivors, were thinking to be programmed or manipulated remotely….
This only confirmed the idea that also the memories were remotely inserted and at the moment they appeared, and not in childhood, even if the other half of the victims did think the programming was in childhood. Clear is , that this manipulation or programming is deliberately confusing the subjects with it works on.
I have been mailing with Randy more on the subject and finally he went to see the targeted individuals who had a meeting in the USA and from that meeting is still a legendary video existing, this just for your information, there is noting really new or important on the subject excepts maybe that the the targeted individuals do remind him a lot of the experience of his satanic abuse survivors.
Dr. Randy Noblitt, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, discusses his book and work with ritual abuse victims; more TI discussionsI went to check out the “extreme abuse survey”of which Randy was aware as well, and the results were summarized as following:
Microwave abuse12% 04%
Non-lethal weapons abuse 56% 24%
Electronic harassment 50% 12%

Sleep deprivation 79% 36%
Auto-immune disorders 48%
Sleep problems 93% 75%
Migraine headaches 66% 38%
Fibromyalgia 31% 18%
Posttraumatic stress disorder 93% 70%
Unusual fears 90% 67%
Thyroid problems 31% 20%
Cancer 08% 04%
Seizures with organic basis 27% 16%

Of course its also here striking the amount of extreme abuse reporting subjects mentioned remote technology, no matter if this is called microwave abuse or non lethal weapons or electronic harassment , because that is just tree names for “remote technology” The autoimmune disorders and thyroid problems were mentioned as well in what I wrote about the testimonies in 1995 on the presidential hearings in Washington were several victims testified on mkultra based on recovered memories coming up in adult hood. And this surprised a lot the therapist who accompanied them and knew also more victims who recovered memories of mk ultra.

Here is one comparison between alien abductees and satanic ritual survivors , sociological study of the groups and indeed the similarities is rather clear : Characteristics compared
In the 1980s two different groups emerged that exhibited a strikingly similar combination of the quasi-religious and psychotherapeutic—UFO abductees and ritual-abuse survivors
In the mid-1980s an increasing number of support groups appeared that were centered around so-called UFO abductions. UFO abductees support groups attempt to help people recover repressed memories of victimization at the hands of extraterrestrials. Also in the mid-1980s an increasing number of therapists and support groups focusing on “ritual abuse” began seeking clients/members. Ritual-abuse support groups also attempt to recover repressed memories of past abuses. In this case, the abuse is believed to take place at the hands of secretive, underground, usually Satanic, cults.
Although much has been written about both these movements, little of this research has focused on the members themselves;
Ritual-abuse survivors skew slightly older with an average age of 48 (47.7).
The UFO abductees were slightly younger with an average age of 44 (43.69).

It is indeed a very logical that all recovered memories should be of the same kind lets say, and this reasoning was used by Susan Clancy to study recovered memories related to the question if the trauma that is a part of it can be a proof in court for accusations based on these recovered memories …..(I don’t know if you know a bit on this research or on alien abductions in general, its not such a common subject to research indeed J )

“Susan Clancy: "One of the most bitter and volatile debates ever to occur in psychology concerns the reality of repressed and recovered memories of traumatic events."
"Claims of alien abduction have become increasingly common over the past thirty years, Clancy reports Recruiting people who truly believed they'd been abducted by extraterrestrials, she found a way to study memory creation without directly engaging the bitter debate over recovered memories of abuse. And listening to their grotesque and often sexually explicit accounts, she could be reasonably sure that the memories she was studying were not vivid recollections of traumatic abuse, (......)”

The results did show consequently trauma and more surprising than expected, so the conclusion was that the traumatic reactions could not be taken as a proof that recovered memories in court could be used as real, but there was no answer to the why of the traumatic reactions, nor finally on any kind of recovered memory .
Abductees showed surprisingly strong physiological reactions to the tapes of their alien encounters. Their reactions were as great as or greater than those of individuals who cannot shake memories of combat, sexual abuse, and other punishing events.
McNally, and their colleagues made some tantalizing discoveries. Measurements of sweating, heart rate, and brain waves showed that those claiming to be abductees show the same symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome as combat veterans. . Earlier this year, Clancy and McNally reported on another study that found those who recalled childhood sexual abuse or abduction by aliens experience higher rates of sleep paralysis than those who do not make such claims. Strikingly, the first group also scored high on underlying traits of fantasy proneness, paranormal interests and experiences, and inability to relate socially to others

And now need to explain more to you still, more precise on the targeted individuals, the group of people (that I am networking with and am a part of , and please don’t conclude that I am delusional J because of that now ) .
In January 2007 there was a front page article in the Washington post on the community of targeted individuals. And it was nearly predictable, the similarities with the alien abductees!

