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You are living in the modern world.  Therefore, you should defend yourself in a modern fashion.  Old traditions are nice, however, World War II was not fought with bows and arrows.  In a perfect world, we do not need these things. However, as you have struck, so you have been stricken against.  It is important to have honor, because no matter what age you're in, honor never dies.  But we all have a common enemy -- that is, the unjust punisher of crimes that are either real or imaginary.  Is it up to them to punish?  Well, as they are given free will to act upon their senses, so comes this byproduct.  Therefore, we must be wise in our lifestyle.  We must defend ourselves, in all forms that we can.  So you're fat.  You'll never win against a buff psychopath on PCP that way.  Pity is not a reliable defense.  I repeat, pity will only make you weaker.  Strengthen yourself.  Learn more about modern warfare.  Learn more about defense.  Learn to overcome our common enemy with fighting skills.  Lift weights if you must.  Earn a friend with the same interests.  And, for crying out loud, you must stop dwelling on this subject.  You must move on, further armed against your enemy.  Whether it's the government, the mafia, or a private technological research and marketing sector, you must move on.  You know your perp.  First:  free yourself.  If you can.  Secondly:  Combat your perp while they are unaware.  As you were unaware, so they were.  Thirdly:  Uphold honorable statutes when it comes to bringing your perp into justice.  

You are not a prisoner.  You are not in prison.  You are not under anyone's scrutiny.  They only help you believe you are.  Therefore, this psyche you must believe in.  And imagine yourself...who do you see yourself being?  A ninja gaiden, or a blob that sits in an office and makes/recieves sales calls? Or a tired citizen, sick of the attacks?  Only the coward will brandish his targeting technology.  Win or lose, the fight is in your hands.  

Honor and glory, ladies and gentlemen.  Honor and glory.  And I wish you success.  The fight begins every day of your life.   

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Comment by Prince Enrage on April 8, 2014 at 6:38am

No, the entity is very alive and very powerful.  His very existence is more powerful than any AI ever made by man.  If mankind has resorted to such methods to maintain "paradise", then we are in trouble.  But to say this attack was A.I. is an insult to mankind's or any perpetrator's ability to…"scrutinize". and. to say the least, what sort of monster this "weapon" would create on the populace.  Every one of us has dirty laundry.  Every one of them.  But we are not destined for Hell because of it.  All we have to do is keep ourselves in check.  But it wasn't scrutiny.  You were probably supposed to do whatever he told you to do.  I know my lack of obedience has yielded some of the most insufferable consequences, and it was all natural disaster.  You're just suffering from something's…well, wrath.  You'd do well in church.  It isn't Jesus, it isn't by the authority of Jesus, and whatever it is will be dismissed until God feels you've had enough.  But you don't have what it takes to match this…entity.  No one does.  For starters, your very particle makeup would be able to manipulate the matter around you.  So don't even try.  Me?  I'm just supposed to quit smoking, run around a little bit, and things like that, but someone keeps stealing my bicycle.  So I'm turning them in.  Because I'm tired of my bicycles getting stolen and I know who's doing it.  It's not a gangstalker or a perp.  It's a junkie that I happen to live close to.  I don't want him in jail unless it solves his problems.  I just want his problems fixed.

Comment by Prince Enrage on March 19, 2015 at 1:20pm
These guys full on tortured me for 3 days straight, you know...I nearly caved. But I didn't die.
Comment by Prince Enrage on March 19, 2015 at 1:21pm
Five BCIs. Five.
Comment by Prince Enrage on March 19, 2015 at 1:28pm
And no, they're not under scrutiny. They were going to do it to them anyway. I know because I tested it the hard way. They had no cause, except to be fools. Even when they make you hate God, you get...punished.
Comment by Prince Enrage on April 28, 2015 at 2:19am
I finally caved and tried obedience again. This did not work. Don't bother. Stay strong, and hopefully you will be allowed to better yourself.


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So...I get up one morning and all of a sudden they change my program completely I mean everything .....I get running nose, especially when I eat they send it all the time ...they are reading my thought's through my throat....I heard it before but I didn't believe it but NOW is happening to me ....when I walk they changed my vision, They give my crooked eyes my vision is so weird and feels like I see 10 people at the same time till I go really close...I have 20/20 vision very sharp vision but…See More
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