Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

We will obtain human freedom for all of mankind by aligning ourselves with Natural Law.
We will obtain human freedom for all of mankind by living in harmony with our fellow human beings, with animals and the earth.
The intelligence services, the military and the police will not ever give us human freedom no matter what they say or do or how many weapons they possess.
We will only obtain human freedom for all of mankind by aligning ourselves with Natural Law.


The word "occult" means hidden. We have a duty to study the "occult" in order to understand Natural Law and how to live in alignment with it.
We must study ancient mystery traditions such as Shamanism, Qabala, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Thelema, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, and others.
When we attempt to look at these ancient mystery traditions we will be warned that they are evil because dark occultists do not wish us to be informed about the occult because it contains very powerful information which will protect us from all harm in ways the police and military never could.
Dark occultists currently are attempting to take over the running of our planet from behind the scenes. We need to know what they know in order to take back our power.
The intelligence services, the military and the police are both unnecessary and unwanted in our lives. All that is necessary for mankind to do is to align ourselves with Natural Law.

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     I have been tortured physically since 2007, Day and Night.     I have been violated in every way that can be imagined.  Repeatedly and Continuously.     I have been murdered.     The thought that keeps me alive is that I have the names and the witnesses to expose this evil that many Americans and people worldwide are suffering from and are dying from.      There are people who really get their kicks by hurting and destroying a human being.     Who else in my community are being victimized…See More
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"No prob, I wish there was happier information to reference! The truth does set you free though. Although there are some points I disagree with (for example, dataasylum says none of the gangstalkers are actually aware of what they're doing,…"
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The Hidden Dangers of 5G Technology

Jerry Barrett welcomes our resident Conspiracy Scientist, Steve Reilly, to the show.
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"5G et contrôle des humains  "Vous imaginez bien que si la 5G est parfaite pour téléguider les hordes de sangliers, elle pourra bien sûr être utilisée pour contrôler les « citoyens…"
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DEFINITION OF REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING.When a human being is being non-consensually subjected to both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation they are wirelessly connected by a two way stream of energy which comes from technology inside their brains and bodies and is linked to a supercomputer. All of the electrical activity generated by their brain and body in real time is downloaded to that supercomputer where it is translated into everything they have thought, said, and done…See More
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