Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Not only does misleading information about targeting emanate from cable, street theater/television shows, internet, radio or newspapers; it comes from targets themselves. As with broadcast disinformation that comes from targets is often completely deniable.

Such an orchestrated strategy of deniable, sophisticated disinformation - directed at targets and the public could only have a handful of sources. The advanced electronic harassment directed at targets could only be coming from a much smaller list of sources. Whoever controls the technology for advanced electronic harassment is, in effect, in complete control of the situation - commanding weapons that can, at will, undetectably control people, induce the symptoms of mental illness, make someone sick, or kill him, without leaving a trace behind. That controlling agency has devised a system for destroying nuisances or controlling potential assets which we called “The Program”.

“The Program” is itself a source of disinformation. As you’ll see, every step of the way in a target’s ordeal, there is at least one highly misleading explanation for what’s happening to him. There are also multiple pitfalls. The odds that someone will make it to a high level of understanding, and be able to get the word OUT, are very slim.

I have to emphasize: this doesn’t explain everything that’s happened to every target.

Some targeted individuals are simply hit with electronic harassment from the beginning. Others never experience anything except what is sometimes called Organized Stalking or the use or "Mental Surveillance" - as far as they know. Some get singled out for harassment by bonafide organized crime, and then come to the attention of federal agencies due to the harassers themselves being under surveillance.

Finally and most importantly, explaining how the program works doesn’t explain why you were put into the program.

Now, take a look at what is happening.

1. The trap
In “the program”, you’re actually targeted before it’s made obvious that you’re targeted. At that time, you’re put under surveillance. There is likely further intelligence gathering about your motivations and past based on secret Internet/phone snooping programs, corporate data-mining, and other intelligence sources. Key people in your past may be identified and subliminally interrogated about their relationships with you.

During this phase, you may be prodded, manipulated, enticed, or subliminally influenced into taking actions that will make it easier for you to be controlled later. Players who will help with the campaign are moved into place, using similar methods. In other words, you’re being set up - a practice that’s as ancient as the informant system, because it’s highly effective.

You don’t stand a chance of noticing this phase, much less escaping it.

2. The trigger
You seem to set the whole thing off yourself, by taking a minor action, or speaking carelessly. What you do to trigger the campaign will apparently be of your own free will, although it may be the result of subliminal influences. Even though the reaction to what you do will seem completely out of proportion, you’ll be hard pressed to defend your actions, and you may even feel guilty.

The trigger may cause you - to walk into a trap that was built in the previous phase, or it may appear to be completely unrelated to any circumstances prior to your action. (The classic example: you snub the wrong person, and suddenly his entire social network seems to be coming after you.)

In this program, the trigger was only an excuse for what the people behind your campaign wanted to do, all along.

3. Community or workplace-based harassment
Your campaign has been made obvious to you, but in a highly deceptive way. It is very easy to hang a label on this kind of harassment - “mobbing”, for example - but there are some problems with officially accepted labels for what’s happening.

* “Mobbing” alone doesn’t explain highly coordinated and sophisticated

   psychological warfare tactics.

* Why is it so difficult to catch perpetrators (criminal perpetrators, as opposed to

   people who participate in street theatre)? How is it that they always seem to be

   one step ahead of you?

* What are the mechanisms by which the community/workplace harassers

   coordinate - sometimes involving dozens or hundreds of total strangers over the

   course of a day - and how come nobody is able to find the mechanisms?

Nevertheless, it will seem clear (to you) that what you’re up against is a good old fashioned mob, using harassment tactics instead of overt assaults to protect themselves from legal retribution. If you don’t leave the area, this phase may go on for years, or indefinitely.

If you don’t have any deep ties, you will probably conclude it’s sensible to just leave the area, rather than trying to fight the mob. An extreme harassment episode, complete with apparent hounding by the police, crowding/swarming, street theatre involving hundreds of people over the course of a day, and so on - can seal the deal.

4. Terrorist/vengeance stalking
Once you leave the area - either trying to find peace in temporary accomodations, or moving out for good - you’ll find that the campaign has appeared to follow you. If it hasn’t happened already, it will be made obvious to you that you’re under 24/7 surveillance, and harassment episodes will incorporate themes from your private habits.

An operations center will probably be set up in your area, and this, too, will be made obvious to you.

The surveillance will seem increasingly invasive.
Measures you take to protect yourself from being followed or watched may seem to work for a while, but then it will be made clear to you that the measures are ineffective.