THE ARTICLE Washington Post : "Mind Games" 15 01 2007
"Until recently, people who believe the government is beaming voices into their heads would have added social isolation to their catalogue of woes. But now, many have discovered hundreds, possibly thousands, of others just like them all over the world. Web sites dedicated to electronic harassment and gang stalking have popped up in India, China, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Russia and elsewhere. "
"In her book, Abducted, Harvard psychologist Susan Clancy examines a group that has striking parallels to the TIs: people who believe they've been kidnapped by aliens. The similarities are often uncanny: Would-be abductees describe strange pains, and feelings of being watched or targeted. And although the alleged abductees don't generally have auditory hallucinations, they do sometimes believe that their thoughts are controlled by aliens, or that they've been implanted with advanced technology ] stimulation to their sexual organs (as the TIs describe) or feelings of paranoia..(On the online forum, some TIs posted vociferous objections to the parallel, concerned that the public finds UFOs even weirder than mind control. "It will keep us all marginalized and discredited," one griped.) "

Shortly after that another article appeared in the New York Times were Dr Vaughan Bell was cited among other psychiatrist that limited the debate to the question if it was good or not to let people share their “delusions” on the web …Dr Vaughan Bell was a bit more nuanced, had been studying the mind control websites and knew also pretty well the subject of the alien abductions.
Sharing Their Demons on the Web By SARAH KERSHAW November 13, 2008
Sharing their demons on the web
Vaughan Bell, a British psychologist who has researched the effect of the Internet on mental illness, first began tracking sites with reports of mind control in 2004. In 2006 he published a study The extent of the community, Dr. Bell said, poses a paradox to the traditional way delusion is defined under the diagnostic guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association, which says that if a belief is held by a person's "culture or subculture," it is not a delusion. Dr. Bell, whose study was published in the journal Psychopathology, said that it does not suggest all people participating in mind-control sites are delusional, and that a firm diagnosis of psychosis could only be done in person.
And the users of some sites have found the support of Jim Guest, a Republican state representative in Missouri, who wrote last year to his fellow legislators calling for an investigation into the claims of those who say they are being tortured by mind control. "I've had enough calls, some from credible people — professors — being targeted by no lethal weapons," Mr. Guest said in a telephone interview, adding that nothing came of his request for a legislative investigation. "They become psychologically affected by it. They have trouble sleeping at night." He added: "I believe there are people who have been targeted by this. With this equipment, you have to test it on somebody to see if it works."
The mind-control sites remind some experts of the accounts of those claiming to have been abducted by aliens in the 1970s and '80s. One person's story begat another until many insisted they had had virtually identical experiences of being taken onto space ships by silvery sloe-eyed creatures. Some of those now posting on mind-control sites say they are being remotely "sexually stimulated" by their torturers. Some alien abductees had said similar things. Subsequent research generally showed that those who believed they had been abducted were not psychotic, but suffering from severe memory and sleep problems, or personal traumas, Dr. Bell said.

I suppose that you do understand that I am trying to tell you that all these experiences just as Walter Boward said are the same kind of experience,, but also the targeted individuals posting now on mind control forums and websites around the world, a different part of the same “thing” going on ….and not in childhood, but ongoing and on large scale. And are all in the same way increasing, well camouflaged by deception into experiences that hardly anybody would believe, In the group of targeted individuals such bizarre claim is “organized stalking” (…similar to the international networks in satanic rituals. ), and that are seemingly unrelated and especially: they are no individual problem but something with one global common cause.

Of course I do have still some more info for you on the targeted individuals, and that is some survey results.
The fist question I did ask was when the target became aware of being under remote attack because I was mainly interested in the evolution of it to see if this was increasing, i did suspect so because several people I knew in my home town started to go trough the same thing at the same moment , and it started for all of us with our computers acting strange …all kind of interference in electronic devices is a fix part of it , (and it is as well in alien abductions and in satanic abuse just to mention)
Very surprising was that there seems to be a sudden rise in incidence in the year 2000, and this is the case all around the world, because there were more people who made surveys , in China , USA , and the results were showing each time this very same pattern ….( I will put in attachment the survey results I have on 145 respondents )
Also this fact that it is increasing points rather to an ongoing problem than one of the past that the memories of it is being recovered.

Memory questions for targeted individuals.
A second very surprising result on of the survey is the answers of memories …..Indeed the targeted individuals confirms (also about half of them ) that false memories can be inserted remotely , but do not consider them as real or really happened,. Here is the results from two different surveys last year
Manipulation of Memory (forgetting/remembering/screen memories) 70.73%
survey result from china from over 200 targets
Manipulation of Memory (forgetting/remembering/):69.74%
Manipulation of Memory (screen memories, false memories): 43.42%
+ FROM BELGIUM SURVEY over 100 targets

What many of them do realize and mention, that this remote connection-manipulation, was present already and going on in their lives long before they were aware of it, in other words they were not believed to be programmed in childhood, but resembling they realized that the technology was being used on them often since childhood if they could answer that question and be sure. Also this experience is of course pretty traumatizing and especially because it is not taken seriously by hardly anybody while the targets realizes what kind of high impact event this is but cannot even find anybody who understands it completely or believes it at least enough to take a look at it .
I do not even have such a need for a therapist as I do have the need for someone who will understand the picture I present and make the right connections between the different things in it .
Me personally I believe this is some kind of artificial intelligence, and I also can hardly believe that it is going on in silence for so long but I don’t have any other explanation for it , because I don’t believe in ghosts or aliens …But I am sure that its all about the same thing and that it is increasing in numbers around he globe and having a huge influence on the future of humanity.

