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Im interested in ppls opinions on this school of thought thats becoming so popular......"that we are responsible for all our circumstances because we at some point, somehow attracted them"

I get pissed off at this teaching because l dont recall doing anything to attract this hell. I understand that positive thought attracts positive vibe etc but l cant "positively think" my way out of this situation. I see good ppl suffering sad lives and evil ppl living the good life. So why is this crap becoming such a popular belief system??

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Comment by Sue on November 15, 2016 at 7:56am

Yeh l believe everyone is silently targeted too....from disease to poverty, failed relationships, mental disorders, violent tendencies, addictions, wars, terrorism......Society is being fooled to believe this is the natural order of life. I think most suffering is orchestrated by these mean spirited individuals who must be miserable themselves because truly happy dont need to hurt others.

Comment by brian bovo on November 15, 2016 at 10:29am
I agree.
Comment by God's Grace on November 15, 2016 at 4:34pm

I don't believe that any of us did anything specific to get ourselves into this Hell on Earth specifically, and I've often thought of 2 friends (sisters) of mine, who grew up poor, in quite a troubled childhood, who both married men who turned out to be very wealthy, and they've both had extremely good lives, but I really don't think either of them thought this would happen to themselves as adults, one fell pregnant when she was 17 with the guy she was dating, so I think there has to have been another reason for how their lives turned out.  We are NOT responsible for what we are going through, and yes I agree, I think many, many people are TI's, they are just completely unaware of it.  What worries me, is young impressionable children and adults, that may be swayed into sexual deviancy or drug taking etc through this program, and their families are entirely unaware of this, or people dying from heart attacks etc, and no one the wiser how it happened. In some retarded sense, we at least are aware of the fact that we are targeted and we therefore cannot be as easily influenced as others, but the conspiracy appears to make people do and say things that are not good for any country or civilization, so one has to wonder what their ultimate aim is - if it is to make everyone run themselves into the ground, how would this affect the economy - is it just one very large organization of satellite terrorists, who have a bad agenda for the world? This makes the title of Dr John Hall's book that much more accurate. In that case, why have some of our own citizen's turned into terrorists against their own countrymen?  Just for the money?

Comment by Sue on November 16, 2016 at 7:01am

Yeh l agree with what youre all saying. Lately l keep coming across books and articles like "You are responsible for yoir destiny" and "You made yr circumstances" etc and its all in synch with what they keep telling me.....that this is karma for past lives etc. Logically it doesnt make sense coz good ppl are suffering attrocities and evil ppl are free but they are brainwashing me to believe l somehow brought this on my self. But if the law of karma is true it should apply to everyone including them and their minions. And all these well-meaning writers who claim you create yr circumstances....I think they just havent seen the dark side.


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