Making contact with a sympathetic community of targets at this time may cause you to feel you have all the answers; but obviously you don’t, as neither you nor anyone else in the community has managed to catch a criminal perpetrator. Furthermore, as your campaign moves to a more advanced phase, you’ll be forced to accept increasingly conspiratorial and ludicrous explanations for how these alleged “vigilante gangs” have managed to take control of advanced non-lethal weapon (NLW) technology to use it against you.

Apparent signs of mental illness
You’ll experience things that, supposedly, only happen to mentally ill people, such as the mirroring of your private life on television programs and mysterious sounds.

The things you experience could be explained away as the misuse of some unusual but documented technologies - such as military NLW’s or Silent Sound technology - as well as the existence of a Stasi-like organization running around and coercing people at your utility companies into harassing you.

This is the last phase in which David Lawson’s book makes any sense at all.

5. Mind control technology made obvious
In the final phase, conspicuous surveillance will expand to include harassment echoing themes from your own thoughts, sometimes in real time. Mind control technologies will also be made obvious - ranging from synthetic telepathy to forced movement.

Many targets will, at this point, readily grasp that the most advanced capabilities of a major intelligence agency or military organization are being used against them.

The only questions are WHY and HOW, and trying to answer these questions without having a very good grasp of what’s going on will lead to endless tail-chasing.

6. The best current interpretation of “The Program”
Mind control technology, especially subliminal influencing, was used on you and people around you from practically the beginning, to help stage what we called The Big Show. So were advanced forms of surveillance.

What you think of as gang stalking or organized stalking doesn’t exist, as far as the program is concerned. Yes, you’ve been stalked for years - but not by the legions of people on the ground who play minor roles in your targeting. Those who control them like puppets are the real perpetrators, hidden behind a wall of technology and psychological operations.

There are a few standard pawns that seem to get used in every campaign:
* A small number of agent provocateurs moved into place specifically to undertake

   long-term actions against you;

* Compromised assets working at utility companies;

* Dullards and reprobates, manipulated into getting close to you; their

   slow-wittedness and/or inclinations make it easy to sublimally influence them

   into being openly hostile to you, without letting them know the campaign even


Playing off undesirables (you’re one of them) against each other is a common tactic. Some of the people you’re up against may be targeted themselves, or could be candidates for targeting in the future.

Every stage of the program is highly deceptive.
It works so well at deceiving targets partly because there is no high quality information widely available (yet) about the big picture, but mostly because the ultimate explanation is so incredible.
The information that is widely available encourages targets to view events happening around them in terms of external occurrences - not allowing for cognitive biases, street theatre and other deceptions, subliminal influences, or PTSD-like sensitization. (Some advocacy sites go a step further, attacking outsiders for not acknowledging the perceptions of targets as the way things really are.)

To expose the program as a targeted individual, you will have to acknowledge the role of your own perceptions in getting ensnared by the program. And you will have to focus on the aspect of the program that is most significant (and most threatening) to the general public - mind control technology that can be used against anyone, at will. Tales of organized harassment, rather than seeming laughably uneconomical and evidence of delusional thinking, can be framed as chilling commentaries on how mind control technologies can be abused - and convincing evidence that they have been used against large numbers of civilians.

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Comment by annabelley on June 3, 2011 at 7:45pm
Comment by annabelley on June 3, 2011 at 7:50pm
Comment by Ken Williams on February 28, 2012 at 8:27am

Here people.  Are you a targeted individual?  Can't figure out how gangstalkers know everything about you?  Do your friends and family suddenly appear "in on it"?   This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it.  Chemtrails, mind control and a BioAPI for you and your family.  Open your eyes.

This clip is 100% REAL.

Comment by Anon on February 28, 2012 at 9:50am

How do you know all these? are you part of the game?  These days perpetrators are everywhere, They will infiltrate anyone and anything. 

Comment by Anon on February 28, 2012 at 9:59am

That message was for Annabelley .

Comment by annabelley on March 19, 2016 at 8:47pm

To Anon, please refer to this site for more info.

Comment by annabelley on March 19, 2016 at 8:53pm

"The program", explained

  • It's a brainwashing program. Brainwashed people don't know they're brainwashed.
  • The disturbing things you experience are real. The narrative is in your mind. Your imagination has been primed by a single source, disguising itself as multiple sources.
  • Treat this explanation as a hypothesis. Do all the strange happenings around you seem less disturbing when you assume all the suggestive performances, loaded conversations, and veiled references to your personal life are coming from people who have no idea what they're doing?

    Look at things a different way. Does it make you feel better?
  • There is no authoritative source of information about this program or the underlying tools. Think otherwise? 


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