Here the answer to the first question from my survey of 161 respondents , the rest is in attachment (145 respondents) and will be updated soon
1. What is the year you FIRST REALIZED and were FULLY AWARE that you were under attack with remote manipulation weapons (directed energy - mind control)?
Responses Percent
Before 1980:
4 2.48%
1980: 1 0.62%
1981: 0 0%
1982: 1 0.62%
1983: 0 0%
1984: 1 0.62%
1985: 2 1.24%
1986: 2 1.24%
1987: 0 0%
1988: 0 0%
1989: 0 0%
1990: 1 0.62%
1991: 2 1.24%
1992: 2 1.24%
1993: 3 1.86%
1994: 3 186%
1995: 1 0 62%
1996: 7 4. 35%
1997: 8 4 97%
1998: 5 3.11%
1999: 2 1. 24%
2000: 5 3 11%
2001: 10 6.21%
2002: 12 7.45%
2003: 9 5.59%
2004: 17 10.56%
2005: 18 11.18%
2006: 16 9.94%
2007: 12 7.45%
2008: 17 10.56%
2009: 0 0%
Total Responded to this question: 161 96.41%
Total who skipped this question: 6 3.59%
Total: 167 100%

California based therapist Gwen Dean noted forty-four parallels between alien abduction and satanic ritual abuse (SRA). Both emerged as widespread phenomena in the late 1970s and early 1980s, both often use hypnosis to recover lost or suppressed memory. Furthermore, the scenarios and narratives offered by abductees and SRA victims feature many similar elements: both are typically said to begin when the experiencer is in their youth; both are said to involve entire families and to occur generationally; the alien examination table is similar to the satanic altar; both phenomena focus on genitals, rape, sexuality and breeding; witnesses often report that the events happen when they are in altered states of consciousness; both phenomena feature episodes of "missing time" when the events are said to occur, but of which the victim has no conscious memory. (Bryan, 138-139)

The aliens and satanic abuse claims started before to emerge in the 80 ties,
The sex and breeding subjects and focus on the “genitals” of the aliens and the satanic rituals ….and the “genital stimulation in targeted individuals increase in new attacked victims in 2000 , isn’t this precisely the same as this new not understood “disorder” PGAS first reported in 2001? Its such a specific, and again weird and embarrassing thing. Indeed I do believe it is all a part of the same thing and a global one , each time its starts in the English speaking countries but spreads around the world in people who do not know from another and hardly anything of this is in the media.

The comparison….

Mind Games in de Washington Post Januari 2007.
“Both male and female TIs report a variety of "attacks" to their sexual organs. "My testicles became so sore I could barely walk," Girard says of his early experiences. Others, however, report the attacks in the form of sexual stimulation, including one TI who claims he dropped out of the seminary after constant sexual stimulation by directed-energy weapons. Susan Saylor, a TI in San Diego, says many women among the TIs suffer from attacks to their sexual organs but are often embarrassed to talk about it with outsiders.” It’s sporadic, you just never know when it will happen," she says. "A lot of the women say it's as soon as you lay down in bed -- that's when you would get hit the worst. It happened to me as I was driving, at odd times." What made her think it was an electronic attack and not just in her head? "There was no sexual attraction to a man when it would happen. That's what was wrong. It did not feel like a muscle spasm or whatever," she says. "It's so . . . electronic."

PHAS OR PSAS “Awareness in Japan of PSAS -- which was first documented by Dr. Sandra Leiblum in the United States five years ago -- is growing, especially in the blogsphere, where it is being called Iku Iku byo. Hideo Yamanaka, a doctor at the Toranomon Hibiya Clinic in Tokyo says the disease can be debilitating.”
Persistent genital arousal disorder (also known as persistent sexual arousal syndrome or PSAS) It was first documented by Dr. Sandra Leiblum in 2001, only recently characterized as a distinct syndrome in medical literature.

There is a few more things worth mentioning but I will not overwhelm you what I did already in fact , but I would very much like to hear your reaction to this , and some ideas maybe what can be done, or whom to contact or how to research, the main purpose is making known this is really happening and uncovering the deception of it …What are you thinking of when you read my mail? Does it make sense to you ?
I can still send you an overview and summary of the results of several alien abductions researchers, that is also pretty clarifying to read .
I can also give a phone call if that is easier but did not want to surprise you unexpectedly with the subject of satanic ritual abuse on a Sunday morning. I looking forward to your reaction, and let me know whatever idea you may get .

Very kind greetings from Belgium
Monika Stoces
Oudemansstraat 22
2000 Antwerpen
00 32 (0)3 288 83 20

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