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the paradox is a way to learn in the astral


domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

the paradox is a way to learn in the astral

the paradox is a way to learn in the astral
The term "anagnórisis" Hellenism is a meaning "revelation", "recognition" or "discovery". This concept was first mentioned by Aristotle in his 'Poetics'. Describe the moment of revelation when ignorance gives way to knowledge

It is the turning point of the play in which everything is revealed to the protagonist, with devastating effects, from shadows and ignorance to light. "">It usually occurs when the hero discovers a truth about himself or of some actions, finding that overturns her attitude and the plot changes direction."">This discovery is often given after a more or less complex chain of vicissitudes, even when a character is recognized by the other, either by a statement of its own, either through a self-recognition of his true identity.
">The plot anagnórisis and are perfectly interrelated in the evolution towards the outcome of the work or tragic, well happy.

"">This field is discovered in the astral or mental, when connected to other minds, but with technology, not magic.If I can tell this is because "I" am in the same mental circumstances when she was three, she could see but not wise words to express what he knew. "">So I need the other to represent verb.When he was three years and something, I went to preschool, could read and write, was upgraded to an advanced course in which I was not allowed to keep up with the class, I fustraron, while the older girls in height and age, wanted to be my mothers, absurd. "">I learned against the will of the teacher a poem of guns on each side under full sail, forbade me fustra faced kids ..."">And when you enter the new school in first bored me to tears with a jerk of chips and cartoons, I fustrar finished with 4 years and never recovers.Being with children harmed me. I needed another environment.
">But what he had was overprotection and ignorance to create people submissive.

Look at the picture represents ignorance and knowledge, both are a paradox in mind. "">Are the two simultaneously.One is the lack of the other, but when a truth DISCOVER, increasing the otro.Los two exist, the one without the other can not survive as a concept.

">But when more knowledge gap that something horrendous black and absorbs up to gobble you and kill you.

"">I invite you to play ..... And I will tell you my experience withthe mind control."">"">This is a song by The 5th Dimension. ">I love her strength.
">But this song is a paradox same mind.
Paradox: a paradox (from Lat. Paradoxus, and this παράδοξος Greek) is a strange idea opposite to what is considered real or opinion. [1] In other words, is a seemingly true statement that leads to a contradiction logic or a situation that violates common sense. In rhetoric, a figure of thought is to use expressions or phrases that imply contradiction. An example of paradox is the "Jevons Paradox", better known as the rebound effect. The paradox is a powerful stimulus for reflection. Often philosophers paradoxes serve to reveal the complexity of reality. The paradox also allows to demonstrate the limitations of the tools of the human mind.
">Thus, identification of paradoxes based on concepts that at first glance seem simple and reasonable has driven significant advances in science, philosophy and mathematics.

"">This song if you hear an engaged mind or shit or you triumph."">If for example I am a woman and I have that attitude, I hear a male mind intelligent, autonomous, free, and be sexually will be successful, you really conveyed the sheer elevation."">You feel triumphant and sexual energy to win and show the world that mind control exists, that life is wonderful and you can do anything you want.But as feminine or masculine minds put, no attitude, they are gregarious, they are still at the stage that they are not separated from the mother, and do not see her reflection in the mirror, as someone who needs autonomous and free ">discover the world, and make your own destiny .... You look dragged fustrada mourn the feeling, without love, always waiting for someone to save you, and cry to the world to see queien have compassion for you.
"">So don Juan's teachings should be taught in primary, from Carlos Castaneda guarderia.El performed a miracle of paradox, an artist was not recognized in the world."">He had the opportunity to awaken, and to create a literature aprobecho to teach, with devil and angel at a time, so we win."">People do not want to be taught with the reality of life, you want as much film tells the boys is unparalleled: Life of Pi.In that movie you want to say how you tell the story? ">And we always want beautiful fiction.
So Castaneda chose that life, to defend a truth, and that people choose, so it was constantly lose triunfador.Yo instead, because I tell the hard truth, according to what I see and discover. Nobody wants to know ">why millions of people are suffering, nobody wants to know who killed, raped fisicamentem, abused, killed or gentrified for you to have a cell phone or a computer last generation, that bothers the area of ​​pleasure.
">What we want is to be playing angel, well, pay for coffee or a drink to a beggar, donate money for the Children of Africa, but not be responsible for Why do governments create wars to plunder the country's minerals abused?
"">So I dedicate myself to tell the truth, studying teachers and practitioners of mind control to whom it was heard loud and we all die of embarrassment at some point.This I do for amusement, for fun. "">Because people are poor, petty, stupid and wants to continue clinging to ignorance to avoid having to take repsonsable the suffering of others.I have no hope that you know, do not expect any recognition or deseo.Don what John teaches us that a wizard or a warrior in the fight, everything should be clear when enough knowledge to understand what it does not have any "">fruit, good for nothing, and therefore has to act without hope of anything, must assume their failure before you start fighting injustice.
">I've assumed that's why I feel free, freedom is only obtained when you see your fate and accept it but as you own attitude, get over it and laugh at it.

Omniscience (or omniscient point of view), is the ability to know everything you need to know. It is an attribute of God in the Abrahamic religions. By assimilation, in literature, in the event that the narrator knows all thoughts and events of history is called omniscient narrator

The mind is a means to accept defeat awareness of his ignorance, and grow, believe me, just someone to pull a fart in the astral, you create a universe of information for each person connected. This is how psychiatrists and people tell us how well things have learned mind, if I'm only a laboratory product've learned in a short time, imagine as they should know who devote their whole life

By the paradoxes engages the mind, which is a programming x, to decide to act. If the individual is contradictory pulls his ignorant child.
For example if you submit to a psychological stress someone, by a paradox, stays out for a while, because normally people are very important and adapted to living abroad face masks to be worshiped and respected, and that socielmente are welcomed.
If your an individual with a relevant profession apparently beyond us, what a paradox submit to mental collapses. Do not resist because she lives in lies.
the first half will demand that you delete that individual who breaks the rules of respect shown to a dinosaur, and then you will feel pataleara victim of society, drawing in the middle etheric primary emotions.
A psychic and watch the would capture this person is unmasked, that is psychiatry.

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